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About Plastic Soldier Review


Plastic Soldier Review is a site dedicated to providing a central source of information on all the major 1:72 scale plastic soldier sets currently and previously available. Manufacturers whose product is seen as being of particularly poor quality, particularly some sets manufactured in Asia, have not been included as these lines are more likely to be seen as toys rather than of interest to collectors, wargamers and diorama makers. In addition, this site does not condone, and therefore will not include, unlicenced ('pirate') copies of original sets, regardless of quality.

The hobby of plastic soldiers has recently experienced a second 'Golden Age', with a rapidly expanding range of figures and several new manufacturers. This site aims to encourage and support the hobby by highlighting the available sets, and particularly new sets as they become available. It also aims to promote the highest possible standards of quality by providing as much information as possible so that customers can decide which sets are worthy of purchase before parting with their money.


This site is privately run and funded, carries no advertising, and is completely free to all visitors. It is independent of all manufacturers and has no financial links with any body, manufacturer or otherwise, that has a commercial interest in this hobby.

Most reviews list one or more books or magazines in the 'Further Reading' section. Where possible these links are accompanied by buttons which link directly to the corresponding page on the Amazon UK or US websites. PSR is a registered Amazon affiliate, and earns commission on any qualifying purchase made on the Amazon site when accessed via one of these links, even for products other than that associated with the original button. By purchasing from Amazon using one of these links, you are helping to support our free-to-use site.


The reviews of necessity include opinions, some of which may not be shared by all visitors. See Review Notes and Ratings Explained page for information on how the reviews are compiled. Plastic Soldier Review cannot be held responsible for any damages or costs arising in respect of any statement contained on this site.

References to availability of products, particularly release dates of new products, relate to general availability in some part of the world or from internet suppliers. Visitors are advised to contact local suppliers for accurate information on availability in their area.

Contacting Us

Plastic Soldier Review is not a general military miniatures magazine. Whilst it carries some painted examples of figures it does not publish, and therefore will not accept, submissions of work from visitors. To contact us on any other matter please see our Contact page.


Anyone wishing to add a link to this site is welcome to do so without obtaining permission. If you wish to have a web site considered for inclusion in the links page of this site, please submit details via the Contact page.

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