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13 Sep 2019 ArticleIcon 'New' Hat set
Along with a number of re-releases, HaT have released one 'new' set. This is 'Napoleonic Spanish Infantry Sampler', and is in fact sprues from their four previous Spanish infantry sets combined in one box. So a useful product for some, but not one that will get its own full review here.
24 Aug 2019 ArticleIcon More Boers
It seems all the news recently has been coming from Strelets, and this week they have announced work on another new title. This time it is Boer Infantry, and will be the second set to cover that subject from them. As always there are no details of when the set might be released, but we understand the next batch of releases will be around December this year.
31 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon New Black Brunswickers
Strelets have announced a new set for the Napoleonic Wars, but this time it is not for one of the major powers. The new project is entitled 'Brunswick Light Guards Battalion' and from images of the masters it looks to include infantry and command figures standing at attention. Since the masters are already apparently complete these may get a release in the next batch from Strelets, but only time will tell.
22 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Move forward the guns
Strelets have announced that a new artillery set is in development. The title, 'Boer Field Artillery', pretty much tells you everything you need to know, except the fact that the gun will be the same as went into their set 111 Turkish Artillery.
4 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon New reinforcements announced
On the boxes of the latest releases from Strelets there are a number of new sets listed, along with one change. To begin with, the following brand new sets are included (mostly Napoleonic):
  • 200 - Highlanders Standing Order Arms
  • 201 - British Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 209 - Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress on the March
  • 211 - Prussian Line Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 212 - Russian Infantry on the March
  • 214 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats on the March
  • 217 - Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 219 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms
  • 222 - Pickett's Retreat
In addition, there is one change in title. Set 223, which was French Infantry in Overcoats at Ease, has now become Confederate Firing.

These largely match the teaser images Strelets have been putting on their forum recently, and they tell us that some but probably not all will be included in the next batch of releases before the end of the year.
3 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon More Strelets legions appear
As anticipated, Strelets have released their latest batch of figure sets this week. As well as a handful of reissues, the following 15 new titles are confirmed:
  • 173 - Napoleonic French Line Infantry on the March (Flanking Companies)
  • 180 - Napoleonic Prussian Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 181 - Napoleonic Old Guard on the March
  • 188 - Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
  • 189 - Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
  • 190 - Mounted Rif Rebels
  • 191 - Rif Rebellion
  • 192 - French Foreign Legion Desert Patrol
  • 225 - Napoleonic French Line Infantry at Ease (Flanking Companies)
  • 226 - WWII Japanese Type 98 AA 20mm Gun
  • M133 - British Infantry Skirmishing
  • M134 - WWI French Infantry in Summer Dress
  • A015 - WWI 105mm Cannon Schneider 1913
  • A016 - WWII Cannone da 105/28 Schneider Ansaldo
  • A018 - WWI 155mm Cannon GPF Mod 1917
1 Jul 2019 ArticleIcon Part-new First To Fight
First To Fight have released their latest set, '37mm Anti-Tank Gun with Uhlan Crew', which has an older gun kit with new cavalry figures.
21 Jun 2019 ArticleIcon New anti-tank gun
First To Fight have revealed their next release, which is the Bofors 37mm anti-tank gun, as used during the invasions of 1939. They already make a model of this, but the set title speaks of 'lance support', and the crew figures are different to the earlier set, so we are guessing this might be a (lancer) cavalry crew with the earlier model. As releases are monthly, this is likely to be available in a relatively short period of time.
7 Jun 2019 ArticleIcon New campaign is opened
Hegemony have just released a surprise new set of figures. Entitled 'British Fusiliers', the set is for the Indian Mutiny of 1857 and contains 21 figures in 7 poses. Pictures to follow once we obtain our copy.
27 May 2019 ArticleIcon Major surge of sets from Orion
To add to the recently released set of US tankers from Orion, retailers in the Ukraine have started selling three more new sets from this manufacturer. To recap then, the following four sets are now gradually being distributed to sellers, and will be added to our site when we get copies:
  • 72050 - WWII USA Tank Crew Winter Dress
  • 72054 - German Anti-Resistance Troops
  • 72055 - Turkish Cavalry (Deli)
  • 72056 - Vietnam War Local Communist Force

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