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21 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon WWII Horse Artillery!
It seems that First To Fight are preparing another set with figures. Their set 084 is entitled Polish Horse Artillery, and seems to contain a four-man crew for a gun.
18 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon New ancients
Linear-A have revealed another set of ancients is on the drawing board. They have announced that their set 057 will be of Neo-Assyrian cavalry, which will match the Neo-Assyrian infantry set 056 already in preparation.
13 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon New Linear-A release
Linear-A have announced the release of a new set, number 25. This is the fifth of the 'Hannibal Crosses the Alps' series, and the subtitle this time is 'Celtic Salassi / Taurini Tribe vs. Carthaginians'.
12 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon Ambush ahead
Strelets have added another new title to their list - M149 Arabs in Ambush.
8 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon Hot new set
Strelets continue to add new sets to their catalogue, and their latest is a return to the desert once more. This time the title is 'DAK Desert Patrol', and as images of the completed figures are already published, it would seem this is another set for the next batch of releases, which would seem to be very soon.
1 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon A retooling?
Strelets have ended some online speculation by posting new masters for their old Crimean War set 903 'Thin Red Line'. This suggests that they intend to rerelease this large set with new Highland infantry. A comment on their forum makes us think that the rest of the set will be unchanged.
30 Jun 2021 ArticleIcon The first of the Imperials from Strelets
Strelets have announced another new set, and while it is a further element for the War of the Spanish Succession, it is their first for the Imperial forces. The chosen subject is Austrian Cuirassiers in helmets, and the masters already appear to be complete.
23 Jun 2021 ArticleIcon New releases, and more on the way
Although it has been very quiet recently, Mars have provided some interest with the release of their latest two sets - German Paratroopers (Tropical) and WWII US Infantry. Also Strelets have added a previously previewed set to their plans for the future, with the title of 'WWI French Field Kitchen'.
9 Jun 2021 ArticleIcon Rare Austrian cavalry spotted
Strelets have revealed another new set, and this time it is Austrian Uhlans for the Napoleonic period. This is another non-combat set, but with so few sets of Austrian cavalry so far made, anything new is welcome.
3 Jun 2021 ArticleIcon A brace of Strelets titles
Strelets have this week announced two new sets in the works. The first is number M115 and is called 'IJA Infantry in Defence'. The second, 277 Napoleonic French Guards Chasseurs, replaces a previously mentioned set of French engineers which are presumably no longer planned. On past experience both sets might be included in the next batch of releases.

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