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19 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon New RedBox sets arrive
The recently announced six RedBox sets of Byzantine cavalry have started to appear at retailers.
5 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon Four new releases have made their appearance
Four new sets from Mars have recently appeared on the market. All were known of beforehand, but now available at some retailers are the following new offerings:
  • 72139 - WWII British Paratroopers
  • 72140 - WWII U.S. Marines
  • 72141 - WWII U.S. Paratroopers (Part 2)
  • 72142 - WWII German Artillery Crew (Winter)
22 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon A lost set gets a second chance
Ultima Ratio have very kindly let us know that they are planning to start work on a new version of their Carthaginian Army Set 1: Iberian Infantry. The first one was destroyed in the current war before it could go into production, but work has just started on a replacement.
7 Mar 2024 ArticleIcon Six new sets
RedBox have announced that no less than six new sets are on the way, which is always good news, but particularly if you are interested in the Byzantine Empire, because the titles are:
  • 72137 - Byzantine Light Cavalry Set 1
  • 72138 - Byzantine Light Cavalry Set 2
  • 72151 - Byzantine Clibanarii Set 1
  • 72152 - Byzantine Clibanarii Set 2
  • 72153 - Byzantine Cataphracts Set 1
  • 72154 - Byzantine Cataphracts Set 2
Each set contains 12 figures in 6 poses, and 6 horse poses. There is no indication yet of the time period, so we will have to wait until we see the figures, but that may not be a long wait as usually when such RedBox announcements are made, the release is quite soon thereafter.
18 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Four new sets on the way from Mars
Luckily we mean the manufacturer, not the red planet, but some dealers are trailing four new figure sets from Mars. All are for their more recent and expanding World War II range, and are as follows:
  • 72139 - British Paratroopers
  • 72140 - U.S. Marines
  • 72141 - U.S. Paratroopers (Part 2)
  • 72142 - German Artillery Crew
In the past, such announcements have usually been only a short time ahead of actual release, so we are hoping to see these soon.
3 Feb 2024 ArticleIcon Several new releases
Linear-A have released three more sets this week. The set details are:
  • 042 - Indus Culture 3300BC to 1400BC Set 1
  • 061 - Imperial Roman Centuriones Set 1
  • 088 - Bacchanalia in Ancient Rome (Set 1)
Also of note is that they have changed the title of one of their future sets (set 024) from 'Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Cavalry' to 'Napoleonic French Engineers'.

Another new development this week is the announcement from Ultima Ratio that they have rereleased their set of Guards of Cardinal Richelieu (set 12) with no less than nine new poses. They have very kindly sent us samples of the new set, and we have expanded our original review at Guards of Cardinal Richelieu to showcase the new version.

25 Jan 2024 ArticleIcon New Brits released
Strelets have released two new sets this week. They are:
  • 285 - British Infantry in Skirmish
  • 286 - British Infantry in Square
Both are Napoleonic, and from the box artwork they look to be for the period 1812 to 1815.'
14 Dec 2023 ArticleIcon Two new releases

Linear-A have released two new sets. The sets are both Roman artillery, specifically:

  • 089 - Roman Artillery (1) Ballista
  • 009s - Roman Artillery (3) Scorpio
The first is a 'full' set, and the second a 'mini'. Both will presumably start appearing at retailers soon.

30 Nov 2023 ArticleIcon More new Linear-A titles

Linear-A have continued to add more new titles to their planned releases. In recent days these three new mini set entries have appeared on their website:

  • 020s - Carthaginian General Staff
  • 021s - Cleopatra VII
  • 022s - Alexander the Great with General Staff
Some dealers have started listing certain Linear-A sets as expected soon, so perhaps we can anticipate some releases over the next few weeks?

22 Nov 2023 ArticleIcon New RedBox Releases

RedBox have released a new batch of figure sets, and the theme is clearly inspired by current events. The titles that have appeared are:

  • 72142 - Ukrainian Registered Cossack Infantry
  • 72143 - Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack Infantry
  • 72144 - Ukrainian Peasant Infantry
  • 72150 - WWI Italian Arditi in Armor
The first three are all for the 17th century, and all have already started to appear on the market.

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