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3 Jul 2024 ArticleIcon Orion have new plans
Orion have announced some new sets are in preparation. They are:
  • 72067 - Japanese Tank Crew WW2
  • 72069 - Hungarian Tank Crew WW2
  • 72070 - US Infantry in Vietnam (Middle War)
72067 had previously been labelled as US infantry in Vietnam, so this may just be a renumbering, but the two tank crew are certainly new. Orion tend to release product soon after such announcements, so hopefully we will not have long to wait.
26 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon More defenders for Ukraine
Mars have announced a second set of modern Ukraine Defenders. As usual this will be a set of 40 figures in 8 poses, and since Mars tend to release swiftly after they announce a set, we are assuming that the release will be quite soon.
5 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon Two more future Linear-A titles
Linear-A have added a couple more to their list of future releases. The first is from Greek mythology, 'Jason and the Argonauts with Talos' (Talos was the giant bronze man), and their website states that the set is inspired by the 1963 film. The second new title is from the real world as it is set 3 in their series on the Legions of Gaius Julius Caesar.
1 Jun 2024 ArticleIcon New announcements and releases

This week has seen several new announcements and releases. HaT, long dormant, have lately been hinting at new sets for the American War of Independence, and details of the first two have emerged. These are both American Infantry sets, and both depict men in civilian or hunting garb. We look forward to seeing these, and more for this relatively poorly represented era.

New out this week is set 045 from Waterloo1815, 'Celtic Warriors'. However, as previously reported, this contains only sprues from older HaT Celt sets.

Finally, Strelets have said they have started distribution of four new sets as well as some reissues. The new sets are two for the War of the Spanish Succession, one Napoleonic and one for World War II.

27 May 2024 ArticleIcon Another Linear-A release
Linear-A have released another set, and this time it is for their Roman range. The set is 092 'Roman Artillery Set 2 (Onager)', and contains two machines, each with a crew of four.
22 May 2024 ArticleIcon Ultima Ratio add to their Carthaginians
Ultima Ratio have released their latest set, which is the delayed set 16 'Iberian Infantry Part 1' for the Punic Wars. They have very kindly sent us an early copy, which we have photographed and added to the set page in the Awaiting Review section.
10 May 2024 ArticleIcon Many new set titles announced
Linear-A have added many more new set titles to their plans, all for the ancient world. The latest additions are:
  • 108 - Akkadian Empire
  • 109 - Elam
  • 110 - Han Dynasty "Emperor Wu of Han"
  • 111 - Xiongnu
  • 112 - Gangs/Revolt in Rome
  • 113 - Sumer
  • 114 - Manipular Legion
  • 115 - Reliefs of Dur-Scharrukin
  • 116 - Hatra
  • 117 - Roman Dromedarii
  • 118 - Polis of Athens
  • 119 - Etruscans
  • 120 - Gutii
10 May 2024 ArticleIcon Celts from Waterloo1815, but not new ones
Some dealers are showing a new set from Waterloo1815. Entitled 'Celtic Warriors', it is in fact just a single sprue from each of the HaT sets 8138, 8139 and 8140 packaged in a Waterloo1815 box.
3 May 2024 ArticleIcon Fresh titles appear
Some dealers are showing two new Strelets sets as being in the pipeline. The first is 'Austrian Infantry in Attack' for the War of the Spanish Succession, and a test shot of the sprue can be seen on the Strelets forum. The second set is a mini set - 'M159 Early WWII US Infantry in Combat'. Also, along with a new batch of re-releases, HaT will be adding a new set to their range - 8341 French Chasseurs Sampler. However this will just be a single sprue from each of their old Napoleonic sets 8219, 8251 and 8252.
25 Apr 2024 ArticleIcon Two new sets get a release
Linear-A have released two more sets. They are:
  • 069 - Roman Army of Maximinus Thrax (1): Infantry
  • 070 - Imperial Roman Standards & Standard Bearers (2)
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