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24 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon More men for Pyrrhus
Linear-A have released their fourth set this month as their number 028 'The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus (Set 1)' sees the light of day. As with the other recent releases, we will post the usual images when we get hold of some copies.
21 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Something new in the desert
Strelets have announced that a new set is currently in the works, and again it is for the deserts of North Africa. The new set is M154 and is called 'Italian Desert Patrol'. Masters look good, and we might hope that this would be included in the next batch of releases, perhaps before Christmas?
19 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Linear-A go back further than ever before
Linear-A have released two new titles, and needless to say both are from the ancient past. The first is set 045 and is titled 'The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus (2)', while the second goes back a great deal further, as this is set 037 - 'Neanderthal vs Denisova Human vs Homo Sapiens (1)'. Both will shortly start appearing at dealers.
11 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon New US troops from Mars
The latest two sets from Mars have started appearing at retailers. As a reminder, these are:
  • 72125 - US Machine Gunners D-Day
  • 72126 - US Rangers D-Day
4 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon This time the rebels get the cavalry
Hot on the heels of the release of two sets of British horse for the mid-18th century last week, RedBox have now released two sets of Jacobite cavalry. The numbers and names are:
  • 72141 - Prince's Lifeguard and Fitzjames Horse
  • 72149 - Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scottish Cavalry
These are already available from some Ukrainian dealers.
3 Oct 2021 ArticleIcon Start of Successor range from Linear-A
Linear-A have announced the release of the first of a new range of figure sets aimed at the Wars of the Diadochi, the various generals who succeeded Alexander the Great and fought over his empire. The first such release is 'Seleucid Infantry Phalanx Set 1' (Code 033).
30 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon RedBox release new 18th century sets
RedBox have released two new sets for the mid 18th century, particularly for the '45 Jacobite Rebellion. They are:
  • 72139 - Jacobite Rebellion British Dragoons 1745
  • 72140 - Jacobite Rebellion British Regiments of Horse 1745
A mistake with the printing of the box means both appear to have the same contents, but in fact they have completely different riders.
5 Sep 2021 ArticleIcon Three new announcements

This week has seen three new sets announced. First we have two from Mars. They are:

  • 72125 - US Machine Gunners D-Day
  • 72126 - US Rangers D-Day
Since Mars usually only announce new sets shortly before they become available, we are expecting both these quite soon.

Also new this week, Strelets are expanding their coverage of military catering with a set entitled 'WWI German Field Kitchen'. Since masters for this set have been published, we have hopes that this set too will not keep us waiting too long.

5 Aug 2021 ArticleIcon New releases and a new title
Strelets have kindly let us know that their latest batch of releases is currently arriving in Australia and the US, with Europe receiving them shortly. As a reminder, the sets concerned are:
  • 218 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Shoulder Arms (Napoleonic)
  • 243 - British Artillery (War of the Spanish Succession)
  • 244 - French Artillery (War of the Spanish Succession)
  • 254 - Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish (War of the Spanish Succession)
  • 275 - Austrian Uhlans (Napoleonic)
  • 276 - Russian Hussars in Reserve (Napoleonic)
  • 277 - French Guard Chasseurs (Napoleonic)
  • 278 - British Infantry Firing Line (Napoleonic)
  • 292 - WWI French Field Kitchen
  • M081 - DAK Desert Patrol (WWII)
  • M115 - IJA Infantry in Defence (WWII)
  • M149 - Arabs in Ambush
  • M150 - French Foreign Legion in Skirmish
  • M151 - Moroccan Goumiers (World War II)
Also new today is a fresh title for the Strelets War of the Spanish Succession range. This time the subject is Dutch Cuirassiers, with masters on their website.
28 Jul 2021 ArticleIcon New Imperials as a release draws near
Strelets have announced a new set for their War of the Spanish Succession range. This time the subject is Austrian Infantry on the March. Although this set will not be part of the next release, Strelets have said that that release will hopefully be in the next week or two.

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