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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you sell any of the items on your site?
No. We are purely a review site.
How do you compile your reviews?
Notes on how our reviews are put together can be found on the Review Notes and Ratings Explained page.
Do you take reviews from visitors?
No. All reviews are created by PSR.
Do you take pictures, particularly of painted figures, from visitors?
No. Any painted figures on the site are painted by PSR staff and we do not accept picture or figure contributions from visitors.
Do you take articles from visitors?
While all reviews are created by PSR we do accept articles on other aspects of 1/72 scale plastic figures (for example looking at a very old range not currently included). If you are interested in submitting an article, contact us first to discuss.
Will you be covering other scales such as 1/32 or 28mm?
No. We only cover 1/72 scale, which is by far the most numerous.
Will you be covering metal figures?
No, as our name implies.
Can you tell me when a future release will appear?
Any and all information we have on future release dates appears on our Future Releases page. However when release dates are announced they are often missed so should be treated with caution.
You list a set but there is no review. Why?
If a set is only recently issued then we may not have completed the review yet. Any set listed as released (with a green tick) is likely to be in this category. Any set listed with a red cross has not yet been produced or released by the manufacturer.
Some very old manufacturers are not mentioned. Why?
Very old manufacturers such as Giant are difficult to categorise as they issued mixed sets or repeatedly changed their product. This makes it difficult for us to incorporate them into our format. With limited resources we concentrate on recent releases, but in time we hope to cover all the older manufacturers.
You do not mention price or value anywhere. Why?
Any particular set may vary considerably in price for many reasons, so as an international site we cannot provide details of the cost of any product. As a result we are also unable to comment on value for money. Please contact your local suppliers for information on price.
Will you be adding a forum or magazine section?
No, as we feel there are already several good ones in existence.
Why do you not include 3D printed figures on your site?
3D printing is a terrific new aspect of the hobby, but there are lots of reasons why we cannot incorporate them on our site. Basically, there are many small producers, some of which do not group their figures into sets, so cannot easily be added to the site. Also, their product can easily change, making any review redundant, and the small startup costs mean there could be a vast array of product on offer, which we cannot hope to cover properly. For a more detailed analysis, visit our 3D Printing page.
Why are you advertising Amazon in your Further Reading section?
PSR is free to all, but costs a good deal to run. A major expense is purchasing new books for our research, so we are a part of the Amazon Associates programme. The Amazon link next to a book opens the appropriate Amazon product page, and if the visitor buys that book then a small commission is earned by PSR which will help pay for future books. In addition, so long as the visitor is still shopping at Amazon via a PSR link we will receive commission on anything sold during that session. Therefore this is a method of contributing to the costs of running PSR without sending us any money. Amazon do not pay for this, and it does not imply any recommendation of Amazon or any individual item they sell.
Can you add me to your Links page?
We will add a link to any site that is directly relevant to 1/72 plastic figures. However this does not extend to vehicles and other models in order to keep the numbers manageable. If you would like to be added to our Links page please contact us with details and we will assess your suitability.
Can I link to PSR from my webpage/blog?
Everyone is welcome to link to PSR for any purpose and no prior approval is required.
How are you funded?
PSR is funded by its main contributors. There is no charge to visit and no manufacturer or retailer pays PSR for anything. Also we do not carry any advertsing. In short, the site receives no income and is privately funded.
How can I contribute monies to PSR?
PSR is free, but if you really want to contribute to our costs then you can send us a contribution using PayPal. Our account is plasticsoldierreview@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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