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Set 76073

Diorama Accessories

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)

These days there are a fair number of accessory sets like this around, but with so many possible components it is well worth knowing what each one has to offer. This hard plastic example is not particularly well stocked with goodies, but worth bearing in mind anyway.

The jerry cans, sandbags (in two sizes) and oil drums are all available in other sets but are perfectly well done here. The pieces of brick wall all lock together seamlessly to make one continuous stretch if desired, producing a wall six bricks high, which is 9mm. The instructions point out that by joining the non-matching ends and/or flipping one piece, you get a wall with some bricks missing. However with such irregular ends corners will require attention with a knife. Also these pieces are very thin - a single brick width in scale - so have no real means of standing unsupported.

The long item is described as a bridge, and is actually a number of 'logs' held together by the battens. Each piece is 80mm long and 16mm wide, making a narrow foot-only bridge as illustrated on the box artwork (although there is no sign of suitable bridge supports in the set). This could perhaps also be used as fencing.

The largest element in the set is the tent, which stands at 23mm at the apex and is 49mm in length. It is a reasonable sculpt except for the bizarre rectangular door frame on one side, which is 8mm tall. Surely no tent ever looked like this?

Not exactly a collection to set the world on fire, but not without its uses.

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