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Set 36039

Bridge and Checkpoint

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released Unknown
Contents 3 figures, motorcycle, bridge and checkpoint
Poses 3 poses
Material Plastic (Very Hard)
Colours Tan/Dark Grey
Average Height 23 mm (= 1.66 m)


As can be seen from our pictures, you get rather more in this set than the title suggests. Basically this is a mini diorama as pictured on the box, but some of the components could be of more general use, so we take a slightly closer look.

To begin with we have the bridge. As can be seen it is a pretty modest affair, and has a span of 70 mm (5 metres) while barely rising at all. The roadway is 44 mm (3.2 metres) wide, which is more than enough for a vehicle but not wide enough for two-way traffic. The sides are engraved to suggest brick walls, and the road surface is similarly engraved. This is a simple model that fits together easily and looks OK.

The checkpoint consists of a guard hut with a hinged barrier. The hut stands 43 mm (3.1 metres) tall at the apex, with a doorway (but no door) just tall enough for the figure to pass through without stooping. This little construction also has a window at the rear. The sides are engraved to suggest planking, but the roof has a brickwork pattern when tiles might have been expected. The barrier largely speaks for itself, and hinges to allow it to be raised. Sadly this pivot is too close to the counterweight, so the pole cannot rise much further than shown above, which is a fundamental design error. The pole is square (an odd choice in our view) and the sign is a separate item, therefore optional. This is just as well as the word 'stop' is engraved on it, hardly a word the Germans (see below) would have on their checkpoints!

The 52 sandbags, all identical, are simply there for you to construct whatever emplacement you wish. The result does not look as haphazard and realistic as a purpose made piece, but you can't argue with the flexibility it offers!

The guard, clearly a World War II German, is a pretty poor creation. His arms are separate and he is intended to be holding binoculars to his eyes, although this is not well done. Detail is basic and the only kit he carries is a lump in the small of his back, which could be anything but is probably meant to be his gas mask case.

The BMW bike is a quite sophisticated kit and fiddly to put together, although some parts did not fit as the instructions suggested. The two figures are much the same poor quality as their standing comrade, again with separate arms. Notice that the driver is nowhere near reaching the handlebars of the bike.

There is no reason to buy this set for the figures, and most of the accessories have been produced elsewhere, so there is not much to commend here.

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