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Figure Comparisons (Ancient Period)

With so many different manufacturers producing figures, and often different styles from the same manufacturer, it is difficult to know how well one set might match another, even though both claim to be in the same scale. This page aims to provide some guidance on that question by directly comparing a sample figure from different but complementary sets.

Each section shows a sample figure from each of the available sets - wherever possible in a similar pose to make comparison as easy as possible. The figures are shown in alphabetical order by manufacturer name, and behind them there is a scale to allow the height of any figure to be compared with any other. However it must be remembered that the chosen pose may not be representative of all the figures in the set, particularly in terms of height. All figures are lined by from the bottom of the base, the thickness of which will also have an impact on the perceived height (note the average height quoted in the reviews does not include the base).

Position the mouse over any figure to see the name of the set to which it belongs. Click on the figure to see the full review of that set.

Egyptian Infantry

Nubian Infantry

Trojan Infantry

Assyrian Heavy Infantry

Assyrian Cavalry

Scythian Cavalry

Persian Infantry

Indian Infantry

Indian Cavalry

Republican Roman Cavalry

Carthaginian African Heavy Infantry

Carthaginian African Light Infantry

Numidian Light Cavalry

Imperial Roman Legionaries

Dacian Infantry

Parthian Heavy Cavalry (Cataphracts)

Late Roman Infantry


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