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9 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon More speculation than hard news, but the News page has a couple more Strelets sets that may, or may not, be coming soon.
8 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon A new Mars set is now fully reviewed, so take a look at their German Elite Infantry (Winter Dress).
1 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Recently Valiant released two new figure sets, which were copies of an original release but in true 1/72 scale. These are both a great improvement on their original product, so have been added to our site with their own reviews. Visit German Infantry 42-44 and German 81mm Mortar and Tripod MG42 for all the details. Valiant tell us that if these sets are successful, they intend to repeat the scale correction exercise on their British and American infantry sets. Let's hope they do.
28 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon It's turning into quite a busy week for the News page, as today we have another new release to announce.
27 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Today's News page has the full list of new Strelets sets expected soon.
26 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release.
25 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Today we publish one of our favourites pieces of work for quite some time. We have been working on a more comprehensive series of articles covering the complete range of ancients made by Atlantic, both figures and accessories. That task is now complete, and you can judge the results by checking our latest new feature, which is Atlantic Ancient Range in the Kits with Figures section.
22 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon While we wait for the next figures to reach our desk we have taken the opportunity to progress some of the extra features planned for the site. The first of these is now ready. New in the 'Kits With Figures' section of our Features area we take a look at the commendable figures to be found in the ModelCollect kit of the BMP3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
21 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Another new release on our News page today.
20 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon More News today, this time of two ancient sets added to the drawing board.
20 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new announcement from Strelets.
13 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has four new sets becoming available.
10 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Our latest review goes way back to the early Iron Age as we enjoy the recently released set of The Etruscans: Villanovan Culture Warriors from Linear-A.
6 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Three new figure sets reach the market on our News page, as we wait to see whether new Valiant products have anything to offer.
5 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Another unusual subject from hegemony today; this time it is their Northern Wei that has been reviewed as much as we are able.
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