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19 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon A bumper crop is to be found on our News page today.
19 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon We start the week as we finished the last, with a look at a set of 16th century Spanish infantry. This time it is Set 3 - Pike from RedBox of course.
16 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon More for the 16th century now as we take a look at the RedBox set of Spanish Infantry (Set 2).
12 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Our News page has another figure set in the pipeline for later this year.
11 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release that has appeared this weekend.
7 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon If you like sets of sailors then this is definitely a good week, as you will see if you visit our News page again!
6 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Following on from the RedBox Italian infantry set reviewed on Monday, we now consider the sister set for the pikemen at Italian Infantry 16th Century - Set 3.
5 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Some exciting new sets in prospect from RedBox over on the News page.
4 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Today we take a look at the RedBox Italian Infantry 16th Century - Set 2.
24 May 2017 ArticleIcon Waterloo 1815 have come up with another fine set in their latest offering, French Line Infantry 1815.
16 May 2017 ArticleIcon A pleasant surprise today as we find something positive to say about a Mars set, namely their later 15th century Burgundian Field Artillery.
15 May 2017 ArticleIcon Time once more to visit our News page for yet another new figure set already well through development.
9 May 2017 ArticleIcon Strelets add another to their ongoing development - see the News page.
7 May 2017 ArticleIcon The first new set to reach our desk in a little while, and not a great example of the breed, but nonetheless we have reviewed the mess that is Swedish Leather Guns (Thirty Years War) from Mars.
5 May 2017 ArticleIcon A new Napoleonic release for the News page today.

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