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17 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the Strelets set Landwehr Standing at Ease.
15 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon One of the most controversial elements of the Ottoman Army of the 19th century, the Bashi-Bazouks, now has a set of foot warriors which we have just reviewed. Also the News page has yet another new set on the way.
14 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Always a great way to start the week, the News page has a new figure set announced for the near future.
13 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Always a popular subject, we have reviewed the first of the recent Strelets sets of Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr on the March.
9 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon New to the site is our most recent review, a very disappointed look at the Strelets set entitled Foot Rif Rebels.
6 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon There are many sets of Republican Romans, and not so many opponents, but a new one has recently been made and now we have our usual review as we contemplate the Strelets set of Spartacus Army.
2 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Today we have the first news item of the year (although the details broke over the Christmas period). See the News page for a new Napoleonic set.
1 Jan 2019 ArticleIcon Our first review of the year concerns the Strelets American Civil War set of 12 pdr Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew.
31 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon A feast for those that love the ancient world, plus a teaser for the rest. On the News page we have some announcements of future sets from Linear-A. 2018 has been the most fruitful year since 2013 for sets, and 2019 is already looking very promising. Happy New Year everyone!
24 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon The News page as a new set announcement. Also we would like to wish all our visitors a very Merry Christmas.
22 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon The latest Strelets releases have included a flood of new set announcements, for details of which see our News page.
20 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon As expected, Strelets have released a whole bunch of new sets - confirmed details are on the News page.
17 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release just out before Christmas.
16 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon While we wait for the next figures to review we have taken another of our occasional trips into the world of model railways to see what figures are to be found there. The result is our new feature article on Merit/Model Scene figures.
14 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Some 10 years after their first set, Waterloo 1815 have now released their set 2, and what a difference. Decide for yourself as we look at their WWI Italian Infantry Set 2.
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