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11 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon We have completed our review of the first of the recent HaT releases, namely their Napoleonic Early-Mid French Marching.
9 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Today we welcome a new manufacturer to our site. Hegemony Miniatures have been around for some time, making sets in very small numbers, but have plans to become more mainstream, and so now better fit with the scope of our site. Their first two reissued sets can now be seen on the Awaiting Review page, and on their new Listing page. Both will be fully reviewed shortly, and we look forward to more interesting output from this company in the years ahead.

Also today we have a new set being planned, for which see our News page.

8 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon An unusual new ancient set has been released - see the News page.
7 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Another set of Napoleon's 'Old Grumblers', Old Guard Standing at Ease from Strelets, is now under the spotlight.
2 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Almost done with the recent Strelets batch of releases, and today sees another review posted, this time for their Pickett's Charge 3.
26 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon We have an Antepodean double dose today as we review the Strelets sets of Australian Camel Corps and Australian Dismounted Camel Corps.
25 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon If you have an interest in World War II then you will find an unusual new set announcement on our News page today.
22 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Another new Strelets review, and another set for Napoleon's infantry as we assess their set of French Line Infantry Standing at Attention.
20 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Something of a mixed bag but in some ways a real treat for fans of the American Civil War as we look at the highs and lows of the Strelets set of Confederate Skirmishing.
17 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Linear-A have kindly sent us an image of the masters for one of their future sets, Villanovan Culture Warriors, which can be seen via their listing page
16 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon One of those rare non-military sets gives us a chance to consider a different aspect of history now as we review the linear-A set of The Silk Road in Ancient Times.
15 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon New on the site is a full description of another of the Strelets camel sets, namely Turkish Camel Corps.
12 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad was the only World War II set in the recent Strelets batch, and now it has been given our usual treatment.
10 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has details of another new gun set from Strelets just announced.
9 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon A well-remembered event in a largely forgotten war, our latest review covers the first figures dedicated to this remarkable piece of ancient warcraft as we consider the Linear-A set Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 1.
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