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Latest Updates
20 May 2018 ArticleIcon A full review has been added of the first set of figures from First To Fight for quite a while, their WWII Polish Artillery.
16 May 2018 ArticleIcon We complete our round-up of the recent releases from Mars with our thoughts on their set of World War II German Panzergrenadiers.
13 May 2018 ArticleIcon For today's review we stay in the Pacific of eighty years ago as we take a look at the first figure set from Hasegawa for a very long time, their Japanese Navy Airmen.
10 May 2018 ArticleIcon For our most recent review we cross to the Pacific around 1941 for our assessment of the Mars World War II set of Imperial Japanese Infantry.
6 May 2018 ArticleIcon Another set of World War II Germans, this time from Mars, has been added to the site as we look at their German Elite Division.
1 May 2018 ArticleIcon Linear-A have very kindly sent us more images of masters for a forthcoming set. This time it is for their second set of Germanic Warriors for the Battle of the Teutoberg Forest. This will be a mainly command set, but will also include elements depicting the aftermath of the battle, which is what these new masters show. CAUTION - these figures show graphic scenes of torture and sacrifice, and may upset some, especially children. The set itself is to be marked for over 18s only. To see the masters, click here.
29 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon Three new reviews for you today, covering the 16th century Ukrainian Cosscks from RedBox in their Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.
27 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release from a long-quiet manufacturer.
22 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon The last of the recent RedBox sets of Muscovy infantry , Moscow Infantry (Ratniki) Set 2, has been reviewed.
20 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon See the News page for some new Strelets sets apparently being developed.
19 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon Linear-A have kindly sent us some images of their masters for their upcoming set of Battle of Cunaxa 401 BC (Set 1), which can be viewed from the Linear-A listing page or direct from here. We are told this set will concentrate on the ceremonial guard and court, and two others will feature the fighting figures.
17 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon Another difficult subject to research, but we have completed our thoughts on the next RedBox set, Moscow Infantry (Ratniki) Set 1.
15 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon Although it proved difficult to find sufficient good information, and a promising new book is not published until next month, we have completed our review of the first of the recent 16th century releases from RedBox, Moscow Infantry (Pishalniki). As better information becomes available we may update the review in the future, as usual.
11 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon See the News page for some new projects ongoing from Linear-A.
8 Apr 2018 ArticleIcon A new release on the News page.

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