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15 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon Another of the recent Strelets Napoleonics get the full treatment today as we discuss their Highlanders in Attack.
12 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon After a short break we return to our look at the recent Strelets releases with a full review of their Napoleonic Polish Troops in Attack.
31 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Some new releases have reached the market - see our News page for details.
30 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Today's review is of the Strelets set Pickett's Charge 1.
28 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Some new midweek releases to report over on the News page today.
26 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Although small by continental standards, the British Army of the Napoleonic Wars won for itself a great deal of respect and admiration, and today we take a look at the latest set from Strelets to depict such men, British Infantry in Attack, to see if it can do the same.
25 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Our News page has a new future release from Strelets to report.
17 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon A new review, and a rather wordy one again, but we found lots to say about the new Strelets set of US Troops in Attack.
11 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon A better box and much better figures - a real pleasure to review the first of the recent Strelets releases, but judge for yourself by checking out their Auxiliaries on the March set.
10 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Everyone has their own ideas about which sets are still waiting to be made, but to our mind a prime candidate is any conflict where a major participant has no representation at all. One obvious conflict, which has had much attention lately, is the late 17th century campaign involving the Siege of Vienna and the subsequent Holy League ("Great Turkish War"). No one has ever made a set of Imperials (Austrians) until today - see our News page for the long-overdue announcement.
6 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Another new Strelets project has appeared - see the News page.
5 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon More early modern figures now as we add a full article on the Turkish Heavy Artillery for the 17th century from Mars.
3 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Three new sets released today - see our News page for this nautical update.
2 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Today we have our thoughts on the slightly curious Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 2) from RedBox.
30 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Some new future projects from Strelets over on our News page.

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