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17 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon We are currently posting images of the new batch from Strelets in the Awaiting Review section, but the boxes reveal a number of new sets in the pipeline, the details of which can be found on the News page.
11 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon The News page has details of an expected rush of new releases.
10 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon There are a number of new sets just about to appear, but for now we are completely up-to-date, having reviewed the Mars set of Turkish Headquarters.
4 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon A treat for fans of the Napoleonic period now as we enjoy the Waterloo 1815 set of Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons.
3 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon Four new sets are announced; see the News page for details.
30 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon We return to the German war machine in World War II for our next review, which is of Caesar's German Winter Unit with Pak 36. Also an update on the News page from yesterday should have been mentioned here.
28 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Another element of the varied early modern Ottoman Army has been produced by Mars, and now it has been reviewed too as we take a look at their Turkish Tufekei Infantry for the 17th century.
27 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon The News page has a new announcement from Strelets, and not a camel in sight!
26 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon We have reviewed the truly appalling Mars set of Turkish Field Artillery for the 16th and 17th centuries.
23 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon For the many panzer fans out there, we have reviewed the Caesar set of WWII German Panzer Crews (Set 2 Winter/Greatcoat).
21 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon The last of the latest RedBox naval sets has now been reviewed, Italian Sailors in Battle.
18 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon The second of the RedBox sets of Italian Sailors has now been reviewed.
16 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Latest review is the first of the latest RedBox Renaissance naval sets, Italian Sailors Set 1.
13 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon A new reinforcement for the ranks of World War II Germans now as we review the snappily-titled WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with 8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Gun from Caesar.
11 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Despite lots of sets for Ottoman and Polish subjects of the later 17th century, it has taken many years before the appearance of the first set depicting the Habsburg forces. Finally Mars have started to fill that gap, and their set of Austrian Infantry is the subject of our latest review.

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