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Latest Updates
13 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon Another new set announcement today over on the News page.
12 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon Hard on the heels of the new set announcements on Friday are five more this weekend, for which see the News page.
11 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon A lovely set of Medieval Gunpowder Castle Artillery from Ultima Ratio is our latest review, and we should point out a new entry on our News page which we forgot to highlight a few days ago.
8 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon We have thoroughly enjoyed our latest reviews, which are of the recent Ultima Ratio sets Musketeers of the King of France and Guards of Cardinal Richelieu. Be warned, however, that these reviews refer a lot to the book The Three Musketeers, so if you don't want anything given away about that book then consider skipping our review text.
4 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon The last of the recent crop of new Strelets sets has been reviewed - see their Imperial Japanese Army in Attack for the good and possibly the bad points.
31 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon The last of the current crop of civil war sets has now been reviewed, being Confederate Infantry Standing from Strelets.
29 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Time for another Civil War set now, and this time it is our review of the Strelets set US Infantry Standing.
25 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon There are a couple of new releases on our News page today.
23 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Still in the First World War, but somewhere a lot warmer this time, we have reviewed the Strelets set of Arab Revolt Foot Rebels.
21 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Our latest review covers both World War I and the subsequent wars in Eastern Europe, for it is time to consider the Strelets set of Polish Infantry (Blue Army).
19 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Like buses, you don't see a Civil War set for ages, and then suddenly there are hoards of them. One of the latest is Pickett's Charge 2 from Strelets, which has now been reviewed.
16 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Another review now as we (mostly) enjoy the recent Strelets World War II set of Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons.
14 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon More historical soldiers in a relaxed and unhurried mood today as we review Highlanders Standing at Ease from Strelets.
11 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon A correction to some earlier misinformation is on our News page.
10 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Today we plunge into the tumultuous years after the October Revolution in Russia to review the Strelets set of Red Cavalry in Summer Dress.

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