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Latest Updates
16 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new announcement for a very unusual campaign.
9 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon The first of the recent Strelets sets, Union Infantry Firing, has now been reviewed.
6 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon The News page has a new set recently added by Strelets.
5 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon For some reason it is a very difficult set to get hold of, but eventually we found one, so finally we have our review of the Ultima Ratio set Italian Militiamen 1260-1392.
29 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Another update today on the News page.
27 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Some new titles are revealed over on the News page.
20 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon A large batch of new releases to report on our News page.
19 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon It is never too long before we find ourselves looking at a new set of Napoleonics, and today we have done just that. The result is our review of the latest set from Waterloo 1815, Prussian Officers & High Staff 1813-15.
14 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Our review of the surprising Burgundian Crossbowmen has now been posted.
9 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Sadly Korean cavalry of the 16th and 17th century has proved to be a very hard subject to research properly, and we were not happy with the results. However we have reviewed the recent RedBox sets to the best of our ability, and there is certainly plenty to say about the apparent qualities of these sets. Judge for yourself as we discuss their recent sets of Korean Light Cavalry, Korean Heavy Cavalry Set 1, Korean Heavy Cavalry Set 2 and Korean Guerrilla Cavalry.
8 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Details of a new release this weekend over on the News page.
1 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Thanks to RedBox we have a feast of Ming cavalry sets to review, which we have now done, so take a look at our positive yet disappointed reviews of their Chinese Light Cavalry, Chinese Medium Cavalry and Chinese Heavy Cavalry.
29 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon We end the week with a new announcement over on the News page.
24 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon Today we have our thoughts on the new First To Fight set German Artillery for the 1939 campaign.
21 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon A new release today on the News page.

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