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24 May 2022 ArticleIcon Another new Mars release over on the News page.
21 May 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has details of two new sets released.
18 May 2022 ArticleIcon It is great to see Caesar back in production, although they seem to be making little effort to spread their products round the world. It has been a long wait, but we finally get to assess their latest release, and we were not disappointed. See our new review of their Three Kingdoms Set 1 (Shu).
7 May 2022 ArticleIcon The News page has a new title from Strelets, and we have completed our review of the small Plastic Soldier set of British Eighth Army Vickers MMGs.
2 May 2022 ArticleIcon Two more of the recent Plastic Soldier Company figure sets have been reviewed. They are German Afrika Korps MG 34 Tripod Teams and German Afrika Korps 81 mm Mortars.
26 Apr 2022 ArticleIcon The Plastic Soldier Company set of British Eighth Army 3 Inch Mortar has been reviewed.
17 Apr 2022 ArticleIcon As recently mentioned, we have got hold of the latest releases from Plastic Soldier Company. The first review of these sets, US Marine Corps Support Weapons, is now available.
10 Apr 2022 ArticleIcon We visited the Plastic Soldier Company website today and notice that a number of new Ultracast World War II sets have been released or are in preparation. While we wait to review those that are available we have updated their listing page with the latest details.
1 Apr 2022 ArticleIcon A new set from Caesar is in the offing - see the News page for all the details we have at present.
20 Mar 2022 ArticleIcon With things as they are we have a lot more time to devote to other projects. The first of these has now been completed - a long overdue look at the excellent range of Italeri Battlesets for the Features section.
4 Mar 2022 ArticleIcon With the terrible events in the Ukraine it seems almost disrespectful to talk about trivial things such as plastic figures. Of course we join with the international community in standing with the people of the Ukraine as they resist this gross crime, and we will not be giving any coverage to products from Russia in the future. Since the Ukraine is one of the most important countries in the world when it comes to producing models and figures, we anticipate a massive decrease in new products to review in the foreseeable future, but one new set has emerged, for which see the News page.
22 Feb 2022 ArticleIcon A new set of cavalry has been announced over on the News page.
21 Feb 2022 ArticleIcon We have a surprise for everyone today - a manufacturer new to our site, and a great little set of figures. Model Kasten have a wide range of products, but back in 2016 they made what is so far their only set of 1/72 scale figures. An eagle-eyed visitor has alerted us to this set, and we have now reviewed it, so take a look at their very nice JNAF Aircrew 'Rabaul Zero Fighter'.
19 Feb 2022 ArticleIcon We round up our look at the recent batch of Strelets releases with a review of their sPzB41 AT Gun with DAK Crew.
17 Feb 2022 ArticleIcon Our last visit to the early 18th century for the time being sees a review of the Strelets set of British Regiment of Horse (Late War).
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