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24 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon From time to time we make mistakes, and when we do we are always happy to correct them, even if they date back years. However any student of history knows that history itself can change as new evidence is uncovered or a new interpretation is offered. We seem to have been the victim of just such a shift, because after publishing our recent reviews of the RedBox Russian Napoleonics, several visitors pointed out new research, done after many of our sources were printed, which shows that Russian infantry around 1805 did indeed carry their greatcoat rolled and attached to the valise, a feature we criticised. Now that has been proven to our satisfaction, we have adjusted both reviews accordingly, and of course (somewhat unfairly) also changed the review of the old HaT Russian infantry. Happily a website can keep up with such changes in a way books and magazines never can, and we are very grateful to those who took the trouble to highlight this issue to us.
22 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has some new HaT sets in development.
21 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon After the set of Russian Line Infantry, we now turn our attention to the RedBox set of Napoleonic Russian Guard Infantry.
17 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon The box artwork may be dull, but there was much excitement at the release of the new line of RedBox Napoleonic Russians. Judge the results for yourself as we dissect and examine their set of Russian Line Infantry
10 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon Every army needs to be supplied with food and ammunition to stay effective, but there are few models depicting this before the advent of the internal combustion engine. The latest one to do so is from HaT, and we review it now as we assess their recent Colonial General Service Wagon.
6 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon The News page has a new announcement from a familiar manufacturer.
5 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon Something today for fans of colonial conflicts, or indeed colonial daily life, as we review the HaT set of Colonial Ox Wagon.
1 Mar 2019 ArticleIcon Rounding off the latest batch of Caesar releases, we have our thoughts on their set of Modern US Army Tank Crews and Armored Force.
27 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon A great surprise. Two brand new sets have been released - see the News page for details.
24 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon A new set of figures has just been released to market, and you can find out which by going to our News page.
23 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Caesar are one of those companies that makes a habit of producing figure sets we find difficult to research, and here is one of them, their Modern Western Tank Crews Set 1 (Germany & Israel)!
22 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Straight after our first bit of news in a while we have a second update, for which see the News page.
21 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon The first snippet of News for a while has details of a new set announcement.
19 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon Thanks to all those that pointed out our mistake in yesterday's FFL review where we failed to identify the MAS-38 submachine gun. As always, we are happy to have made the correction.
18 Feb 2019 ArticleIcon The last of the recent batch of Strelets releases draws our attention to the Free French in the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East, so see what we thought of their depiction as we review their set French Foreign Legion WWII.
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