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3 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon It may not be the first set of its kind, but Mars have produced an interesting and original set in their Russian Infantry for World War II, which has now been reviewed.
28 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon We have recently photographed the new Mars sets and have started work on the reviews. In the meantime, we have completely updated our review of the Ultima Ratio set of Italian Militiamen 1260-1392 as the second type set, with many useful new figures, has started to appear on the market.
24 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon Just when you thought World War II was covered, Mars announce a surprise new title. Head over to our News page for the details.
19 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon A new announcement on the News page, and one without a long wait too.
17 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon We are often asked to review fantasy sets, and we always decline because they are not of interest to us. However we welcome guest articles, and today we have one on a fantasy set which is in fact not so far from the real world anyway. So as a change while we wait for more historic figures to review, we present a review of the Dark Alliance set of Survivors as they do battle against the Zombie hordes! Check out other articles in the Fantasy section of our Features page for more fantasy.
15 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon A recent post on a forum suggests the Orion set WWII British Tank Crew has been released, so we have updated the site accordingly. Clearly the concept of a release is largely theoretical at the moment as most of the world does not have this set, nor any of the others 'released' recently, and the international post and supply systems remain a shadow of their normal selves. With large batches supposedly coming soon from HaT and Strelets we could have a lot to review in the future, but the current situation has done nothing if not teach us all patience!
27 May 2020 ArticleIcon A surprising and intriguing new set announcement from Strelets over on the News page.
24 May 2020 ArticleIcon The soldiers of the Sun King are on the march, and we share our thoughts on the sight with our review of the Strelets set of French Musketeers on the March.
17 May 2020 ArticleIcon Before Rome was a mighty city with a mighty empire, it faced probably the most dangerous threat of its young life when Hannibal came to Italy. The latest set from Linear-A to depict those momentous days is now reviewed as we look at their Hannibal Makes a Triumphal Entry in Italy.
17 May 2020 ArticleIcon A new release to enjoy over on the News page.
11 May 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has some new releases, although distribution remains very difficult so for many they may be a long way off still.
9 May 2020 ArticleIcon Another new announcement over on the News page, this time adding to the 18th century range.
5 May 2020 ArticleIcon Just the two new set announcements today over on our News page!
4 May 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has some good news for fans of colonial campaigns in Africa.
30 Apr 2020 ArticleIcon All good things must come to an end, and on the whole the series of RedBox sets depicting Moscow's noble cavalry has been more than good. At a stroke it has raised the subject to one of the best covered in the whole hobby, and doubtless everyone can dream of a similar surge of sets covering their favourite theme. In the meantime, we conclude our look at this mini series with our review of the set subtitled Siege of Pskov Set 2.
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