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10 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon The trickle of new sets continues, and today we have a new review, this time of the Linear-A set Hannibal Crosses the Alps (Cavalry).
2 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has details of a set that has just been released and, unusually at the moment, is also actually available at some retailers!
25 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon While we continue to wait for new sets to review during these difficult times, we have a new guest review to bring to your attention. The Fantasy section of our Features page has a great new article on the two sets of Stalkers from Dark Alliance.
19 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon Although international distribution continues to be in turmoil at the moment, and new releases are taking a very long time to spread around the World, there is a new release to report on the News page.
12 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon Not their best effort, but still worth a look - check out our review of the Mars set of Russian Assault Troops.
8 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has what may be a partial batch of new releases to report.
7 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon A big thank you to all those who took the trouble to identify the mystery 'submachine gun' we mentioned in our view of the Volkssturm earlier today. We knew our knowledgeable visitors would come to our rescue! The review has been updated and corrected accordingly, and we also have news of a new title on the way over on our News page.
7 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon It is always a pleasure when a manufacturer ups their game and improves their quality, and lately Mars have been doing just that. You can judge just how far they have come by taking a look at our latest review, which is of their terrific German Volkssturm Defenders.
3 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon It may not be the first set of its kind, but Mars have produced an interesting and original set in their Russian Infantry for World War II, which has now been reviewed.
28 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon We have recently photographed the new Mars sets and have started work on the reviews. In the meantime, we have completely updated our review of the Ultima Ratio set of Italian Militiamen 1260-1392 as the second type set, with many useful new figures, has started to appear on the market.
24 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon Just when you thought World War II was covered, Mars announce a surprise new title. Head over to our News page for the details.
19 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon A new announcement on the News page, and one without a long wait too.
17 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon We are often asked to review fantasy sets, and we always decline because they are not of interest to us. However we welcome guest articles, and today we have one on a fantasy set which is in fact not so far from the real world anyway. So as a change while we wait for more historic figures to review, we present a review of the Dark Alliance set of Survivors as they do battle against the Zombie hordes! Check out other articles in the Fantasy section of our Features page for more fantasy.
15 Jun 2020 ArticleIcon A recent post on a forum suggests the Orion set WWII British Tank Crew has been released, so we have updated the site accordingly. Clearly the concept of a release is largely theoretical at the moment as most of the world does not have this set, nor any of the others 'released' recently, and the international post and supply systems remain a shadow of their normal selves. With large batches supposedly coming soon from HaT and Strelets we could have a lot to review in the future, but the current situation has done nothing if not teach us all patience!
27 May 2020 ArticleIcon A surprising and intriguing new set announcement from Strelets over on the News page.
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