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25 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The news page as a couple of new titles on the way.
24 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon It's back to the desert this time as we evaluate the French Foreign Legion in Attack from Strelets.
22 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The second set of recent Strelets Napoleonic Bavarians, On The March, has now been reviewed. Also there is news of a new World War II release due out next week.
20 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The first of two reviews of Napoleonic Bavarians is now ready, starting with the Strelets set of Standing Order Arms.
18 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon If you collect the Imperial Japanese Army then there is a new weapon to add to their arsenal as we review the set of Japanese Type 11 Gun from Strelets.
17 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon A cavalry unit designed to impress, and a set that largely does the same - we review the Strelets set of Chevau-Légers and Gendarmes of the Guards.
16 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The first release of 2021 has appeared, and you can find out which set it is on our News page.
14 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The Strelets Arabs in Retreat have been reviewed, and we have completed our page on the Zvezda Art of Tactic piece Soviet Machine Gun Squad.
12 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon Today we review the French Foreign Legion in Camp from Strelets.
9 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon The surprise package of the recent batch of Strelets releases was a single regiment, the Prussian 7th Uhlans, which has now been reviewed.
5 Jan 2021 ArticleIcon We have completed the first of our reviews of the recent batch of new Strelets offerings with a look at their SAS Desert Ambush set for World War II.
30 Dec 2020 ArticleIcon Possibly the last new set announcement of 2020, the News page has details of a new product.
24 Dec 2020 ArticleIcon Aside from the brand new Strelets sets we have brought ourselves right up to date with our latest review, which is of the Guards of Cardinal Richelieu from RedBox.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and let's hope Santa has a few plastic figures in his sack this year!

23 Dec 2020 ArticleIcon A lovely set and the start of a mini series takes centre stage now as we enjoy the recent RedBox release of Musketeers of the King of France.
22 Dec 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has a whole raft of new releases to enjoy.
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