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Future Releases
A Call To Arms
Inniskilling Dragoons Set 68. British Napoleonic cavalry. Scaled down versions of the 1/32 scale set. Release thought to be suspended for time being.
Babylonian Army Set H013. No release date.
Chinese Han Dynasty Army Set H016. No release date.
Hsium-Nu (Hun) Cavalry Set H029. No release date.
Armies of the Crusades Set H095. No other details available at present. No release date.
Armies of the Muslims Set H096. No other details. No release date.
Medieval Knights, 13th Century Set H093. No release date.
European Foot Soldiers, 15th Century Set H092. No release date.
1453 Byzantine Army Set H090. No release date.
Wars of the Roses Set H044. No release date.
Wars of the Roses Set 094. No release date.
Spanish Army Set HB34. No other details.
American Army Set HB35. No other details.
Japanese Army Set HB33. No other details.
Russian Army Set HB32. No other details.
French Army Set H034. World War I. No release date.
Belgian and Dutch Army Set H039. No release date.
Modern US Mortar Team Set HB12. No other details.
Modern US Support Weapon Team Set HB13. No other details.
Modern Special Forces - Navy SEALs Set HB14. No other details.
Police Set HB18. No other details.
Civilians Set HB19. No other details.
CW MIniatures
Conquistador with Flag M002.
Crested Knights Set 7210. Includes mounted knights for battle or tournament, plus tournament grandstands and tent. Expected Spring 2014.
Peninsular War British Infantry Set 7214. To be released Spring 2014.
Peninsular War Spanish Infantry Set 7215. To be released Spring 2014.
Peninsular War French Infantry Set 7216. To be released Spring 2014.
Portuguese Infantry and Cazadores Set 7217. Napoleonic. To be released Spring 2014.
Spartan Army Set 8090. Difficulties in development mean this is unlikely to be made at present.
Etruscan Army Set 8134. Difficulties in development mean this is unlikely to be made at present.
Greek Hoplites Set 8216. Mould making in progress. No release date.
Carthaginian Sacred Band Set 8305.
Sassanid Light Cavalry Set 8221. Sculpting underway.
Sassanid Cataphracts Set 8222. Sculpting underway.
Sassanid Clibanarii Set 8223. Sculpting underway.
Sassanid Elephant Set 8224. Sculpting underway.
Colonial Ox Wagon Set 8286. No details.
Colonial General Service Wagon Set 8287. No details.
Colonial British Dragoons Set 8288. No details.
Colonial Bengal Lncers Set 8289. No details.
1815 French Line Infantry Marching Set 8294. No details available.
1815 French Line Infantry Command Set 8294. No details.
Pre-1812 French Line Infantry Marching Set 8296. No details.
Pre-1812 French Line Infantry Command Set 8297. No details.
Huns Set 8298. No details.
Byzantines Currently being sculpted.
Prussian Artillery Sculpting underway.
Austrian Infantry No details at present.
Russian Infantry Sculpting.
Spanish Light Infantry Set 8300. Napoleonic.
Spanish Grenadiers Set 8301. Napoleonic.
Spanish Line Infantry Set 8302. Napoleonic.
Spanish Infantry Command Set 8303. Napoleonic.
Peninsular British Light Cavalry Set 8307. No other details.
Peninsular British Heavy Cavalry
Prussian Landwehr Sculpting completed.
Prussian Jager Franco-Prussian war. Mould making underway.
Prussian Infantry Franco-Prussian war. Sculpting underway.
French Infantry Set 8164. Mould making underway.
Bavarian Infantry Set 8165. Mould making underway.
Baggage Camels Set 8207. British - Victorian era.
von Lettow's Army Probably a large set with many troop types included. Sculpting underway.
French 75mm Gun with Early War Crew Set 8159. Mould being redone.
WWI Austrian Mortar Set 8238. Sculpting complete.
Askari Set 8268.
Ruga-Ruga Set 8269.
Schutztruppe Set 8270.
German Jaeger Bicyclists Set 8276. Sculpting complete.
Belgian Infantry Set 8290. Being designed.
Belgian Heavy Weapons Set 8291. No details.
British Expeditionary Force Set 8292. No details.
British Khaki Drill Set 8293. No details.
Six-Horse Train with Limber for 75mm Gun Set 8304. Sculpting nearing completion.
Belgian Bicyclists Set 8275. Sculpting completed. No release date.
Japanese Bicyclists Set 8278. No details.
German Horse Drawn Artillery Limber Sculpting underway.
Polish Artillery with 75mm Gun Set 8157. Mould making underway.
WWII French 75mm Gun Set 8162. No release date.
WW2 German Bicyclists Set 8277. No details.
Romanian 75mm Gun Set 8160. Currently missing from Hat website so unknown progress.
Russian 76mm M1936 F22 Divisional Gun Set 8155. Mould being tested.
Austrian Artillery Train Set 6153. Napoleonic era. Currently on hold.
Prussian Infantry Set 6152. Napoleonic era. Currently on hold.
Austrian Artillery Set 6156. Napoleonic era. Currently on hold.
German Infantry (Winter dress) Set 6151. World War II. Some delay in release.
Italian Infantry - Tropical Uniform Set 6132. Status of this set is unclear at present.
Spartacus Uprising 2 Set 074.
Roman Port - 2 Set 075.Roman civilian figures.
Early Mycenaean Infantry Set 72086.
Late Mycenaean Light Infantry Set 72087.
Polish 'Lisovchiki' Set 72079, For first half of 17th century.
Lithuanian Tartars Set 72080. For first half of 17th century.
KUK Navy, Sailors Working Set KUK04.
Turkish Cavalry Set 72020. Release date unknown.
BMW R12 Motorcycles
Anti-Aircraft Gunners with Flak 38
German Motorcycles with Crew Set 16598. 1/87th scale.
PaK L/45 with Crew Moving Gun
German Infantry Walking, Winter Uniform Set 16609. 1/87th scale.
German Anti-Tank Crew in Winter Uniforms Set 16613. 1/87 scale.
USSR Zundapp KS750 Motorcycle Crew
Soviet Infantry Attacking in Winter Uniform Set 72540.
Soviet Pilots & Ground Crew Set 72543.
Modern US Army Drivers, Seated Soldiers Set 72544.
US Infantry D-Day Set 72547.
German Infantrymen in Battle, Winter Uniform Set 72551.
Soviet Close Combat Winter Uniform Set 72552.
German Paratroopers in Combat
German Paratroopers Marching Set 16625. Due 2014.
Paratroopers with 3.7 cm PAK Set 16628. Due 2014.
German Motorcycles (Mounted) Set 72538.
German Motorcycles (Pushing) Set 72539.
German Afrika Korps Marching Set 16626. Due 2014.
German Afrika Korps in Combat Set 16627. Due 2014.
Anti-Tank Crew, Winter Uniform Set 72550. German, WWII.
US Airborne Troops D-Day Set 72548.
British 8th Army Set 02617. This is the old Matchbox set.
Spartacus Army Set M077. No details at present.
Caesar Army in Battle II Set M091. No details at present.
Norman Army Camp Set 909. No other details.
Napoleon's General Staff 3 Set 129. No other details at present.
British Line Infantry in Overcoats 2 Set M097. Napoleonic.
American Militia in Winter Dress 1812 Set M098.
Romanian Infantry Set M052. Unknown release date.
Austro-Hungarian Honved Set 074. World War I. No release date.
MKB Medium Tank Set A005.
Saint Chamond Tank Set A006.
Schneider Tank Set A007.
German Para Heavy Weapons No details.
Waterloo 1815
Cromwell's Cavalry Set 033. Due early 2014.
Highland Infantry at Waterloo in Square Set 039. Due early 2014.
? Set YK21. Unknown subject.
Roman Artillery 'Onager' Set 6804.
Monks Archers Set 6408. Due 2014.
Monks with Yari & Naginata Set 6409. Due 2014.
Commander with Bodyguards Set 6410.
Monks with Naginata Set 6418. Due 2014.
Samurai with Yari Set 6421.
Yari Ashigaru in Raincoats Set 6422.
Monks with Arquebus Set 6423. Due 2014.
Monks with Shrine Carriage Set 6424.
Russian Shooters Set 6801.
French Line Infantry Set 6802. Due 2014.
Russian Cossacks Set 6803.
Russian Line Infantry Set 6808. Due 2014.
French Foot Artillery Set 6809. Due 2014.
Russian Foot Artillery Set 6810. Due 2014.
Russian Dragoons Set 6811. Due 2014.
French Dragoons Set 6812. Due 2014.
Russian Infantry Command Set 6815. Due 2014.
French Infantry Command Set 6816. Due 2014.
Russian Dragoons Command Set 6817. Due 2014.
French Dragoons Command Set 6818. Due 2014.
British Infantry 1916 Set 6900. Due 2014.
German Infantry 1916 Set 6901. Due 2014.
British 81mm Stokes Mortar with Crew Set 6902. Due 2014.
German 7.58 cm Mortar with Crew Set 6903. Due 2014.
British Vickers Machine Gun with Crew Set 6904. Due 2014.
German MG08 with Crew Set 6905. Due 2014.
German Anti-Tank Team Set 6182. Due 2014.
German Airforce Ground Crew Set 6188. Due 2014.
British Airforce Ground Crew Set 6189. Due 2014.
German Snipers Set 6194. Due 2014.
British 25 Pound Howitzer Set 6217. Due 2014.
British Engineers Set 6219. Due 2014.
British Recon Team Set 6226. Due 2014.
British Medic Team Set 6228. Due 2014.
Soviet Frontier Guards Set 6144. Due 2014.
Soviet 120mm Mortar and Crew Set 6147. Due 2014.
Romanian Infantry Set 6163. Due 2014.
Soviet Militia Set 6181. Due 2014.
Soviet Airforce Ground Crew Set 8187. Due 2014.
Soviet Snipers Set 6193. Due 2014.
Soviet Skiers Set 6199. Due 2014.
Soviet Machine Gun with Crew (Winter Uniform) Set 6220. Due 2014.
Soviet Reconnaissance Team Set 7423. Due 2014.
US Reconnaissance Team Set 7424. Due 2014.

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