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Future Releases
Babylonian Army Set H013.
1453 Byzantine Army Set H090.
Wars of the Roses Set H044.
Spanish Army Set HB34. 1898 Spanish/American War.
American Army Set HB35. 1898 Spanish/American War.
Japanese Army Set HB33. 1905 Russo/Japanese War era.
Russian Army Set HB32. 1905 Russo/Japanese War era.
Belgian and Dutch Army Set H039. World War II.
German Infantry Tank Riders Winter Set 1 Set H078.
German Half-Track Riders Set H080.
Modern Chinese and Russian Panzer Crews Set H100.
Modern US Support Weapon Team Set HB13. Modern.
Modern Special Forces - Navy SEALs Set HB14. Modern.
Police Set HB18. Modern.
Civilians Set HB19. Modern.
JGSDF Vehicle Crew Set 1 Set 72342.
JGSDF Infantry Set 1 Set 72343.
Greek Hoplites Set 8216.
Carthaginian Sacred Band Set 8305.
Pyrrhic Elephants Set 8321.
Sassanid Elephant Set 8224.
Byzantines No details.
Russian Infantry Napoleonic period (1812-1816).
Baggage Camels Set 8207. British - Victorian era.
WWI Austrian Mortar Set 8238.
Six-Horse Train with Limber for 75mm Gun Set 8306.
German Uhlans Set 8312.
German Cavalry Set 8313.
Russian Cavalry Set 8314.
Russian Cossacks Set 8315.
WWI Italian Arditi Set 8221.
WWI Italian Heavy Weapons Set 8222.
WWI Italian Infantry Set 8223.
WW2 British Infantry 1940 Set 8317.
German Horse Drawn Artillery Limber
Russian 76mm M1936 F22 Divisional Gun Set 8155.
WW2 US GI Rifle Squad Set 8318.
WWI Chasseurs Alpins Set HG004.
Neanderthal vs Denisova Human vs Homo Sapiens (1) Set 037.
Indus Culture 3300BC to 1300BC Set 043.
Babylonian Empires Set 043.
Ptolemaic Surprise Set 050.
Syracuse, Sicilian War (Set 1) Set 031.
Tarentine Horsemen of Magna Graecia Set 030.
Army of Syracuse: Infantry Set 051. For the Peloponnesian War, Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BCE.
Army of Syracuse: Cavalry Set 052. For the Peloponnesian War, Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BCE.
Battle of Cunaxa 401 BC (Set 3) Set 036.
Rome's Early Period Set 038. No other details yet available..
Seleucid Infantry Set 1 Set 033.
Ptolemaic Infantry Set 1 Set 034
Roman Anti-Elephant Wagon (Set 1) Set 029.
The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus (2) Set 045.
Samnite Wars (2) Cavalry Set 046.
King Pyrrhus of Epirus Set 014s.
The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus (Set 1) Set 028.
Margiana Set 044.
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom Set 035.
Seleucid Infantry Set 2 Set 047.
Seleucid Cavalry Set 048.
Seleucid Elephants vs Ptolemaic Elephants Set 049.
Roman Artillery Set 1 - Ballista Set 007s.
Roman Artillery Set 2 - Onager Set 008s.
Roman Artillery Set 3 - Scorpio Set 009s.
Hannibal vs Scipio Set 010s.
Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 5 Set 025. Labelled as 'Salassi vs Carthaginian'.
Publius Quinctilius Varus 'Disaster' Set 012s.
Vigiles Urbani "Cohortes Vigilum" Set 2 Set 015s.
Roman Legion Set 2 Set 018. Varus' Legions (9 CE). "Command".
Trajan's Dacian Campaign Set 1 Set 032.
Hadrian's Wall Set 013s.
Eastern Roman Empire Infantry Set 1 Set 039. For the 6th Century.
Imperial Guardsmen of Emperor Justinian I Set 040. 6th century.
Emperor Justinian I and Imperatrix Theodora I Set 011s. No other details.
The Nika Revolt Set 041.
(Napoleonic Wars Surprise) Set 027. No title or details yet.
Prussian Landwehr Cavalry Set 024.
US Marine Corps (Early War) Set 72068.
Plastic Soldier
Japanese Platoon Recast of Xan 20mm figures.
US Marine Corps Platoon Recast of Xan 20mm figures.
US Airborne Platoon (Normandy) Recast of Xan 20mm figures.
British Dragoons 1745 Set 72139.
British Regiments of Horse 1745 Set 72140.
Prince's Lifeguard and Fitzjames Horse Set 72141.
Bonnie Prince Charlie and Scottish Cavalry Set 72149.
Caesar Army in Battle II Set M091.
Garde du Corps Set 240. French for the War of the Spanish Succession.
French Dragoons on the March Set 251. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
Dismounted French Dragoons in Skirmish Set 254. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
French Royal Horse Grenadiers Set 241. For the War of the Spanish Succession.
French Musketeers of the Guard Set 242.
British Artillery Set 243.
French Artillery Set 244.
Austrian Infantry in Overcoats on the March Set 193.
Austrian Grenadiers in Overcoats Standing at Ease Set 194.
Austrian Infantry in Overcoats Standing at Ease Set 195.
French Infantry in Summer Dress on the March Set 196.
French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing at Ease Set 197.
French Infantry in Summer Dress at Attention Set 198.
Austrian Grenadiers Standing Shoulder Arms Set 203.
Russian Infantry in Overcoats on the March Set 214.
French Infantry in Summer Dress Shoulder Arms Set 221.
Napoleonic French Sappers Set M115.
Napoleon's General Staff 3 Set 129.
Polish Artillery Set 143.
US Rangers 1812 Set M106.
US Infantry in Defence Set 160.
Confederate Firing Set 223.
220mm Schneider Mortar Set A017.
British Infantry at Gallipoli Set M135.
Turkish Infantry at Gallipoli Set M136.
WWI Turkish Assault Troops Set M137.
MKB Medium Tank Set A005.
Saint Chamond Tank Set A006.
Schneider Tank Set A007.
WWII Japanese Infantry in Winter Dress Set M116.
Middle East Military Man Set Set TK7312. Looks to be a hard-plastic set with 25 kit figures in 5 basic poses and a selection of weapons.
Waterloo 1815
WWI Italian Elite Troops (Arditi) Set 044.
SS German Cavalry Set 2 Set 026.
British Headquarters Set 6174. Art of Tactic mini set.
Soviet Assault Engineers Set 6271.
Soviet M-72 Motorcycle with Sidecar and Crew Set 6277. Art of Tactic mini set.
American Infantry Set 6277. Art of tactic mini set.
American Marines Set 6279. Art of Tactic mini set.
Volkssturm, Berlin 1945 Set 6272.

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