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Future Releases
A Call To Arms
Inniskilling Dragoons Set 68. British Napoleonic cavalry. Scaled down versions of the 1/32 scale set. Release thought to be suspended for time being.
Babylonian Army Set H013.
1453 Byzantine Army Set H090.
Wars of the Roses Set H044.
Spanish Army Set HB34. 1898 Spanish/American War.
American Army Set HB35. 1898 Spanish/American War.
Japanese Army Set HB33. 1905 Russo/Japanese War era.
Russian Army Set HB32. 1905 Russo/Japanese War era.
Belgian and Dutch Army Set H039. World War II.
German Infantry Tank Riders Winter Set 1 Set H078.
German Half-Track Riders Set H080.
Modern US Support Weapon Team Set HB13. Modern.
Modern Special Forces - Navy SEALs Set HB14. Modern.
Police Set HB18. Modern.
Civilians Set HB19. Modern.
Greek Hoplites Set 8216.
Carthaginian Sacred Band Set 8305.
Pyrrhic Elephants Set 8321.
Sassanid Cataphracts Set 8284. Sculpting underway.
Sassanid Elephant Set 8224.
Byzantines Currently being sculpted.
Austrians Marching Set 8322. Seven Years War period.
Austrians Action Set 8323. Seven Years War period.
Austrians Command Set 8324. Seven Years War period.
Prussian Artillery Sculpting underway.
Austrian Infantry Sculpting underway.
Peninsular British Light Cavalry Set 8307.
Peninsular British Heavy Cavalry Set 8308.
1815 French Line Infantry Command Set 8295. Sculpting underway.
Pre-1812 French Line Infantry Marching Set 8296. Sculpting underway.
Pre-1812 French Line Infantry Command Set 8297. Sculpting underway.
Russian Infantry Napoleonic period (1812-1816).
Prussian Landwehr Marching Set 8309.
Prussian Landwehr Action Set 8310.
Prussian Landwehr Command Set 8311.
1815 French Line Infantry Marching Set 8294.
Colonial Ox Wagon Set 8286. Sculpting underway.
Colonial General Service Wagon Set 8287. Sculpting underway.
Baggage Camels Set 8207. British - Victorian era. Sculpting underway.
French 75mm Gun with Early War Crew Set 8159. Mould being redone.
WWI Austrian Mortar Set 8238. Sculpting complete.
Belgian Infantry Set 8290.
Belgian Heavy Weapons Set 8291.
Six-Horse Train with Limber for 75mm Gun Set 8306. Sculpting nearing completion.
German Uhlans Set 8312.
German Cavalry Set 8313.
Russian Cavalry Set 8314.
Russian Cossacks Set 8315.
WWI Italian Arditi Set 8221.
WWI Italian Heavy Weapons Set 8222.
WWI Italian Infantry Set 8223.
WWII French Artillery Crew Set 8162. Sculpting completed.
WW2 British Infantry 1940 Set 8317.
German Horse Drawn Artillery Limber Sculpting underway.
Russian 76mm M1936 F22 Divisional Gun Set 8155.
WW2 US GI Rifle Squad Set 8318.
Germanic Warriors No details yet.
Hannibal Crosses the Alps Currently thought to be released before the end of 2016.
The Silk Road in Ancient Times Set 008.
Plastic Soldier
Early War German Infantry Set 8. For period 1939 to 1942.
Spartacus Army Before Battle Set M110.
Spartacus Army Set M077.
Caesar Army in Battle II Set M091.
British Camel Corps Dismounted Set M123. Probably the World War I Imperial Camel Corps.
Foot Bashi-Bazouk Set M054.
Napoleonic French Sappers Set M115.
Napoleon's General Staff 3 Set 129.
Polish Artillery Set 143.
British Infantry Standing at Ease Set 162.
Highlanders Standing at Ease Set 163. Napoleonic era.
US Rangers 1812 Set M106.
Pickett's Charge 2 Set 152. 12 similar advancing poses.
US Infantry in Attack 2 Set 153. American Civil War period (Gettysburg).
Confederate Infantry Standing Set 156.
US Infantry Standing Set 157.
Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform Set M126.
Turkish Camel Corps Set 167. World War I era.
Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform Set M122. World War I (Arabia etc.) period.
British Camel Corps Set 165. Imperial Camel Corps for the Great War.
Australian Camel Corps Set 166. World War I era.
Arab Uprising Set 172. World War One era.
MKB Medium Tank Set A005.
Saint Chamond Tank Set A006.
Schneider Tank Set A007.
220 mm Schneider Howitzer Set A014.
155mm St Chamond Howizter Set A015.
Arab Revolt Foot Rebels Set M127.
Australian Dismounted Camel Corps Set M131.
Red Cavalry in Summer Dress Set 164. Russian Civil War period.
WWI Polish Infantry (Blue Army) Set M130.
Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun Set 139.
WWII Japanese Infantry in Winter Dress Set M116.
Imperial Japanese Army in Attack Set M128. World War II era.
WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons Set M129.
Waterloo 1815
Prussian Army and High Staff 1813-15 Set 058.
SS German Cavalry Set 2 Set 026.

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