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Ancient History
Bluebird Zero Hour - Details of the many figures sold in the ranges 'Bluebird Zero Hour' and 'Mattel Code Zero'
Cereal Gladiators - A look at some plastic gladiators found in cereal packets in the 1960s.
EKO - EKO marketed a number of figure sets, many being copies of others, but some were original. We take a look at this long-gone range here.
Five and Dime Cowboys and Indians - An illustrated history of all those cheap plastic Cowboys and Indians that copied their bigger cousins in years gone by.
GIANT & Co for Dummies - An overview and identification guide of GIANT figures.
Lledo Days Gone - A look at the figures included in some Lledo vehicles.
Lone Star - Lone Star made many large scale figures but also two OO scale battle sets. We take a closer look here.
Matchbox; 63 Years of Figure Production - A look at the many figures made by Matchbox over their long history.
Rospaks; The Lost Kingdom - A look at the short but interesting history of the Rospaks figure range.
Trojan - Better known for their larger figures, we examine the few sets of 1/72 soldiers this company produced.
Zee Toys - Zee Toys made a small range of figures based on the film MASH, which is discussed in this article.
Associated Products
Glue - A look at the various types of glues available for plastic, and which ones work.
Airfix Battlesets - A comprehensive guide to all the many battlesets Airfix have made over the years.
Airfix Waterloo Accessories - A detailed look at the Airfix Waterloo Assault Set Accessories pack.
Esci Battlesets - Full details of the many battlesets Esci made over the years.
IMEX Battlesets - A complete list of battlesets produced by IMEX
Italeri Medieval Tournament and Medieval Challenge - A look at the two sets from Italeri that include some unique figures.
Matchbox Rocket Attack Playkit - An old and short-lived playset from Matchbox with some fun elements.
"Airfix's Little Soldiers" - A look at the guide to Airfix 1/72 figures by Jean-Christophe Carbonel
"The One Inch Army II" - The new edition of the definitive guide to small-scale plastic figures.
"The One Inch Army" - A review of the Victor Rudik collector's guide book.
"Modellwelten " - A look at a DVD on various aspects of modelling.
"Modellwelten II" - A look at a DVD devoted to painting 1/72 scale military figures.
"Modellwelten III" - Volume 3 in the DVD series, with this one showing a building being constructed.
"Modellwelten IV" - Volume 4 in the DVD series, showing figures being converted.
"Modellwelten V" - Volume 5 in the DVD series, showing a figure being sculpted from scratch.
Extended Review Data
Esci Missing in Action - A brief look at some figure sets Esci promised but never saw the light of day.
Figure Comparison - This page compares figures from different complementary sets side-by-side to give an idea of which might work well together.
HaT Accessories - A categorised list of all the extra weapons and small accessories to be found in HaT figure sets.
Streltsi Bonus Figures - A look at the bonus Streltsi figures included in several sets from Strelets.
Caesar Fantasy Figures - Not many humans to be seen in this range, and unless Lord of the Rings was a documentary then this is not historical, but some fun figures nonetheless. (Caution: Mild horror images)
Dark Dream Studio Space Battles Set 1 - A look at the Dark Dream Studio fantasy set 72001 - Space Battles Set 1
HALO: Micro Ops - An article on the small but interesting series of HALO Micro Ops from MxFaclane.
Legion of Nightmare - A fantasy set of zombies from human military history (Caution: Mild horror images and text)
Figure Production
Annual Production - A dynamic analysis of the growth of new set production over the years.
Figure Sizes and Scales - A guide to how tall 1/72 scale figures should be.
Plastic Colours - A list of suggested plastic colours to be used for figures.
"Age of Mythology" - This board game has some interesting figures which are worth a closer look.
"Civilization" - A guide to the 1/72 scale plastic figures to be found in this board game from Eagle.
"Napoleon in Europe" - Another Eagle game with many miniatures in our favourite scale, but are they of any use?
"Shogun" - Some board games include very passable 1/72 scale figures. We look at one of the best.
Reserve Troops From 35 Board Games - A look at the plastic figures to be found in 35 martial board games.
Kits with Figures
Airfix Kit Figures - A review of all those figures found in various Airfix kits over the years.
Dragon LCM(3) Landing Craft - This model kit includes a good number of figures that are well worth considering by themselves.
Italeri 8.8 cm FLaK 37 AA Gun - This gun kit includes eight crew figures, so we take a closer look.
Pegasus LCVP Landing Craft - We take a look at the 18 figures to be found with this model kit.
Other Figure Sets
Bachmann Scenecraft 'OO' Figures - A rundown of the 'OO' scale railway figures made by Bachmann.
Silver Corn - A look at the only set of 1/72 scale figures made by this Hong Kong company.
Thierry la Fronde - An extremely rare set of figures based on the 1960's French TV series.
WW2 Leaders - A set with no apparent manufacturer name and a curious selection of figures.
PSR Guide
PSR Painted Figures List - A list of all the reviews on this site with pictures of painted figures.
Resin Archive - Pages devoted to a small selection of resin sets.

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