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20 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon First new set of 2020
The first new release of 2020 comes from Linear-A, who have announced that their set 022 Etruscan Cavalry Set 2 is now available.
29 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon The Strelets future
We have seen one of the recent Strelets releases and the side of the box reveals both some new projects and some new mysteries. To begin with, here is the basic list as printed:
  • 203 - Austrian Grenadiers Standing Order Arms
  • 204 - Austrian Grenadiers Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 221 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 222 - French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Order Arms
  • 227 - Bavarian Infantry at Attack
  • 270 - Bavarian Infantry at Ease
  • 228 - Prussian Uhlans
  • 229 - Prussian Dragoons
  • 248 - Prussian Hussars
  • 245 - Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Summer Dress
  • 246 - Finnish Anti-Tank Squad in Winter Dress
  • 247 - American Anti-Tank Squad
We have assumed that all but the last three titles are Napoleonic, and that the last three are for World War II. Set 222 was previously named 'Pickett's Retreat', so whether that has been cancelled, or simply Strelets have confused themselves with product numbers we do not know. Equally, set 248 still appears on their website as 'Medieval City Levy', so again, mystery as to what is going on there. Finally we notice that the new set 249 is still called 'Confederates Firing' everywhere, including on their website, but artwork at some dealers shows the title to be 'Confederate Infantry in Defence'. Since Strelets printing errors are legendary, we can only speculate on the truth of any of these mysteries, so the safe course is to assume nothing until each product is actually at retailers.
28 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Last-minute Christmas presents

It seems there has been some activity while we were on our Christmas break. First, Strelets have surprised everyone again with a brand new release, which is on top of the 17 titles released last week. On Christmas Day they announced that their latest set, 'British Infantry Firing Line 1701-1714' is already made and being distributed over the next few days. This makes three sets for the War of the Spanish Succession already, with a fourth on the way, and we might expect more sudden surprises on this range over the next few months.

Also over the holiday period, Mars released their latest offering, which is 72114 'Finnish Army Winter Dress 1942-44'. This has already started to appear at retailers. Looks like a busy January for us, which is just how we like it!

22 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon New Strelets start to arrive.
Strelets have begun shipping their latest batch of releases to retailers. The titles are as previously announced, which is to say:
  • 154 - Brunswick Light Guards Battalion
  • 199 - Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 200 - Highlanders Standing Order Arms
  • 201 - British Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 202 - British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 206 - Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress Standing Shoulder Arms
  • 209 - Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress on the March 1
  • 212 - Russian Infantry on the March 1
  • 217 - Russian Infantry Standing Order Arms
  • 219 - Russian Infantry in Overcoats Standing Order Arms
  • 220 - French Line Infantry on the March 2
  • 224 - Boer Field Artillery
  • 231 - British Infantry in Attack 1701-1714
  • 249 - Confederates Firing
  • M138 - Boer Infantry
  • M140 - Anglo-Saxon Fyrd
  • M141 - Housecarls of King Harold

All are brand new figures apart from set M140, which is just the unique sprue from set 912, and set M141, which is just the unique sprue from set 911.

Also new out today is HaT set 8339, 'El Cid Moorish Cavalry Sampler', which contains single sprues from their old El Cid Moorish cavalry sets.

12 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon French Fusiliers
Strelets have added a new title to their lists. The new set is 236 'French Fusiliers (Early War)', and is for their new War of the Spanish Succession range. This will not appear in the batch of releases due soon, but is presumably already well underway.
10 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon More from Linear-A
Linear-A have added another title to their list of forthcoming sets. This one is number 005 in their 'small box' range, and as with the fourth of that series it is named 'Waterloo After the Battle'. The previously announced set of that name now has the subtitle 'French Disaster'.
6 Dec 2019 ArticleIcon Announcements from Linear-A
Linear-A have added a number of new titles to their list of future figure sets. All are from their new 'small' series, and the names are:
  • 004s - Waterloo After the Battle
  • 007s - Roman Artillery Set 1 - Ballista
  • 008s - Roman Artillery Set 2 - Onager
  • 009s - Roman Artillery Set 3 - Scorpio
  • 010s - Hannibal vs Scipio
No other details are yet available.
26 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon December releases modified
Strelets have announced that two of the sets previously listed as arriving in December have been delayed due to production problems. The two sets are 211 'Prussian Line Infantry in Summer Dress Standing Order Arms' and M139 'Highlanders in Attack 1899-1902'. Both are now expected next spring.
21 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon New ancients
Linear-A have announced the first three sets of a new series. This will be in small boxes, so presumably a small number of poses and figures. The first three announced titles are:
  • 001s - Vigiles Urbani "Cohortes Vigilum"
  • 002s - Sacrifice Before the Battle
  • 003s - Legionary Recruits Training
No other details as yet, but the Vigiles Urbani were the men who performed police and firefighting duties in Rome under the Caesars. 'Sacrifice Before Battle' could be almost anything, but probably ancient, and the training set is probably Romans, but whether republican or imperial is unknown.
20 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Boost for Continuation War
The Continuation War is to get a new set of figures as Mars have announced they are to release a new set named 'Finnish Army (Winter Dress) 1942-1944. The set will contain 37 figures in 8 poses. Generally Mars releases are quite quick, but we do not know if the set will appear before the end of the year.

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