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13 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Gladiators are ready!
The recently announced set of Gladiators from Ultima Ratio has started appearing at retailers.
5 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Strelets medieval
Strelets have announced another new set in the pipeline, and this time it returns to their medieval range. The new set is 'Medieval City Levy', so a general set covering many potential nationalities. There are no clues yet as to whether this will be part of the releases for the end of this year as no masters have yet been posted.
1 Nov 2019 ArticleIcon Esci reissues appear
Italeri have finally released the latest two figure sets from their Esci back catalogue. The sets represent Warsaw Pact and NATO troops from the 1980s, but as they are just the old Esci sets there is nothing new here.
25 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon 1701 infantry are released
Strelets have announced that their set of British Infantry in Advance 1701-1714 has started to be sent to retailers, slightly earlier than their promised month-end date. This seems to be a single release, with a full batch expected around December.
22 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon New Brits for Marlborough
Strelets have announced a second set for their new War of the Spanish Succession range. This one is entitled 'British Infantry in Attack 1701-1714', so a match for their recent 'in Advance' announcement. That first set is promised for release around the end of this month, but it is unclear whether this new set will appear at the same time.
12 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon Anglo-Saxons get new life
Strelets have added two more sets to their future releases list, but neither have any new figures. The first is M140, named 'Anglo-Saxon Fyrd', and is four copies of the unique sprue from their big set 912 'Hastings 1066: Anglo-Saxon Army'. The second set is M141, 'Housecarls of King Harold', and contains the unique figures from their big set 911 'Stamford Bridge'. Although the figures have all been seen before, many customers like to have access to these without having to buy the much larger big set, so this answers that demand.
11 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon Gladiators, ready?
Seems we missed a new set announcement a few days ago, because some dealers are listing a new product from Ultima Ratio. The set, entitled simply 'Gladiators', is not yet available, but we are promised 24 figures in 16 poses.
8 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon War of the Spanish Succession gets a boost
A little-covered conflict that had a big effect looks like it is about to get some decent coverage at last as the online retailer Hannants have revealed that Strelets are working on a new set. Numbered 230 and entitled 'British Infantry in Advance 1701-1714', it follows the recent pattern of numerous advancing figures plus some nice command poses. It implies other sets on the same subject in different poses, and also coverage of other armies of the period. Unfortunately it looks like grenadiers will be no more than occasional single poses in such sets (like the Zvezda GNW range) rather than separate, but even so, exciting times!
3 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon Cavalry already here
The recently announced set of 'Polish Uhlans on Horses 1939' from First To Fight has already begun distribution to retailers. With only six mounted figures you don't get a lot of pieces in a box, but we will post the usual photos when we can.
2 Oct 2019 ArticleIcon Treats in store for fans of ancient history

Linear-A have announced several new sets, plus a couple of renames for sets previously listed.

Their unreleased set 020, which had previously been entitled 'Roman Legion Set 3', now has the title 'The Minoans'.

Their set 024 entitled 'Napoleonic Surprise Set' is now revealed to be 'Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Cavalry'.

Finally, there are no less than five new announcements, all on ancient subjects, as follows:

  • 026 - Samnite Wars
  • 028 - The Army of Pyrrhus of Epirus (Set 1)
  • 029 - Roman Anti-Elephant Wagon (Set 1)
  • 030 - Tarentine Horseman of Magna Graecia
  • 031 - Syracuse, Sicily War (Set 1)
According to their website, most of these sets are expected to be released in 2020, although as we all know such things are always subject to change.

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