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22 Sep 2016 ArticleIcon New Scots on the horizon
Strelets have announced a new set currently going through the development cycle. Called, 'Highlanders on the March', it contains an assortment of marching British Napoleonic Highland infantry including officers, an ensign, drummer and piper. Since the masters are already made it seems very likely that the set will appear in the next batch of releases, but we shall see.
24 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon New French line infantry
The first of the promised sets of late Napoleonic French line infantry from Waterloo 1815 has started to appear at retailers. The set is AP061 and the name is 'French Line Infantry 1815 Marching', so we will be posting our usual images soon.
23 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Four new releases from RedBox
RedBox have released four new sets, which are already reaching some shops. The details are:
  • 72056 - Scottish Heavy Cavalry
  • 72096 - Spanish Infantry (Set1)
  • 72099 - Italian Infantry (Set 1)
  • 72108 - Scottish Light Cavalry
Also we understand that the three sets of French Infantry 1815 from Waterloo 1815 are very close to release too.
11 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Nine new sets are born
Strelets have just released their latest batch of figure sets, which amounts to nine titles. The names and numbers are:
  • 115 - Lawrence of Arabia
  • 138 - Roman Senate 2
  • 909 - Norman Army Camp
  • M052 - Turkish Army
  • M108 - Pretorian Ranks
  • M109 - Pretorians Ceremonial March
  • M111 - New Zealand Troops
  • M112 - US Navy and Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun
  • M113 - Early WWII American Soldiers
Most speak for themselves, with the last three being for World War II. Set M052 shows no details (apart from being for the Crimean War) but is probably a reissue of the Ottoman figures found in the Thin Red Line set.
1 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Strelets make new set clear
Strelets have added another set to their future plans with one entitled 'WWII Indian Infantry'. It has been almost four decades since the last set to depict Indian troops during the 39-45 war, so good to finally see a new one, though the release date is not yet known.
27 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon Two new Ottoman sets
Two new Ottoman sets have reached the market from RedBox. The titles are set 1 and set 2 for Osman Sipahi and are available now.
22 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon New set?
It seems that Caesar are well advanced on a number of new figure sets, one of which was not previously know to us. The 'new' set is H043 Han Dynasty, though there has long been set H016 on the Caesar listing, which has the title 'Chinese Han Dynasty Army'. Whether this new set replaces the first, which will never be made, or it complements it we do not know, though our guess would be for the former.
16 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon More from RedBox
Four new sets have emerged as in preparation from RedBox. The numbers and names are:
  • 72056 - Scottish Heavy Cavalry
  • 72108 - Scottish Light Cavalry
  • 72096 - Spanish Infantry (Set1)
  • 72099 - Italian Infantry (Set 1)
The Scottish sets are for the Wars of the Roses, and the rest are for the 16th century. Based on past performance these sets may appear quite quickly.
12 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon New Germans
Linear-A are working on another new set, Germanic Warriors, which is presumably for the Roman period. It seems to be at an early stage so far, with sculpting underway.
6 May 2016 ArticleIcon Brand new very old civilians
Linear-A have very kindly let us know that their first set under that name has just started distribution. Named 'The Folk of Judea', it is a set of civilians for that area during the period when it became a Roman tributary and then a province.

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