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9 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Enter the Etruscans - Part 2
Linear-A have kindly let us know that they are working on a sister set of cavalry to match their set of Etruscan infantry just released. No indication yet of when it might be released.
8 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Enter the Etruscans
Linear_A have announced the release of their set 14 'The Etruscans: Villanovan Culture Warriors Set 1', which is the first set of Etruscans in the hobby.
25 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon A new angle on WWII
Mars have announced another unusual set for the already popular period of World War II. This time it is set 72113 German Don Cossacks, which is promising eight foot poses and 40 figures per box in total. Generally Mars announcements are not too far ahead of actual release, but no details of that as yet.
10 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Another Strelets gun
Strelets have announced another new artillery set currently being developed. This time it is set 188 Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew, although so far only images of the gun itself, a QF 1-pounder, have been released.
6 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Large howitzer on the way
Strelets are working on a new piece of artillery for World War I. The French 220mm Schneider Mortar is the latest set to be announced by that company.
5 Sep 2018 ArticleIcon Four new Hats
HaT have released four new sets. The details are:
  • 8234 - Napoleonic French in Greatcoats
  • 8294 - Napoleonic 1815 French Marching
  • 8296 - Napoleonic Early-Mid French Marching
  • 8297 - Napoleonic French Command
Something for everyone then, so long as you like Napoleonic French infantry!
31 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon Tanker reinforcements
Orion look to be heading towards completion of a new set entitled 'WWII USA Tank Crew Winter Dress'. No definite release date, but the hope is it will be before the end of the year. Also we hear of a future Caesar set of 'Modern Chinese and Russian Panzer Crews', a rather odd name (why use the word Panzer?) but something new in the hobby.
23 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon WWII French in the pipeline
Strelets have announced their latest set currently in development, and it is of the French Foreign Legion for World War II. The images suggest service in Africa or the Middle East.
16 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon New Strelets set
Strelets have added another new set announcement, in what is looking like a string of revelations over the coming few weeks. The latest set is for the French Foreign Legion at the time of the Rif War (1925), a conflict that until now had only one set specifically for it.
6 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon New Arab Revolt figures
Strelets have added a new set to their growing range for the Arab Revolt of 1916. The latest addition is entitled 'Foot Arab Rebels', which speaks for itself.

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