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23 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon 17th century anyone?
It looks like there are two new 17th century sets on the way. Both are from Mars, and the names and numbers are:
  • 72083 - French infantry & guards 1650-1700
  • 72084 - Tartar infantry 1600-1700
Test shots have already been posted on a forum, so we might assume that these will hit the market fairly soon, although there seems to be some doubt as to whether the Tartar set is well named!
16 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon New Polish figures
The next First To Fight product has been revealed, and it is 'Polish Command' for 1939 of course. This is number 23 in their series, will contain 18 figures, and on past form it should be available in the next few weeks.
20 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon New Strelets batch released
Although we have yet to see them for sale anywhere, we are getting reports that Strelets have released their next batch of products. There are 10 figure sets, beginning with two more for their ancient transport series...
  • 131 - Roman Transport no.3
  • 132 - Roman Transport no.4
Next there are four Napoleonic sets...
  • 133 - French Army Sledge Train 1
  • 134 - French Army Sledge Train 2
  • 135 - Russian Army Sledge Train 1
  • 136 - Russian Army Sledge Train 2
The Mini series also gets two new sets, both for the War of 1812...
  • M097 - British Line Infantry in Overcoats 2
  • M098 - American Militia in Winter Dress 1812
Finally there are two WWI guns which come with significant numbers of crew figures...
  • A012 - 9.2-inch British Siege Howitzer with Crew in Winter Uniform
  • A013 - 21 cm MRS10 German Heavy Howitzer with Early Crew
13 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon One for the ancients
Linear-B have announced the release of their latest figure set. Numbered 078 and entitled "Mithridates Heavy Infantry", it is now available through their website.
22 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon WW2 Germans released
First To Fight have released their latest set, which is German Infantry Support Weapons. Review to follow as usual.
20 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon New WW2 Germans
Plastic Soldier have announced their next full set of figures, which will be for Early War German infantry (1939-42). No release date yet.
15 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Strelets plans for the future
Strelets have kindly let us see what's on their Do To list for future figure production, and several periods are to receive fresh troops. The full list of new announcements is:
  • 064 - Ural Cossacks
  • 137 - Roman Senate
  • M099 - Republican Roman Legion Ranks
  • M101 - Roman Imperial Legion (Ceremonial March)
  • M102 - Republican Roman Legion (Ceremonial March)
  • M103 - World War II Union of South Africa
  • M104 - Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops
  • M105 - World War II Early American Soldiers
  • M106 - US Rangers 1812
  • M107 - Tecumseh 1812
Most speak for themselves, although the Ural Cossacks are for the Crimean War. We understand their next batch of releases is now expected in February, and will not include any of these sets, but some of these may appear later in 2015.
12 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon New First To Fight
The next installment of figures from First To Fight will be set 20, German Infantry Support Weapons. Since this is the next release in the series we would expect this within a month or so.
9 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon New Romans join the ranks
Strelets have announced a new set for release later this year. The set is from their Mini range (usually 12 poses), numbered M100, named 'Roman Imperial Legion Ranks' and will contain legionaries standing as if in formation but not in battle. With a new batch of releases expected quite soon, we may well discover more of their future plans shortly.
8 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Dramatic cutbacks at Zvezda
Zvezda have released their 2015 catalogue, and it reveals a considerable reduction in their plans for figure production. While they have not made a full set of figures for over a year, and have no plans to resume production in the future, they have produced a steady stream of the small game pieces for Art of Tactic and Hot War. 2015 suggests a further move away from even this modest presence in the market as they have cancelled plans for 23 such sets, including everything for their Samurai, Roman, World War I and Hot War series. This just leaves coverage of World War II and the Napoleonic Wars, although both these have also seen sets cancelled.

On the brighter side, five new sets have been announced for this year. They are:
  • 6132 - Soviet Staff
  • 6253 - Soviet ZIS 3 Gun and crew
  • 6133 - German Staff
  • 6257 - German Pak 40 with crew
  • 6174 - British Staff
All these sets are for World War II, although some have already seen the light of day in battlesets already on the market. The Future Releases page has the much revised list.

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