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9 Dec 2018 ArticleIcon Two possible forthcoming releases?
As so often things are a bit confused with Strelets, but some dealers are now listing two more sets as coming, presumably soon. These are:
  • 188 - Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
  • 192 - French Foreign Legion on the March
Neither set shows any sign of progress on the Strelets website, so we are unclear as to whether these two sets are likely to be released together with the previously announced sets later this month, or at some point next year, but we shall see.
28 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Another new release for the week
Waterloo 1815 have started shipping their latest release, which is 043 World War I Italian Infantry Set 2. This set includes the figures from their disappointing first set, 019, plus nine new poses, which look like a considerable improvement in sculpting quality. Pictures as always will be posted as soon as possible, followed by a review.
27 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Strelets coming soon
Some dealers have started listing those Strelets sets that we can expect shortly. They are:
  • 168 - Landwehr on the March
  • 169 - Landwehr Standing at Ease
  • 174 - Prussian Infantry on the March
  • 176 - Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun
  • 177 - British 15 pdr 7 cwt BL Gun with Crew
  • 182 - 30 pdr Parrott Rifle with US Crew
  • 183 - Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew
  • 185 - Foot Rif Rebels
  • 186 - French Foreign Legion (Rif War)
  • 187 - French Foreign Legion WWII
  • A014 - Creusot Long Tom 155mm with Crew
Our understanding is these, and a handful of reissues, are very close to full release.
26 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Persian Empire gets a new set
Linear-A have just released their latest figure set. This is 015 'Battle of Cunaxa 401BC Set 1', which relates to dynastic struggles in the Persian Empire.
21 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon New Mars release
A new Mars set has started to appear at retailers. This one is their Imperial Japanese Paratroopers, and it joins the three previous sets also recently released.
20 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Two new ancient sets
Linear-A have added two new ancient sets to their plans for the future. The details are:
  • 013 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 2
  • 017 - Roman Legion Set 1
The Romans are to match the recent German Warriors, for the start of the first century CE. Both sets are at an early stage so far, so a long wait before release.
19 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon New FFL on the march
Strelets have announced a new set of French Foreign legion. This one is of men on the march, and will include both men on foot and mounted on camels. The time period is thought to be the 1920s, and the Rif War in particular.
13 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon New Caesar on the way
Caesar's own website shows that four new Caesar sets are available. The details are:
  • H099 - German Tank Riders (WWII)
  • H101 - Mid-East Militia (Modern)
  • H102 - Modern Western Tank Crews
  • H103 - Modern US Tank Crew with Armoured Force
6 Nov 2018 ArticleIcon Three new sets reach the market
Three new Mars sets have started appearing at some retailers. They are:
  • 72111 German Elite Infantry in Winter Uniforms
  • 72112 World War II German Naval Troops
  • 72113 German Don Cossacks
Two earlier sets, of Japanese paratroopers and Luftwaffe, were also expected, but so far no sign of those being available anywhere.
9 Oct 2018 ArticleIcon Enter the Etruscans - Part 2
Linear-A have kindly let us know that they are working on a sister set of cavalry to match their set of Etruscan infantry just released. No indication yet of when it might be released.

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