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13 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Australian Desert Troops
Strelets have posted images of a new set they are developing. Part of their Mini series (number M131), it is named 'Australian Dismounted Camel Corps'. Really this means the two Australian battalions of the Imperial Camel Corps, which existed from 1916 to 1919.
4 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Still the Ottomans keep coming...
...and a good job too. Mars have announced another new set for their 17th century Ottoman range, and this time it is described as 'Headquarters'. It looks to have a number of senior officers, including one mounted, and some Janissaries in various poses. There is usually only a quite short wait before an announced Mars set gets its release, so hopefully we will be able to have these new figures in the hand before the end of the year.
2 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Fresh Waterloo 1815 set
Waterloo 1815 have released their latest plastic figure set. This one is number AP041 and is of the Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons. 13 different poses, all dismounted, and with no horses, but the images we have seen look good. Proper scans for our review will be posted when we get a copy.
28 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon More Ottomans anyone?
Another new set of Early Modern Ottomans has been announced as in preparation. Mars are working on a new set 72103, which is entitled "Turkish Field Artillery (16th - 17th Century). It will follow their usual pattern of four guns with 24 crew in six poses, and while there is no clue as to release date, such Mars announcements are usually followed by the product itself quite quickly.
26 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Another Imperial Camel Corps set
Strelets have announced they are working on a second set of the Imperial Camel Corps for the First World War. To match their already-advised dismounted set, this new one (number 165) will contain both mounted and dismounted figures, along with some very nice-looking signals troops. No word yet on any release date.
20 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon More Reds on the way
Strelets have announced they are working on a new set for the Russian Civil War, a conflict they have not touched for a while. The new set is number 164 and entitled 'Red Cavalry in Summer Dress', which complements the Orion set of Red 1st Cavalry nicely as they wear winter uniform. The published masters suggest a set of 12 mounted figures plus a dismounted officer, but no indication as to whether the set will be part of the next batch of releases or not.
7 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Sasanian Empire gets new cavalry
After a long quiet spell, HaT have released two new sets of 1/72 figures. Both are cavalry for the Sasanian Empire, specifically:
  • 8283 - Sassanid Light Cavalry
  • 8285 - Sassanid Clibanarii
Some have been waiting years for these sets, so we look forward to posting images very soon, and starting on the reviews.
25 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon New from Mars
Two new sets have appeared from Mars. Both were expected, and 72102 Austrian Infantry (Late 17th Century) and 72104 17th Century Turkish Infantry (Tufekei) are starting to show at some retailers.
31 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon New Caesar
As expected, the recent tranche of new announcements from Caesar have now been released. As a reminder, the sets in question are:
  • H029 - Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty Troopers
  • H034 - WWI French Army (1914)
  • H096 - WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with Raketenwerfer
  • H097 - WWII German Winter Unit with Pak 36 / Servants
  • H098 - WWII German Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons
  • HB05 - WWII German Panzer Crews (Set 2 Winter/Greatcoat)
28 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon New early modern sailors
RedBox have released three new sets, and as expected they are the three depicting Italian sailors for the 16th and 17th centuries. No artillery set this time, but two sets of ordinary sailing and one 'in battle'.

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