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8 Dec 2016 ArticleIcon New Japanese Paratroopers
Strelets have announced another new set, which is of Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers. This complements their already released Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops, which are for the Imperial Navy.
30 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon Rumour roundup
Not so much a case of hard news as a roundup of interesting statements made on various social media sites, but plenty of interest. We have heard that Ultima Ratio are working on two new World War II sets, which will be Chindits and Japanese infantry. RedBox will of course be building on their range of 16th century figures, with more Spanish and Italians, plus some possible earlier Burgundian sets. Dark Dream Studio are also rumoured to be close to releasing a set of Sipahi, and we understand Strelets have not yet finished announcing new projects, with at least one more WWII set in the pipeline. We also understand that the first HaT crowdfunding project, unmarried Zulu warriors, has reached the required target and will go into production, though their site is clearly slow to be updated. Finally well-established company Modelcollect have shown some masters of forthcoming 1/72 figures. These will be of modern Russians and Americans, but there is no confirmation of the set titles or the material to be used.
28 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon Another highland charge
Strelets have announced yet another new set currently in progress. This time it is 'Highlanders in Attack', and depicts kilted British infantry advancing plus some extras like sappers and officers. It looks to be for the later Napoleonic period, matching several already planned sets from this company.
21 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon New civil war charge figures
It seems Strelets like to announce a new set on a Monday, because another new title has made an appearance today. This time it is the first new set of American Civil War figures for a very long time (we are not counting the recent Esci reissues). The title is 'Pickett's Charge 1', and while there is no information on the contents, the title is enough to make some pretty secure guesses!
15 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon New Strelets Romans
Strelets have added two more sets to their catalogue of future releases, and this time the news is good for those with an interest in the early Roman Empire. The sets are:
  • M124 - Roman Auxiliaries Ranks
  • M125 - Auxiliaries on the March
We presume these are not to be included in the next batch of releases, so are likely to appear next year.
10 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon More Strelets Napoleonics
It is clear that Strelets will be concentrating on sets of infantry focused on one particular activity, because another new set has emerged. Their website reports that they are well advanced on the preparation of their set 144, named 'Polish Infantry in Attack'. This is clearly Napoleonic, and joins their 'Polish Infantry on the March' set, also in preparation.
6 Nov 2016 ArticleIcon New WWII Italians
This weekend saw the formal release of two new sets from Waterloo 1815. Both are for the Italian forces during the Second World War, and the titles are:
  • 040 - WWII Italian Infantry (Campaign Dress)
  • 055 - WWII Royal Italian Air Force Pilots and Crew
We will post images as soon as we get them.
26 Oct 2016 ArticleIcon Napoleonics keep on coming
Strelets have revealed another new set currently in development, and again it is a boost for the British forces of the Napoleonic Wars. Numbered 145 and entitled 'British Infantry in Attack', the masters currently visible show an assortment of fairly similar poses of men advancing with rifle held to their front. All are wearing the late-war 'Belgic' shako, and while there is no release date, the fact that some masters are already complete suggests not too long a wait for these promising figures.
24 Oct 2016 ArticleIcon Surprise new release
In a bizarre twist it seems a new set of figures has been available for several weeks, yet almost no one is aware of it. Apparently Waterloo 1815 released their set AP062 French Line Infantry 1815 Voltigeurs but told almost no one. It is not mentioned on their website or Facebook page, and most dealers deny knowledge of it. We could find only one dealer in on the secret, but now the secret is out and we will get hold of a copy to add to the site as soon as possible.
21 Oct 2016 ArticleIcon New releases from Caesar
Caesar have recently released no less than six new sets. The majority are for World War II Germany, as we might expect, but there are a couple of surprises too. The full list is:
  • H043 - Chinese Han Dynasty Troopers
  • H079 - WWII German Infantry Tank Riders (Winter Set 2)
  • H092 - WWII German Cavalry Division
  • H093 - WWII German 21 cm Nebelwerfer 42 & 8.8 cm Raketenwerfer 43 with Crew
  • H094 - Modern US Soldiers in Action (Set 2)
  • H095 - WWII German Command Staff with Kübelwagen
Some of the numbers used had previously been allocated to other subjects, so it must be assumed those sets are no longer in the pipeline (all were medieval).

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