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22 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon Napoleonics from RedBox
A forum has revealed plans by RedBox for a number of sets for the Napoleonic period. Apparently these will include boxes for Russian guards, grenadiers, musketeers and jaegers. The box for the guard infantry has been added to our site because we have the code, 72129, and others will follow as we get more details. However these sets are not expected until the end of the year at the earliest, and other exciting new RedBox sets are proposed for release between now and then.
21 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon New HaT sets see daylight
HaT have released their latest batch of new sets, amid much anticipation. The sets that have appeared are:
  • 8159 - WWI French Artillery Crew (Early)
  • 8162 - WWII French Artillery Crew
  • 8290 - WWI Belgian Infantry
  • 8291 - WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons
  • 8309 - Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Marching
  • 8310 - Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Action
  • 8316 - Unmarried Zulu Warriors
We will post pictures over the next few days (Zulus already posted), and as we are up to date on the reviews the first of those will follow very shortly. Note the bonus figures for those that participated in the crowdfunding of some of these sets are metal, so are not included in our pages.
13 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon New Napoleonics march in
Strelets have formally announced a new set, which is from their main range (rather than a mini set). The title is 'Prussian Infantry on the March', and from the looks of it the figures are from the later part of the Napoleonic Wars, including Waterloo. The now-usual format of sprues of marching figures plus one of command figures seems to be the plan, but no idea of release date yet.
12 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon A bunch of new announcements
Over the weekend RedBox added three more sets to the three Russian sets announced a few days ago. The sets are all of Cossack Infantry for the Ukrainian Khanate of the 16th century, and between them there are 32 new poses. Also new is a brace of new sets from Mars. They have announced sets of German Elite Division (Normandy) (Set 72106) and WWII Imperial Japanese Infantry (Set 72107). First photos on the web suggest there may be an improvement in quality here, but as always we will have to wait and see.
9 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon New RedBox
RedBox have announced three new sets are on their way. All are of Muscovite infantry of the 16th century, and usually such an announcement means that release is not so very far away.
25 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Ultima Ratio in the news again
Ultima Ratio have released the last two of their recently announced batch of figure sets. To remind you, these are:
  • UR010 - Italian Militiamen 1260-1392
  • UR012 - Guards of Cardinal Richelieu
11 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon Ultima Ratio fail
Looks like Ultima Ratio have made a real mess of things. We earlier reported they had released their set 10, which is Italian Militiamen. Having just received this, it turns out to be set 9, Medieval Gunpowder Artillery, but with the number 10 on it. Also, the box claims 32 figures, but you only get 24, so it looks like a big failure from the box printers. So, to recap, what has actually appeared is the Medieval Gunpowder (009) and the Kings Musketeers (011). Images currently being uploaded.
7 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon First new sets of 2018
Ultima Ratio have become the first company to release new sets for 2018. Two of their recently announced new sets have started appearing at retailers. These are:
  • UR010 - Italian Militiamen 1260-1392
  • UR011 - Musketeers of the King of France
We expect that the other two sets will not be far behind.
4 Jan 2018 ArticleIcon 2018 plans from Waterloo 1815
Waterloo 1815 have kindly shared their plans for new sets over the coming year. The numbers and titles are:
  • 042 - WWI Italian Cavalry
  • 043 - WWI Italian Infantry Set 2
  • 044 - WWI Italian Elite Troops (Arditi)
  • 058 - Prussian Mounted Line Officers & Staff 1813-15
With the continuing centenary of the Great War it is appropriate that the focus is on that conflict, but those fans of Napoleonics still have the Prussian set to look forward to, although note this previously announced set has a changed title as the contents will now only feature mounted officers.
17 Dec 2017 ArticleIcon Strelets boxes reveal new plans
The recent release of 14 new sets of Strelets figures provides us with boxes that give details of some sets not previously officially announced. There are eight such brand new sets, and the details are:
  • 154 - US Infantry Charging
  • 155 - Pickett's Charge 3
  • 158 - Confederate Skirmishing
  • 160 - US Infantry in Defence
  • 168 - Landwehr on the March
  • 169 - Landwehr Standing at Ease
  • 170 - Old Guard Standing at Ease
  • 171 - Old Guard at Attention
The first four are presumably for the American Civil War, and while the range of possibilities for the other four is considerable, we will wager they are Napoleonic, with the first two being Prussian probably, and the other two French. The next batch from Strelets, of roughly 15 sets, is likely to appear in the Spring, and may well include most or all of these, but we shall wait and see.

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