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5 Feb 2016 ArticleIcon New Swedes
Mars have released their set 72094 of Swedish infantry for the early 17th century.
28 Jan 2016 ArticleIcon 2016 plans
With the massive Nuremberg show getting underway, we are eagerly awaiting news of new 1/72 plastic figure sets. Several manufacturers have already said they will be making no new ones this year, and it looks like Italeri will only be re-releasing old sets. HaT look to have 4 new sets very close to market, but otherwise the likelihood is the producers in 2016 will only include those that released product in 2015. However, there is talk of a new figure set from Toxso this year. The set is entitled 'WWII German Staff', and is thought to include radio operators and auxiliaries as well as officers of various grades. We will update you as we get more.
14 Jan 2016 ArticleIcon Fresh WWI mountain troops
Waterloo 1815 have released their latest set of figures. Set 057 'Italian Mountain Troops WWI - Alpini' has started appearing at retailers, so we will post pictures as soon as we get a copy.
7 Jan 2016 ArticleIcon More Turks and Swedes
A good day for those with an interest in the Early Modern period. RedBox have released two more figure sets to add to the batch that appeared just before Christmas, making them the first of the new year. They are:
  • 72088 - Osman Eyalet Infantry 16-17th Century
  • 72089 - Osman Yeniceri Infantry 16-17th Century
Also new is the announcement from Mars that they are working on a set 72094 Swedish Infantry, also for the 17th century.
18 Dec 2015 ArticleIcon Five new WWII German sets
Caesar Miniatures recently released five new sets of figures - all WWII Germans. The set numbers and names are:
  • H081 - German Infantry Marching
  • H083 - German Infantry in Winter Smocks
  • H084 - German Artillery/Howitzer Crews
  • H085 - German Panzer Unit in Combat
  • H089 - German Anti-aircraft Crews
9 Dec 2015 ArticleIcon Three new sets in time for Christmas
Mars have released their three latest figure sets, which are:
  • 72091 - 17th Century Turkish Heavy Infantry
  • 72092 - Spanish Field Artillery XVII Century
  • 72093 - Imperial Field Artillery XVII Century
21 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon Three new Soviet sets released
Ultima Ratio have just released three new sets, all representing Soviet troops. The numbers and names are:
  • UR002 - Soviet Motorized Infantry & Spetsnaz
  • UR003 - WWII Soviet & Polish Infantry
  • UR004 - WWII Soviet Mountain Troops
The first is for the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, and all three sets are already at some retailers.

Also two new Mars sets have appeared on lists, although they are not yet released. They are:
  • 72092 - Spanish Field Artillery XVII Century
  • 72093 - Imperial Field Artillery XVII Century
We will have to wait and see what these sets contain, in order to decide if they are appropriate for the early or later part of the century, but if the Imperial set is suitable for the War of the Holy League (1683 to 1699) then that would be particularly good news as it would be the first set of Austrian/Imperial troops for that conflict, which famously included the siege of Vienna!
22 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon New Caesar approaches
Caesar have announced some new figure sets will be appearing soon, and if you have an interest in World War II Germans then you are in luck, because that is what they all are. Set H079 has been known for a long time, but the other five are new titles. The full list of pending releases is:
  • H079 - German Infantry Tank Riders Winter (Greatcoats) Set 2
  • H081 - German Infantry Marching
  • H083 - German Infantry wearing Winter Smocks
  • H084 - German Artillery/Howitzer Crews
  • H085 - German Panzer Unit in Combat
  • H089 - German Anti-aircraft (AA) Crews
All the sets will contain between 30 and 36 figures, and are figures only, so no guns etc. for the crew sets. Our understanding is these six sets will be released quite soon.
11 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon Ten new Strelets
Strelets have released ten new figure sets, which are:
  • 064 - Ural Cossacks (Crimean War)
  • 137 - Roman Senate 1
  • M099 - Republican Roman Legion Ranks
  • M100 - Roman Imperial Legion Ranks
  • M101 - Roman Imperial Legion (ceremonial march)
  • M102 - Republican Roman Legion (ceremonial march)
  • M103 - Union of South Africa Infantry
  • M104 - Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops
  • M105 - Early American Infantry
  • M107 - Tecumseh 1812
These have already started appearing at some retailers.
6 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon Les lanciers sont arriv├ęs
It's been a while since we last reported a new release, but although their website and Facebook page are silent on the subject, it seems Waterloo 1815 have released their anticipated set of French Lancers for the period 1812 to 1815. The format is the same as their recent British Dragoons - six poses with two of each - but we will bring you full details when we publish our review.

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