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15 May 2017 ArticleIcon Time to relax
Strelets have put up pictures of yet another new set they have been working on, and again it is good news for all those with a taste for Napoleonics. This time the set is 'British Infantry Standing at Ease', and from the masters it is evident they are for the 1812-16 period. Strelets now have a lot of new sets in the pipeline, but unlike another manufacturer famous for the quantity of sets in development, we understand Strelets will shortly be releasing a large number of them to their expectant public.
9 May 2017 ArticleIcon Order the charge
Strelets have added one more title to their list of current projects, and it is another for the American Civil War. Called 'Pickett's Charge 2', it contains a dozen or so poses advancing - not exactly charging, but they look like useful figures, and it is nice to see the Civil War get renewed interest after so long.
5 May 2017 ArticleIcon New Napoleonics anyone?
Waterloo 1815 have just released their latest set, number 056, which is 'French Line Infantry 1815'. Apparently mainly figures released in previous sets plus some new command, we will post images when we get them.
28 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon At last some decent Serbs?
After years of nothing more than the dreadful Coats and Shine set, someone has finally announced their intention to make a set of World War I Serbs. That company is Strelets, and the set, M126, is called Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform. Masters already look to be more or less complete, so perhaps release is not so far away. Apparently there may be more sets of Serbs from Strelets if this set is successful.
23 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon Bring up more guns
Two new sets of Mars figures have started to appear at retailers. As outlined last month, their sets of Burgundian Field Artillery (72067) and Swedish Leather Guns (72100) have been released, and although they have not yet appeared, their set of Turkish Heavy Artillery is presumably very close behind. The Burgundian artillery is for the later 15th century (nicely matching the new RedBox), and the Swedish is for the Thirty Years War.
18 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon More renaissance and late medieval troops
The latest batch of releases from RedBox have started to appear. Only available in certain areas so far, but we assume these will start reaching the rest of the World soon. The six sets in question are:
  • 72097 - 16th Century Spanish Infantry (Set 2)
  • 72098 - 16th Century Spanish Infantry (Set 3 - Pike)
  • 72100 - 16th Century Italian Infantry (Set 2)
  • 72101 - 16th Century Italian Infantry (Set 3 - Pike)
  • 72109 - 15th Century Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 1)
  • 72110 - 15th Century Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 2)
30 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Arab Revolt reinforcements
As previously previewed on some forums, Strelets have formally added another new set to their list of future releases. This one is M127 Arab Revolt Foot Rebels, adding to their existing World War I 'Lawrence' and Ottoman sets. This is one of the most prolific manufacturers around at the moment, with new sets announced on a frequent basis and large batches of new releases, so expect more new titles from them over the coming weeks.
23 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon More Asian troops
Strelets have announced another new set in development. This latest addition builds on their Far East War 1941-45 range as it is entitled 'WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons'. The set has no apparent release date yet, though sculpting looks to be complete already.
12 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Two more sets hit the streets
Ultima Ratio have released two more sets, just days after their their World War II sets appeared. These ones look much further back into history as they are the Swiss infantry from the 15th century (sets 007 and 008 for Uri and Bern respectively).
10 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon New figures for Pacific War
Strelets have announced a new set for the Pacific war (and of course the war in China). Set M128 is entitled 'Imperial Japanese Army in Attack', and the masters are already available for inspection on their site.

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