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20 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon More Reds on the way
Strelets have announced they are working on a new set for the Russian Civil War, a conflict they have not touched for a while. The new set is number 164 and entitled 'Red Cavalry in Summer Dress', which complements the Orion set of Red 1st Cavalry nicely as they wear winter uniform. The published masters suggest a set of 12 mounted figures plus a dismounted officer, but no indication as to whether the set will be part of the next batch of releases or not.
7 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Sasanian Empire gets new cavalry
After a long quiet spell, HaT have released two new sets of 1/72 figures. Both are cavalry for the Sasanian Empire, specifically:
  • 8283 - Sassanid Light Cavalry
  • 8285 - Sassanid Clibanarii
Some have been waiting years for these sets, so we look forward to posting images very soon, and starting on the reviews.
25 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon New from Mars
Two new sets have appeared from Mars. Both were expected, and 72102 Austrian Infantry (Late 17th Century) and 72104 17th Century Turkish Infantry (Tufekei) are starting to show at some retailers.
31 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon New Caesar
As expected, the recent tranche of new announcements from Caesar have now been released. As a reminder, the sets in question are:
  • H029 - Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty Troopers
  • H034 - WWI French Army (1914)
  • H096 - WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with Raketenwerfer
  • H097 - WWII German Winter Unit with Pak 36 / Servants
  • H098 - WWII German Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons
  • HB05 - WWII German Panzer Crews (Set 2 Winter/Greatcoat)
28 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon New early modern sailors
RedBox have released three new sets, and as expected they are the three depicting Italian sailors for the 16th and 17th centuries. No artillery set this time, but two sets of ordinary sailing and one 'in battle'.
25 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon New Haller's Army
Strelets have announced a new set in the pipeline, and this time it relates to the Great War. The set is entitled 'WWI Polish Infantry (Blue Army)', which were Polish troops that fought in France with the French, and later in Poland, between 1917 and 1921.
10 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon More Siege of Vienna anyone?
At last! Amazingly, there are now many sets suitable for the late 17th century wars of the Ottoman Empire, yet only today has someone thought to make a set of Imperial Habsburg infantry. Mars have finally moved to fill this gap with their latest announcement, set 72102. Joining this set is another welcome newcomer - set 72104 from Mars will be Turkish Infantry (Tufekei), again for the 17th century. Presumably not too long a delay before these sets become a reality, and very necessary they are too!
6 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Relaxed Scots anyone?
Strelets have added a previously unannounced set onto their website. Entitled 'Highlanders Standing at Ease', it is for the Napoleonic era and looks to deliver 15 poses of kilted Highland troops in relaxed positions, including officers and specialists. With so many sets in development there is no certainty yet as to when the set may be released.
3 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Armada sighted!
Today three new RedBox sets have appeared at retailers. As promised, they have provided figures for the following titles:
  • 72102 - Spanish Sailors (16-17 century)
  • 72103 - Spanish Sailors in Battle (16-17 century)
  • 72104 - Spanish Sailors Artillery (16-17 century)
Looks like it is turning into quite a busy summer of new releases after a quiet spring.
30 Jun 2017 ArticleIcon Strelets boxes reveal future plans
The recent drop of Strelets releases have a number of new products previously unannounced or only hinted at online. Now we have the full details, so here are the new projects:
  • 156 - ACW Confederate Infantry Standing
  • 157 - ACW US Infantry Standing
  • M130 - WW2 IJA 25mm Type 96 AT/AA Gun
  • AO14 - 220 mm Schneider Howitzer
  • AO15 - 155mm St Chamond Howizter
We have not been impressed with past artillery kits from this manufacturer, so let us hope they have improved on that as they have on their figures.

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