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2 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Camels for all
Following on from several recent Strelets announcements of camel-orientated sets, another new title has been revealed. This time it is titled simply 'Arab Revolt', and contains the Arabs themselves, mostly mounted on the same camels as the other sets. Strelets have also announced which sets they intend to release sometime before Christmas. The list of 14 is:
  • 139 - Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun
  • 152 - Pickett's Charge 2
  • 153 - US Infantry in Attack 2
  • 156 - Confederate Infantry Standing
  • 157 - ACW US Infantry Standing
  • 162 - Napoleonic British Infantry Standing at Ease
  • 163 - Highlanders Standing at Ease
  • 164 - Russian Civil War Red Cavalry in Summer Dress
  • M122 - WWI Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform
  • M126 - WWI Serbian Infantry in Winter Uniform
  • M127 - Arab Revolt Foot Rebels
  • M128 - World War II Imperial Japanese Army in Attack
  • M129 - WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons
  • M130 - WWI Polish Infantry (Blue Army)
Looks like it is going to be a very busy December for us!
30 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon More ships of the desert
Strelets have announced another new set, again for the World War I campaign in the Middle East. This one is 167 - Turkish Camel Corps, following the same format as the British and Australian sets already announced, with the same camels and a mix of mounted and dismounted figures.
29 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Two more sets for the Levant
Two new figure sets have made progress today, and both refer to the Eastern Mediterranean. Firstly, Mars have released their previously announced set 72105 17th Century Turkish Headquarters. Second, Strelets have announced another new set for the Great War in the Middle East. This time it is 'Australian Camel Corps', which pairs up with their previous announcement on this subject by providing mostly mounted figures and their camels.
19 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Turkish delight?
As expected, the recent announcement from Mars of their set 72103 Turkish Field Artillery 16th-17th Century has quickly been followed by the actual appearance in retailers.
18 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Incoming artillery spotted
Strelets have changed one of their future releases. Set 139 had been advertised as 'Auxiliaries on the March', presumably for the Roman era, but that appeared as a mini set. The number has now been taken by newly announced set 'Japanese Type 96 AA/AT Gun', which includes the gun itself and a crew of five in tropical uniform.
13 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Australian Desert Troops
Strelets have posted images of a new set they are developing. Part of their Mini series (number M131), it is named 'Australian Dismounted Camel Corps'. Really this means the two Australian battalions of the Imperial Camel Corps, which existed from 1916 to 1919.
4 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Still the Ottomans keep coming...
...and a good job too. Mars have announced another new set for their 17th century Ottoman range, and this time it is described as 'Headquarters'. It looks to have a number of senior officers, including one mounted, and some Janissaries in various poses. There is usually only a quite short wait before an announced Mars set gets its release, so hopefully we will be able to have these new figures in the hand before the end of the year.
2 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Fresh Waterloo 1815 set
Waterloo 1815 have released their latest plastic figure set. This one is number AP041 and is of the Napoleonic French Foot Dragoons. 13 different poses, all dismounted, and with no horses, but the images we have seen look good. Proper scans for our review will be posted when we get a copy.
28 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon More Ottomans anyone?
Another new set of Early Modern Ottomans has been announced as in preparation. Mars are working on a new set 72103, which is entitled "Turkish Field Artillery (16th - 17th Century). It will follow their usual pattern of four guns with 24 crew in six poses, and while there is no clue as to release date, such Mars announcements are usually followed by the product itself quite quickly.
26 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Another Imperial Camel Corps set
Strelets have announced they are working on a second set of the Imperial Camel Corps for the First World War. To match their already-advised dismounted set, this new one (number 165) will contain both mounted and dismounted figures, along with some very nice-looking signals troops. No word yet on any release date.

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