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23 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon More Asian troops
Strelets have announced another new set in development. This latest addition builds on their Far East War 1941-45 range as it is entitled 'WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons'. The set has no apparent release date yet, though sculpting looks to be complete already.
12 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Two more sets hit the streets
Ultima Ratio have released two more sets, just days after their their World War II sets appeared. These ones look much further back into history as they are the Swiss infantry from the 15th century (sets 007 and 008 for Uri and Bern respectively).
10 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon New figures for Pacific War
Strelets have announced a new set for the Pacific war (and of course the war in China). Set M128 is entitled 'Imperial Japanese Army in Attack', and the masters are already available for inspection on their site.
8 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon March announcements from Mars
Not long after the release of their last offerings, Mars have announced three new sets in the pipeline. The numbers and names are:
  • 72067 - Burgundian Field Artillery (1450-1500)
  • 72100 - Swedish Leather Guns (Thirty Years War)
  • 72101 - Turkish Heavy Artillery (17th Century)
Generally when Mars announce some sets it is only a matter of weeks before the product hits the shelves, so these may be available for inspection this spring.
7 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon New UR releases
As recently announced by Ultima Ratio, two new figure sets have now been released. These are:
  • UR005 - Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers
  • UR006 - Chindits
15 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon Fresh sets for the Medieval Period
Two new sets of medieval figures have been revealed by relative newcomers Ultima Ratio. The sets are number 7 and 8, and both are of Swiss infantry of the 15th century. The difference is one is labelled for the Uri canton, and one for the Bern canton. Some dealers are already showing these are due soon, so hopefully not too long a wait for them.
2 Feb 2017 ArticleIcon New Far East sets for WWII on the way
Ultima Ratio have formally announced two new sets are currently in development. Both are for the war in the Far East during World War II, and the titles are:
  • UR005 - Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers
  • UR006 - Chindits
Chindits were British infantry combating the Japanese in Burma using unconventional means, and have not previously been modelled in this hobby.
27 Jan 2017 ArticleIcon Confirmed Redbox future releases
RedBox have had their next few releases confirmed, and they are as expected. The exact details are:
  • 72097 - Spanish Infantry (Set 2) (16th Century)
  • 72098 - Spanish Infantry (Set 3) (Pike - 16th Century)
  • 72100 - Italian Infantry (Set 2) (16th Century)
  • 72101 - Italian Infantry (Set 3 - Pike) (16th Century)
  • 72109 - Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 1) (15th Century)
  • 72110 - Burgundian Infantry and Knights (Set 2) (15th Century)
23 Jan 2017 ArticleIcon Civil war gets another boost
Strelets have added another new set to their lineup, and it is another for what is becoming a major series for them. There are already several sets announced for their Gettysburg range, and this latest one, (153) US Infantry in Attack 2, adds still more infantry, as well as strongly implying there will be an 'Attack Set 1' sometime soon.
22 Jan 2017 ArticleIcon HaT and Waterloo changes
It looks like Waterloo 1815 will be issuing a new version of their set 007. This has always been the old Airfix WWII Italian Infantry, but in future may be a combined set with figures from set 034 Italian Infantry Support Group and 040 Italian Infantry (Campaign Dress). Also HaT have suggested some new sets being made, but some already announced may be abandoned. We will update the site as specific details become available.

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