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6 Aug 2018 ArticleIcon New Arab Revolt figures
Strelets have added a new set to their growing range for the Arab Revolt of 1916. The latest addition is entitled 'Foot Arab Rebels', which speaks for itself.
29 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon Two more new releases
Linear-A have let us know that their next two figure sets have been released to the market. The sets are:
  • 008 - The Silk Road in Ancient Times
  • 011 - Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 1
Two interesting subjects, especially for those keen on ancient civilisations, and we will post pictures soon.
27 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon New plans from Strelets
With the recent release of a batch of Strelets sets the boxes have revealed a number of new projects for the future. The sets not previously known are:
  • 173 - French Line Infantry on the March
  • 177 - British 15 pdr 7 cwt BL Gun with Crew
  • 180 - French Line Infantry in Attack
  • 181 - Old Guard on the March
  • 182 - 30 pdr Parrott Rifle with US Crew
  • 183 - Whitworth Rifle with Confederate Crew
  • A016 - Cannone da 105/28 (Schneider Ansaldo) with Crew
So some Napoleonics, a couple of Civil War, some artillery for the Boer War (more is planned for later) and an Italian piece for both World Wars. We understand the next batch is hoped to be ready by the end of November, but it is yet to be decided which of these sets will be included in it.
20 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon 15 new sets reach the market
Strelets have this week released their latest batch of figure sets, and there are 15 of them to enjoy. The numbers and names are:
  • 158 - Confederate Skirmishing
  • 159 - Union Infantry Firing
  • 165 - British Camel Corps
  • 166 - Australian Camel Corps
  • 167 - Turkish Camel Corps
  • 170 - Old Guard Standing at Ease
  • 171 - Old Guard at Attention
  • 172 - Arab Uprising Arab Camel Riders
  • 178 - Pickett's Charge 3
  • 179 - Union Infantry in Attack 3
  • 184 - French Line Infantry Standing at Attention
  • M110 - Spartacus Army Before Battle
  • M123 - British Camel Corps Dismounted
  • M131 - Australian Dismounted Camel Corps
  • M132 - 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad
With sets for ancient, Napoleonic and both World Wars, there will be plenty to interest many here, and we will review them all over the coming days and weeks.
8 Jul 2018 ArticleIcon New Waterloo
Waterloo 1815 have released their latest plastic figures. Set AP058, 'Prussian Officers and High Staff 1813-1815', looks to have 12 mounted figures in six poses, but we will post photos soon.
29 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon Fresh WWII set on the way
Mars have revealed another World War II set in the pipeline. This time it is covering a new subject, German Naval troops, showing there are still gaps in even the most popular eras. Announcements from Mars generally become releases fairly quickly.
21 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon Polish artillery released
First to Fight announce that they have released their latest product, which is Polish Motorised Artillery Crew, naturally for the year 1939.
17 Jun 2018 ArticleIcon New boost for World War II
Mars have this week announced three new sets of 1/72 scale figures, all for the Second World War. The titles are:
  • 109 - Imperial Japanese paratroopers
  • 110 - Luftwaffe Field Division Infantry
  • 111 - German Elite Infantry in Winter Uniforms
Also fresh on the scene this week is news of another figure set from First To Fight. The new set title translates as 'Crew for Motorised Artillery', and the artwork suggests anti-aircraft guns. Based on previous experience we expect all these sets to be released fairly soon.
30 May 2018 ArticleIcon German artillery released
The First To Fight set of German Artillery figures for 1939 have been released. We understand this is a set similar to their recent Polish gunners, being hard plastic kit figures, but we will post the usual photos when we get hold of a copy.
29 May 2018 ArticleIcon Eight new sets see the light of day
RedBox have released their next batch of new figure sets. As expected, there are eight in total, and the titles are:
  • 72117 - Chinese Light Cavalry
  • 72118 - Chinese Medium Cavalry
  • 72119 - Chinese Heavy Cavalry
  • 72120 - Korean Light Cavalry
  • 72121 - Korean Heavy Cavalry Set 1
  • 72122 - Korean Heavy Cavalry Set 2
  • 72123 - Korean Guerrilla Cavalry
  • 72124 - Burgundian Crossbowmen
The Chinese and Koreans are all for the 16th and 17th centuries.

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