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25 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon Strelets' early 2016 line-up completed.
Strelets have very kindly now let us know the rest of their plans for sets to accompany the two we reported a few days ago. There are some very interesting and unusual subjects, but decide for yourself as these are the titles:
  • M108 - Pretorians Ranks
  • M109 - Pretorians' Ceremonial March
  • M110 - Spartacus Army Before Battle
  • M111 - WWII New Zealand Troops
  • M112 - WWII US Navy with Anti-Aircraft Machine-Gun
  • M113 - Early WWII American Soldiers 2
  • M114 - WWII Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform
  • M115 - Napoleonic French Sappers
As you can see, all are from their 'mini' range, and we understand that these, plus the previous two sets, will all probably appear early next year.
23 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon More, and still more
There have been no less than three new releases today, after a long spell with little activity. First we have RedBox, who have started distributing the following sets:
  • 72071 - 16th Century Russian Artillery
  • 72072 - 17th Century Russian Artillery
Also new in the shops is the latest from First To Fight, 027 - Polish Infantry Support Weapons.

But the good news does not end there. Waterloo1815 are working on a new set, which is World War I Italian Mountain Troops 'Alpini'. No news of release date for that yet, although their French lancers are apparently now delayed until September.
22 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon Strelets 2016 plans
Strelets have kindly let us know of a couple of new sets planned for release in 2016. The two confirmed new releases for next year are:
  • 115 - Lawrence of Arabia
  • 138 - Roman Senate 2
Others are still being considered, so we will pass on more details when we get them.
15 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon New British heavy dragoons
Waterloo1815 have announced the release of their latest set. The number is 53 and the title is 'British Heavy Dragoons 1812-1815'. This, one of several due this year that are suitable for the battle of Waterloo, contains 12 figures and horses, and of course we will be reviewing it as soon as possible.
3 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon 1815 French being formed
Waterloo have published a number of pictures of masters for a future set of French Infantry 1815, including fusiliers and elites. No details of possible release dates yet, and no sign of their promised cavalry sets either, but good things seem to be on their way from this manufacturer.
29 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon More Poland 1939
First To Fight have revealed there latest forthcoming release, which is 'Polish Infantry Support Weapons'. As always this is for the 1939 campaign, and although not yet available we assume it will only be a short while before it makes an appearance.
11 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon More Ottoman artillery
The next two RedBox sets have started appearing at retailers. Both are heavy ordnance for the early-modern Ottoman Empire, and the details are:
  • 72069 - 16th Century Turkish Siege Artillery
  • 72070 - 16th-17th Century Turkish Siege Mortar
8 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon Fresh Orion releases
Orion look to have released two new sets:
  • 72047 - German WWII Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 2
  • 72048 - Soviet Assault Group 1945
18 May 2015 ArticleIcon New sets from Eastern Europe
Some new sets have just hit the market. First, Ukrainian company Mars have released their latest offerings, which are:
  • 72082 - Buccaneers
  • 72083 - French Infantry & Guards 1650-1700
  • 72084 - Tartar Infantry 1600-1700
Second, the Polish company First To Fight have now released their latest set, which is number 25 - Bofors 37 mm wz. 36 Polish AT Gun.
6 May 2015 ArticleIcon Polish AT Gun soon
The next installment from First To Fight will be the Bofors 37 mm wz. 36 Polish AT Gun which will come with crew figures, so we will add it to our reviews when it becomes available later this month, although it is only 2 guns and 6 figures.

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