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20 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon Airfix cancels new sets
Unfortunately yesterday Airfix announced that they had cancelled all of their planned World War I figure and battle sets. Whether they will return to making figures in the future is not known, but this news will disappoint many who like us were looking forward to seeing Airfix become a strong player in the hobby once more.

On a more positive note, RedBox look to be working on a couple of early modern Ottoman Artillery sets. More details as we get them.
18 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon New releases over three millennia apart
Two new releases have started to appear at retailers, and they could hardly be further apart in history. First off we have a new set from Mars - 72086 Early Mycenaean Infantry, which would make it for around 1500 BCE. Much more recent, and much more specific in date, is the next set from First to Fight - Set 18, German Command, which is for 1939 and the invasion of Poland. Both will be photographed soon and reviewed soon after.
9 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon 1939 German Command
First To Fight have announced that number 18 in their September 1939 range will be a figure set entitled 'German Command'. Since number 17 is already available we expect number 18 to appear quite soon.
26 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon New winter Germans and vehicle figures
According to their Facebook page, Italeri will 'soon' be releasing their first original set of figures in quite a long time. Number 6151 is promised to be 'German Infantry Winter Uniform', following the recent popular trend for winter figures. Also Plastic Soldier are working on a set entitled 'German Stowage and Tank Commanders', which is mainly accessories but includes some figures suitable for vehicles and tanks.
13 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon New enemies for Rome
It seems that Linear-B are working on a new set for the Mithridatic Army, which we would suppose is aimed at the first century BCE. Currently the plan is to release it before the end of this year.
4 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon New HaT releases
The latest batch of HaT releases has started appearing at retailers. The names are:
  • 8268 - WWI Askari
  • 8269 - WWI Ruga-Ruga
  • 8270 - WWI Schutztruppen
  • 8288 - Colonial British Dragoons
  • 8289 - Colonial Bengal Lancers
  • 8298 - Huns
2 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon New Germans
As promised, the first set from First To Fight, 1939 Germans, has started to appear at retailers.
23 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon New Valiant Paratroops
Valiant Miniatures' latest release has started to appear at retailers. The set, 'German Paratroop Heavy Weapons', includes a recoilless gun and light field guns, and we will post pictures soon.
18 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon New manufacturer on the scene
For a while now we have been watching a Polish company making a range of models for the German invasion of Poland in 1939. The name of the company is First To Fight, and they have now said that their first set of 1/72 figures will be released on 26th September this year. The set is for German infantry in 1939, and our current understanding is they will be in plastic, so we have now included them on our site. Assuming that understanding is correct, we will let you know when the set actually appears, and of course photograph and review them in time.
16 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon Yet more Swiss
Not long after the announcement of their first two 16th Century sets, RedBox look to have released two more, both of Swiss. The details, with some number changes, are:
  • 72061 - Swiss Pikemen
  • 72062 - Swiss Halberdiers

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