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14 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Mars releases imminent?
Although Mars never seem to update their website any more, some retailers have started listing a number of new sets for future release. The numbers and names are:
  • 72079 - Polish 'Lisovchiki'
  • 72080 - Lithuanian Tartars
  • 72086 - Early Mycenaean Infantry
  • 72087 - Late Mycenaean Light Infantry
The first two sets are apparently for the first half of the 17th century, while the second two speak for themselves. No release date, but from past experience we would guess these will actually appear in the next few days or weeks.

Also Valiant look to be working on a set of World War II German Para heavy weapons.
12 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon New plebs releases
Linear-B have released two new sets, and both look at the lower classes in the Roman World. The numbers and names are:
  • 076 - Roman Slave Market
  • 077 - Roman Peasantry
27 Feb 2014 ArticleIcon Commemorating World War I with Airfix
We have had some requests for a clearer picture of forthcoming Airfix sets to commemorate the start of the Great War, so here it is:

A50144 'WW1 First Assault'
There will be two versions.
  • Version one, for the UK market, will contain the old WWI British and German infantry sets plus a new vac-formed base with relatively shallow trenches (compared to previous 'Western Front' set).
  • Version two will be as version one but with a vac-formed base containing opposing artillery dugouts (with the possibility that this can be cut in half).

A50165 'WW1 Western Front (revised)'
This will contain new tooling early French artillery gun (the '75 of course) and crew (in early war blue uniforms). Also the old British infantry set, and two of the old German infantry set. Plus glue, paints and brushes, but no tanks. It will have two of the existing vac-formed base.

A50145 'WW1 Artillery Barrage'
This too will be in two versions:
  • Version one (UK market) will have new tooling British Royal Horse Artillery gun (13-pounder) and crew (early war uniforms) plus new tooling early war German gun (7.7cm 96 NA) and figures. Note they emphasise the British will not be the old set, and there will not be any horses or limber.
  • Version two will be as above but with the new French artillery instead of the British.
We also understand that the three new toolings may be released as individual sets later. However currently all three are only at the sculpting stage, so no release until much later in the year for the new figures.
25 Feb 2014 ArticleIcon New Strelets trio
Strelets have released three new sets. The numbers and names are:
  • M094 - British Line Infantry in Overcoats 1
  • M095 - Polish People's Army
  • M096 - Finnish Army 1944
The first set is Napoleonic (post 1812 from the looks of it), while the other two are World War II.
18 Feb 2014 ArticleIcon New figures from the heavens
Two companies have recently released new sets of figures. Mars added another four titles to their available range with confirmation of the release of the following sets:
  • 72066 - Lithuanian-Russian Heavy Infantry
  • 72071 - Barbarian Pirates
  • 72077 - Polish Field Artillery
  • 72078 - French Dismounted Dragoons
Meanwhile Zvezda have three more of their Hot War game pieces available, namely:
  • 7412 - Soviet SAM SA-18 'Grouse'
  • 7414 - US Machine Gun M2 'Browning'
  • 7416 - US SAM FIM-92 'Stinger'
Pictures to follow, and then full reviews.
5 Feb 2014 ArticleIcon World War I will see new figures this year
Airfix have kindly let us know that the two new battle sets they have announced to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War - A50144 'WWI The First Assault' and A50145 'WWI Artillery Barrage' will both contain new figures that are currently being tooled (as well as new diorama bases). In fact 'Artillery Barrage' will be entirely new figures and guns. Although we do not yet have complete coverage of such battle sets we will be adding an article on these two when they appear, which is expected to be August of this year.
2 Feb 2014 ArticleIcon New new and more new!
Five new sets have recently appeared from Caesar. The names and numbers are:
  • HB06 - WWII German Army Combat Team
  • HB07 - WWII German Army Combat Team 2
  • HB08 - WWII German Army Sturmpioniere
  • HB09 - WWII German Army in Stalingrad
  • HB11 - Modern US Soldiers in Action
Nice though new releases are, it is almost as exciting to hear of future treats coming our way, and Zvezda have not let us down, with a bumper crop of new releases slated for release over the rest of 2014. Some have previously been announced, but the following are brand new titles:

Art of Tactic World War II

  • 6144 - Soviet Frontier Guards
  • 6163 - Romanian Infantry
  • 6187 - Soviet Airforce Ground Crew
  • 6188 - German Airforce Ground Crew
  • 6189 - British Airforce Ground Crew
  • 6217 - British 25 Pound Howitzer with Crew

Art of Tactic Hot War
  • 7423 - Soviet Reconnaissance Team
  • 7424 - US Reconnaissance Team

Art of Tactic World War I
  • 6900 - British Infantry 1916
  • 6901 - German Infantry 1916
  • 6902 - British 81mm Stokes Mortar with crew
  • 6903 - German 7,58cm Mortar with crew
  • 6904 - British Vickers MG with crew
  • 6905 - German MG08 with crew

Art of Tactic Napoleonic
  • 6808 - Russian Line Infantry
  • 6809 - French Foot Artillery
  • 6810 - Russian Foot Artillery
  • 6811 - Russian Dragoons
  • 6812 - French Dragoons
  • 6815 - Russian Infantry Command
  • 6816 - French Infantry Command
  • 6817 - Russian Dragoons Command
  • 6818 - French Dragoons Command
All of them are the small game pieces we have become used to, but still some interesting figures to look forward to.
11 Jan 2014 ArticleIcon A long wait almost over
Emhar have announced that their latest batch of 1/72 figures will be released this year. Regular observers will know that their catalogue has promised these sets every year for several years, but this time it is really happening. The titles are:
  • 7210 - Crested Knights
  • 7214 - Peninsular War British Infantry
  • 7215 - Peninsular War Spanish Infantry
  • 7216 - Peninsular War French Infantry
  • 7217 - Peninsular War Portuguese Infantry
The crested knights set includes six mounted knights with multiple heads/bodies/limbs to construct a variety of figures, with an emphasis on crested helmets and the tournament. Also included is a herald/varlet, a tent and two low-profile grandstands. The British and French wear their pre-1812 uniforms, and the Spanish wear their early war uniform. The Portuguese set is of similar period and is about two-thirds line infantry and one-third cazadore light infantry. All five sets are likely to appear in the Spring.
24 Dec 2013 ArticleIcon RedBox still busy
It seems RedBox are still busy despite the holiday season. We understand their sets of Japanese WWII Army and Navy air and ground crew have now been released, and they have also added a new title to their Wars of the Roses range. 'Scurrers' is the seventh in that line, but is not yet released.
18 Dec 2013 ArticleIcon Kamikaze strike!
The RedBox set of Japanese Kamikaze has just been released, but so far the sister sets of Imperial Japanese Army and Navy air crew do not seem to have made an appearance, although they are likely to do so soon.

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