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21 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon Here already
Note long after they were first announced, Mars have now released their latest figure sets, which are:
  • 72081 - Thirty Years War Wallachian Infantry
  • 72088 - Sea Peoples
  • 72089 - Achaean Warriors
17 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon 16th century finally gets a boost
It seems RedBox are working on a series of sets for the 16th century late renaissance in Europe. Already slated for a future release are the following:
  • 72054 - Landsknechts (Sword/Arquebus)
  • 72055 - Landsknechts (Pike)
  • 72056 - Landsknechts (Halbard)
  • 72057 - 16th Century Swiss Infantry (Sword/Arquebus)
  • 72058 - 16th Century Swiss Infantry (Pike)
  • 72059 - 16th Century Swiss Infantry (Halbard)
Also potentially coming at an even later date are sets of cavalry and artillery. No known release dates for these first infantry sets yet.

However what has just appeared on the market is the long awaited set of Cromwell's Cavalry from Waterloo 1815.
11 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon More from Mars
Mars have recently announced their next batch of figure releases. One is zombies, but three are historical and are:
  • 72081 - Thirty Years War Wallachian Infantry
  • 72088 - Sea Peoples
  • 72089 - Achaean Warriors
The last two are dated for the 13th to 12th centuries BCE, and on past form all these are likely to appear in the next few weeks.
3 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon Great news for the Great War
A while ago we told you about the contents of the forthcoming World War I gift sets from Airfix, which will include many new figures. Well Airfix have now confirmed to us that those figures will also be made available as individual figure sets. The set numbers and names are:
  • 01764 - WWI French Infantry 1914
  • 01765 - WWI British Field Gun and Crew
  • 01766 - WWI French Field Gun and Crew
  • 01767 - WWI German Field Gun and Crew
All the sets are new sculpts, and all the field guns are logical choices. So the British will have the 13-pdr, the French the '75 and the Germans the 1896 n/A 77mm. All are for the early part of the war, so no steel helmets anywhere, and all the guns will come with full crews and limbers but no teams. We have been shown some of the sculpts and they look very good - much better than the WWII British produced a couple of years ago.

Airfix also say that they have plans for more new sets over the following three years to mark the progress of the Great War, including several that have never been made before in this scale. Plenty to look forward to there then, but these first four are all expected before the end of this year.
28 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon New player joins the hobby
Reviewing events in the hobby over the last few days there is one piece of news, which is that a new manufacturer has appeared. Ukrainian newcomers Ultima Ratio have released their first set of 1/72 plastic figures, which depict the Afghan forces facing the Soviet operation in their country between 1979 and 1989. 'Mujahidins Taliban al-Qaeda' is already available at some retailers, so we welcome this new player and look forward to inspecting their first offering.
17 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon Autumn plans at Waterloo 1815
Waterloo1815 have kindly let us know about their planned sets for later this year. As well as the Cromwellian cavalry, which is now expected in about a month's time, the following sets are currently in the pipeline:
  • 053 - Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons 'Inniskillings'
  • 054 - Napoleonic French Line Lancers
  • 055 - World War II Royal Italian Air Force Pilots and Crew
The Italian Air Force is expected in October this year, while the two cavalry sets, both for the late Napoleonic period, will follow later.
16 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon New sets span the ages
Linear-B have kindly let us know that they have just released their latest set - 075 "Roman Port 2". Also two new sets have emerged from Eastern Europe. First, RedBox have added 72045 "Mounted Men at Arms" (Wars of the Roses 6) to their catalogue, and second, Orion have added 72046 "Soviet Tankmen and Crew (1939-42)" to theirs. We believe that both are in the process of being released, and naturally will be photographed as soon as possible.
7 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon A wave of new releases
Over the past few days a large number of new sets have made their appearance at retailers.

First, we have eight new sets from HaT, which are:
  • 8275 - Belgian Bicyclists
  • 8276 - German Jaeger Bicyclists
  • 8277 - German Bicyclists
  • 8278 - Japanese Bicyclists
  • 8300 - Spanish Light Infantry
  • 8301 - Spanish Grenadiers
  • 8302 - Spanish Line Infantry
  • 8303 - Spanish Infantry Command
The first two are World War I, the next two World War II and the last four are Napoleonic, so Spain's Napoleonic armies have had a massive boost just recently.

Also new this week are four sets from Mars.
  • 72079 - Polish 'Lisovchiki'
  • 72080 - Lithuanian Tartars
  • 72086 - Early Mycenaean Infantry
  • 72087 - Late Mycenaean Light Infantry
The first two are for the first half of the 17th century, while the second two speak for themselves.
19 May 2014 ArticleIcon A long wait indeed
They have been promised for quite a few years, but everything comes to he who waits according to the old phrase, and finally Emhar have released their first new figure sets for six years. In case you need reminding, the titles are:
  • 7210 - Crested Knights
  • 7214 - Napoleonic British Infantry
  • 7215 - Napoleonic Spanish Infantry
  • 7216 - Napoleonic French Infantry
  • 7217 - Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry and Cazadores
The crested knights look to be largely 14th century, and all the Napoleonics are for the Peninsular War. Full pictures of all sets can be seen via the Awaiting Review page, thanks to Emhar kindly providing examples for review.
28 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Prepare to form square
It seems the long-awaited set of Waterloo Highland Infantry from, appropriately enough, Waterloo1815, is now making its way to retailers.

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