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Latest Updates
20 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon A brand new cavalry set is announced over on our News page.
18 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon To start the new week we have our review of the Strelets set of US Infantry on the March.
10 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Before you fight a battle you have to get there, and that means marching. The American Civil War saw plenty of that, so just as well there is our latest review, which is for Strelets' Confederate Troops on the March.
7 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Things seem to be warming up again after a lull, as our News page has two more releases to report.
6 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon The latest review looks at a set of considerable contrasts, with the Great War Austro-Hungarian Honved from Strelets as its subject.
3 Sep 2017 ArticleIcon Another feast for fans of the American Civil War now as we take a good long look at the Strelets set of US Cavalry Skirmishing.
28 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon Today we have a review of the intriguing Imperial Japanese Army Heavy Weapons Team from Strelets. UPDATE: Light machine gun in this review now identified, and is a real surprise!
25 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon A couple of new releases are reported on the News page.
15 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon Another of the recent Strelets Napoleonics get the full treatment today as we discuss their Highlanders in Attack.
12 Aug 2017 ArticleIcon After a short break we return to our look at the recent Strelets releases with a full review of their Napoleonic Polish Troops in Attack.
31 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Some new releases have reached the market - see our News page for details.
30 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Today's review is of the Strelets set Pickett's Charge 1.
28 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Some new midweek releases to report over on the News page today.
26 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Although small by continental standards, the British Army of the Napoleonic Wars won for itself a great deal of respect and admiration, and today we take a look at the latest set from Strelets to depict such men, British Infantry in Attack, to see if it can do the same.
25 Jul 2017 ArticleIcon Our News page has a new future release from Strelets to report.

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