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25 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon The new set announcements are turning into a flood just at the moment; no less than eight are to be found over on our News page today.
23 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon Quiet period? What quiet period? Some more pieces of good news to enjoy over on our News page.
22 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon Some news of new figure sets being prepared is to be found, naturally enough, on our News page.
15 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon A new Napoleonic release to look forward to on our News page.
3 Jul 2015 ArticleIcon Some good news to end a quiet week over on our News page.
29 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon It has gone very quiet just lately, with very little new being produced (although plenty of old product repackaged for the Waterloo anniversary). However First To Fight have a new product for our News page.
15 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon Before Blackbeard or Captain Kidd there were the buccaneers, and we now take a look at the Mars set of these 17th century pirates.
11 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon RedBox have released some new product; head over to the News page for the details. Also Caesar tell us they have not cancelled any future sets, although there is no indication of what might be made when.
9 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon For some reason this hobby has paid little attention to one of the most important monarchs of European history, Louis XIV of France, but hopefully that is changing as we consider the recent Mars set of French Infantry and Guards for the later 17th Century.
8 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon A couple of new releases from Orion can be found on our News page.
7 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon Lately there have been a lot of sets depicting the armies and enemies of the Ottoman Empire, and this long-overdue attention continues as we review the latest such set, Crimean Tatar Infantry from Mars.
1 Jun 2015 ArticleIcon Another in our occasional series of articles on lesser-known manufacturers has now been added as we detail the one and only set of 1/72 scale figures made by Silver Corn.
27 May 2015 ArticleIcon The recent surge of Landsknecht sets comes to at least a temporary halt with our review of the last new offering from RedBox, their Landsknechts Heavy Infantry.
25 May 2015 ArticleIcon Today we have one of those kits with a fair number of figures, so have a look at the details of Toxso's 10cm s.K.18 Gun.
20 May 2015 ArticleIcon We have a 16th century artillery double-header today as we cast our eye over the two RedBox sets Landsknechts Artillery and Swiss Artillery.

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