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16 May 2017 ArticleIcon A pleasant surprise today as we find something positive to say about a Mars set, namely their later 15th century Burgundian Field Artillery.
15 May 2017 ArticleIcon Time once more to visit our News page for yet another new figure set already well through development.
9 May 2017 ArticleIcon Strelets add another to their ongoing development - see the News page.
7 May 2017 ArticleIcon The first new set to reach our desk in a little while, and not a great example of the breed, but nonetheless we have reviewed the mess that is Swedish Leather Guns (Thirty Years War) from Mars.
5 May 2017 ArticleIcon A new Napoleonic release for the News page today.
1 May 2017 ArticleIcon Of all the manufacturers that have created those large, enticing battlesets over the years, Airfix is surely the master for their inventiveness and the fact that they have been doing it for about half a century. High time then to take a closer look at the many products that they have produced over the years, as we introduce our latest feature article, on Airfix Battlesets.
28 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon We end the week with a long-awaited new set announcement on our News page.
23 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon Two new sets of artillery are now available - see the News page.
18 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon A batch of new releases look to be on their way - see the News page for details.
17 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon Today we have a superb feature article from Marco Bijl on the long history of figure production from that classic toy manufacturer Matchbox - Matchbox; 63 Years of Figure Production.
9 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon Bringing us bang up to date are our latest reviews, which are for the Ultima Ratio 15th century Swiss troops for the cantons of Uri and Bern. We eagerly await the sets for the remaining 9 15th century cantons of Appenzell, Fribourg, Glarus, Luzern, Schwyz, Solothurn, Unterwalden, Zug and Zürich!
2 Apr 2017 ArticleIcon Proving there are still plenty of unmade WWII subjects out their, Ultima Ratio have released their set of Chindits for the Far East, which has now been reviewed.
30 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon Yet another new set is announced by Strelets, as detailed on the News page.
26 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon One for fans of World War II now as we consider the Ultima Ratio set of Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers.
23 Mar 2017 ArticleIcon One more new set announcement from Strelets on the News page.

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