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Latest Updates
24 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon A new release is to be found over on our News page.
21 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon We look at the first of the recent RedBox releases as we review their Scottish Light Cavalry for the late medieval period.
17 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon There are plenty of sets of Romans, mostly fighting 'barbarians' or each other, but today we take a look at a set with no violence at all, the Strelets set Roman Senate 2.
15 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the curiously titled Lawrence of Arabia set from Strelets.
6 Aug 2016 ArticleIcon Today we have a review of the large Strelets box set Norman Army Camp. Also, it looks like 6 new sets from Caesar are close to being released.
27 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon The dark days of 1941 and early 1942 are recalled now as we review the Strelets set of Early WWII American Soldiers 2.
23 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Four new releases are to be found on our News page.
20 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon An unusual offering today from the 3-D printing manufacturer Panzer vs Tanks, a single-piece Roman Testudo.
12 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Two new reviews today, for Set 1 and Set 2 of the Ottoman Sipahi from RedBox.
11 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Nine new sets hit the streets over on our News page.
9 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon We have now reviewed another in the 3-D printed range from Panzer vs Tanks, their World War II set of US Navy Sailors Combat Set 2.
1 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon A new set for World War II emerges over on our News page.
27 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon Two new sets are released - details on the News page.
22 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon One tiny snippet of news on the News page, though it may be no more than a set renumbering.
16 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon No less than four brand new figure sets have been announced - see the News page.

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