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Latest Updates
23 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon Some new figure sets seem to be on the way from Mars (see the News page), although as so often from this manufacturer there is some confusion and mystery too!
20 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon The second Toxso set to contain figures is the subject of our latest review as we look in detail at their M102 105mm Howitzer.
16 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon The next figures from First To Fight are detailed on the News page.
14 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon We have now taken a look at the set British Line Infantry in Overcoats Set 2 from Strelets.
12 Mar 2015 ArticleIcon Latest set to be reviewed is the Strelets set of American Militia in Winter Dress 1812.
28 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon We have now reviewed the Linear-B set of Mithridatic Heavy Infantry.
20 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon A whole batch of new releases are coming as detailed on the News page.
15 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon We have now reviewed the latest figure set from First To Fight, German Infantry Support Weapons.
13 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon A new release from Linear-B on the News page.
11 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon Any manufacturer's first set is always particularly interesting to review, and the first from Toxso certainly does not disappoint. Our thoughts on their Modern US Soldiers are now on the site.
1 Feb 2015 ArticleIcon We have just added photos of the new Toxso set of Modern US Soldiers. A full review is being prepared.
22 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A fresh release on the News page.
21 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Looks like we failed to notice the release of two new RedBox sets, namely Turkish Artillery for the 16th century (72066) and 17th century (72067). They have now been added to the shopping list and will be reviewed shortly.
20 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A new announcement on the News page.
15 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A good number of freshly announced new sets are detailed over on the News page.

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