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22 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A fresh release on the News page.
21 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Looks like we failed to notice the release of two new RedBox sets, namely Turkish Artillery for the 16th century (72066) and 17th century (72067). They have now been added to the shopping list and will be reviewed shortly.
20 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A new announcement on the News page.
15 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A good number of freshly announced new sets are detailed over on the News page.
14 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the 1939 Polish Infantry from First To Fight.
12 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon A new future release over on the News page.
9 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Some more cheerful news today on the News page.
8 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon Some disappointing news from Zvezda over on the News page today.
1 Jan 2015 ArticleIcon The new year begins with an update from Revell, detailed on our News page.
31 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon The News page has one last release for 2014. We would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful new year, and in particular thanks go to those of you who made purchases from Amazon via one of our link buttons - it is much appreciated!
24 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon On the centenary of a rather special event we would like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas!
22 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon Today we achieve something we have not managed for several years - we are virtually up to date with our reviews. With the addition of our latest reviews - those for the RedBox sets of Landsknecht Pikemen, Landsknecht Halberdiers and Landsknechts (Sword/Arquebus), we finally have nothing awaiting our attention, although First To Fight and possibly Strelets may come along before the year's end.
17 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon While we are definitely not a fantasy site, occasionally we get articles on fantasy 1/72 figures which fit nicely into the small Fantasy section on our Features page. Today we have just such an article - a look at the short-lived but interesting HALO: Micro Ops range.
14 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon They say good things come in threes, like blind mice, French hens and original Star Wars films. Well we test that theory now with three new reviews, which are, in no particular order, for Swiss Pikemen, Swiss Halberdiers and Swiss Infantry (Sword/Arquebus), all renaissance sets from RedBox.
9 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon Yet again the News page has information on new RedBox sets.

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