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18 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon The second of the RedBox sets of Italian Sailors has now been reviewed.
16 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Latest review is the first of the latest RedBox Renaissance naval sets, Italian Sailors Set 1.
13 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon A new reinforcement for the ranks of World War II Germans now as we review the snappily-titled WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad with 8.8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Gun from Caesar.
11 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Despite lots of sets for Ottoman and Polish subjects of the later 17th century, it has taken many years before the appearance of the first set depicting the Habsburg forces. Finally Mars have started to fill that gap, and their set of Austrian Infantry is the subject of our latest review.
8 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon We are travelling back to the Chinese Bronze Age now as we review the Caesar set of Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty, although unfortunately we struggled to find good information for this one.
2 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Hurry over to our News page for the very latest camel update.
1 Nov 2017 ArticleIcon Following on from our review of the Clibanarii a few days ago, we now have our piece on the HaT Sassanid Light Cavalry.
30 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon The News page has details of another camel set from Strelets.
29 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Two more nuggets of news on our News page today.
28 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the Hat set of Sassanid Clibanarii.
19 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon A new set has just started appearing at retailers - see our News page.
19 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Once upon a time sets of German Fallschirmjäger were poor and dull, but no more. We take a look at the latest offering, from Caesar, in their set of German Fallschirmjäger Heavy Weapons.
18 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon See our News page for a new World War II set announcement.
16 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon The concluding part of our look at the RedBox Spanish Sailor trilogy is now available with comments on their Spanish Sailors Set 1.
13 Oct 2017 ArticleIcon Another new announcement from Strelets is to be found on our News page.

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