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27 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon World War One is extremely popular at the moment, for obvious reasons, and we have now reviewed the latest set to join that trend, Schutztruppe by HaT.
26 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon Looks like another new World War II set is on its way - see the news page.
24 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon First of a new range now as we take a look at the debut figure set from First To Fight, German Infantry 1939.
20 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon The Valiant set of German Paratroop Heavy Weapons has now been reviewed.
13 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon A new ancient set to look forward to later in the year - see our news page.
12 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon Back to ancient Greece for our latest reviewed set, Achaeans from Mars.
10 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon As the new HaT arrive we complete the reviews of the last batch by looking at their WWI Belgian Carabinier Bicyclists. As you can see from our Awaiting Review page it won't be long before we start reviewing the new batch too.
7 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon Around the end of the Bronze Age the Sea Peoples disrupted life in the Eastern Mediterranean, and now we have reviewed the latest figure set to depict these elusive warriors, from Mars.
4 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon Another update on the news page today as a batch of new releases has reached retailers.
3 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon Occasionally a set comes along which defeats both our library and our research abilities, and unfortunately one of those is the Mars set of Wallachian Infantry for the Thirty Years War, which has now been reviewed.
2 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon A new World War II release over on the news page.
1 Oct 2014 ArticleIcon World War II Germans are new today, but with a difference - see our review of HaT's WW2 German Bicycle Infantry.
30 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon Today we have another in our occasional series of articles on old figure manufacturers. This time it is Rospaks; The Lost Kingdom, an affectionate look at the short-lived but well-liked Rospaks range of ancient figures from the 1980s.
28 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon The last of the Emhar Peninsular War sets, French Infantry, has now been reviewed.
23 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon A new World War II release over on the news page.

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