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30 May 2016 ArticleIcon Swedish Dragoons for the Thirty Years War from Mars has now been fully reviewed.
26 May 2016 ArticleIcon It is rare to find a set of civilians to review, particularly ones from before the 20th century, but that is what we have now and you can see the results as we review the first set from new manufacturer Linear-A, The Folk of Judea.
18 May 2016 ArticleIcon The last of the recent batch of releases from HaT gets the review treatment as we ponder their WW2 Romanian Artillery Crew.
16 May 2016 ArticleIcon A very welcome new set now for some of the less well known theatres of World War One as we look at HaT's British Infantry (Tropical).
15 May 2016 ArticleIcon The latest update to the site is a look at the HaT set of WW2 Polish Artillery Crew.
13 May 2016 ArticleIcon One hundred years ago the British Army was preparing for the coming Battle of the Somme, and about to enter a new phase in its history, but our new review looks at the men that first set foot in France back in 1914, the WWI British Infantry (Early) from HaT.
10 May 2016 ArticleIcon If you watched the film 'Fury' (2014) and were inspired to learn more about American tankers in World War II then you had no set of small figures to match. Now, however, Orion have produced their first set of such men, and while it does not reflect the uniforms worn in the film it is still a good product, but you can judge for yourself with our review of USA Tank Crew (Summer Dress).
8 May 2016 ArticleIcon Another brace of new reviews on the site now, being a look at the RedBox Osman Akinci Set 1 and Set 2.
6 May 2016 ArticleIcon Another new release over on our News page today. Also, we have been made aware of a project on Kickstarter.com making 1/72 plastic figures. If anyone finds any more such projects we would be interested to hear about them.
5 May 2016 ArticleIcon Some expected new releases from Mars on the News page.
26 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon For our latest reviews we turn to the Far East, and to a little-known aspect of Samurai warfare, as we assess the RedBox sets of Samurai Artillery Set 1 and Set 2.
23 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Another in the recent spate of Ottoman figure sets has now been fully reviewed as we add the RedBox set of Osman Yeniceri Infantry to the site.
22 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon More great news for fans of the 17th century is to be found over on our News page.
19 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon A subject long overdue for a set of figures has finally been made, and we have completed our review it one of the major elements in any Ottoman army, the Osman Eyalet Infantry from RedBox.
14 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon As spring appears for those of us in the northern hemisphere, details have emerged which will make many look forward impatiently to next winter. Strelets have announced their 2016 plans, so take a look at the full list on our News page.

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