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17 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon While we are definitely not a fantasy site, occasionally we get articles on fantasy 1/72 figures which fit nicely into the small Fantasy section on our Features page. Today we have just such an article - a look at the short-lived but interesting HALO: Micro Ops range.
14 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon They say good things come in threes, like blind mice, French hens and original Star Wars films. Well we test that theory now with three new reviews, which are, in no particular order, for Swiss Pikemen, Swiss Halberdiers and Swiss Infantry (Sword/Arquebus), all renaissance sets from RedBox.
9 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon Yet again the News page has information on new RedBox sets.
8 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon The News page has a couple of exciting new sets just about to appear.
7 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon The First To Fight set of German Command has now been reviewed.
4 Dec 2014 ArticleIcon An update on the News page on some old Revell sets making a reappearance.
30 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon A rare foray into the Bronze Age now as we review the Mars set of Early Mycenaean Infantry.
26 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon Back to the steppe for our new review as we ponder the HaT set of Huns.
23 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon It's been a couple of years since we had the pleasure of reviewing a new figure set from Italeri, but it is great to see them back on the scene as we consider their new offering, German Infantry (Winter Uniform).
21 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon To end the week we have a review of the HaT set of Bengal Lancers. Also a new manufacturer has appeared in Hong Kong, Toxso, who have started making a series of guns, vehicles and accessories in 1/72 scale. The new range already includes a set of Modern US Infantry and a howitzer with a decent number of crew, so we have added these to our site and will be giving them the usual reviews in due course.
20 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon The News page has some unhappy news today.
18 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon The News page has two new releases widely spaced in human history.
12 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon One for those with an interest in 19th century colonial warfare today as we look at HaT's set of Colonial British Dragoons.
9 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon Another new title looks to be nearing release over on the news page.
5 Nov 2014 ArticleIcon Many will be unfamiliar with the subject of our next review, but they had an important part to play in eastern Africa and World War One on that continent, so learn more as we look at HaT's set of Ruga-Ruga.

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