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17 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Fresh off the review bench today we have another of the (fairly) recent releases from Orion, and this one takes up the story of the earlier ARVN set by looking at ARVN Troops 1969-75.
17 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has a new and not unexpected product announcement from Strelets.
16 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has some new releases to report.
12 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Those interested in the Korean War do not have too many products to arouse their interest, but now Strelets have added to the available figure sets with their American Anti-Tank Squad, which has just been reviewed.
10 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Today we have a full review of the recent Orion Vietnam War set of ARVN Troops (Early War). We have also added pictures of the new Ultima Ratio figures for their upgraded Musketeers of the King of France. These new figures will require a revamping of the review for this set, but this will have to wait while older sets are reviewed. Once the review is changed, it will be announced on this home page.
9 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has a surprise release of a newly upgraded set, which will mean we have to change one of our old reviews.
6 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon The first of the recent Strelets sets gets a full review as we ponder their Napoleonic Prussian Line Infantry Standing Order Arms.
3 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon Today we have the first of the reviews for the recent batch of releass from Orion, namely their British Tank Crew (Summer Dress). Also the News page has a new figure set in the making.
2 Sep 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has a new release this week.
19 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon There are two new set announcements to enjoy today over on the News page.
15 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon Some particularly good news is to be found on the News page today.
13 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon A new review of WWII German infantry, but this time with some unusual equipment as we take a long look at the Mars set of German Night Hunters.
10 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon The trickle of new sets continues, and today we have a new review, this time of the Linear-A set Hannibal Crosses the Alps (Cavalry).
2 Aug 2020 ArticleIcon The News page has details of a set that has just been released and, unusually at the moment, is also actually available at some retailers!
25 Jul 2020 ArticleIcon While we continue to wait for new sets to review during these difficult times, we have a new guest review to bring to your attention. The Fantasy section of our Features page has a great new article on the two sets of Stalkers from Dark Alliance.
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