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28 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon Today we take a set off our list of products awaiting review as we look at the HaT Napoleonic Austrian Infantry Action, and add a new one to it as a result of the latest item on our News page.
27 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon They are only the small game pieces, but Zvezda have added some set titles due for release next year - details on the News page.
26 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon We have some new announcements from Orion to share on the News page.
25 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon We have added the first in a new line of figures from the Plastic Soldier Company. You can see their set of Waffen-SS on the Awaiting Review page, and a review will follow.
24 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon We always welcome feedback on anything on our site, particularly our reviews, and over the years we have made mistakes and learned more as a result. With our latest review however we came to the conclusion that the set is so wildly far from accurate that we are particularly interested in any input from anyone that can offer new evidence to either support or contradict our conclusions. Judge for yourself as we register our surprise at the disappointing set of Vigiles Urbani from normally uber-reliable Linear-A.
23 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon If your interests lie in the 18th century then the News page has an exciting update for you today.
21 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon We have two new reviews for you today, largely because they are two sets that are almost identical. We speak of the recent HaT releases of American Civil War Marching (1) and American Civil War Marching (2).
19 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon A bit of a catch up on recent events has meant we have a bumper crop of new announcements and new releases over on the News page today.
18 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon We have reviewed elephants before, but this time there is a feast of them (and a mule too) as we look at the Linear-A set Hannibal Crosses the Alps Set 3 (Elephants).
15 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon The first of the recent HaT releases gets a full review as we ponder their Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons.
13 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon Linear-A are clearly taking a much broader look at warfare in the ancient world, and today we have our review of their small set of Sacrifice Before the Battle.
12 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon Another new annoucement from Strelets over on the News page. Also we have reviewed the Zvezda game piece German 120mm Mortar with Crew.
10 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon There is a new planned set announced by Strelets - see the News page as usual.
8 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon One of the joys of collecting is when you finally manage to fill a gap in the collection, and recently we were able to do that when a very kind visitor offered us some examples of the very rare Co Ma set of Alpini. As a result we have now updated that review to give a full evaluation of this product from the 1970s, which you can read here.
6 Nov 2020 ArticleIcon As the hobby expands to portray the military life beyond just battle, the first set of men in training is the subject of our latest review, the mini set of Legionary Recruits Training from Linear-A.
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