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Awaiting Review

All sets on this page have been released, but we have yet to complete a review for them. These links show the review page for each set, which may contain pictures or other information on the set, but which may be blank. Since these pages are under construction, any amendments and additions will not be announced on our front page.

72066 16th Century Turkish Artillery
72067 17th Century Turkish Artillery
131 Roman Transport 3
132 Roman Transport 4
133 French Army Sledge Train 1
134 French Army Sledge Train 2
135 Russian Army Sledge Train 1
136 Russian Army Sledge Train 2
A012 WWI 9.2-inch British Siege Howitzer MI
A013 WWI 21 cm MRS 10 German Heavy Howitzer
M097 British Line Infantry in Overcoats 2
M098 American Militia in Winter Dress 1812
1402 M102 105mm Howitzer
1407 10.5 cm sK.18 Howitzer

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