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Awaiting Review

All sets on this page have been released, but we have yet to complete a review for them. These links show the review page for each set, which may contain pictures or other information on the set, but which may be blank. Since these pages are under construction, any amendments and additions will not be announced on our front page.

H093 WWII German Nebelwerfer 42 & Raketenwerfer 43 with Crew
H094 Modern US Soldiers in Action (Set 2)
72098 17th Century Osman Siege Artillery (Mortar)
72099 17th Century Sobieski's Polish Infantry
72020 Turkish Cavalry
140 Highlanders on the March
141 British Infantry on the March
142 Napoleonic Polish Infantry on the March
910 Hastings 1066: Norman Army
911 Stamford Bridge
912 Hastings 1066: Anglo-Saxon Army
M114 WWII Japanese Troops in Tropical Uniform
M117 English Longbowmen
M118 English Men-At-Arms 13th-14th Century
M119 WWII Indian Troops
Waterloo 1815
055 World War II Royal Italian Air Force Pilots and Crew

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