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19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Just when you thought two News page updates in a day was enough we learn of another new release, so now there are three!
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon The second update of the News page today has another new title announced.
19 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon If you are interested in the War of the Spanish Succession, then the News page is worth visiting today.
18 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Recently there has been a spate of sets depicting men in winter dress, and another of those has been reviewed today as we take a long look at the Strelets set of Austrian Grenadiers in Winter Dress on the March.
17 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Up to four new titles are announced over on the News page.
16 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Next under the microscope is the Strelets offering of French Line Infantry on the March 2 for the Napoleonic era.
15 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the people who contacted us about the recent review of Finnish Army (Winter Dress) 1942-1944 from Mars. As a result, we have amended our comments with regard to the Panzerschreck, ski length and Simo Häyhä. Such comments and ideas are always welcome on anything on this site, old or new!
14 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon A new release to end the week over on our News page.
13 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Pack your warmest woollies because we are off to Finland in the depths of winter to appreciate the latest release from Mars, their Finnish Army (Winter Dress) 1942-1944.
11 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon The Strelets Napoleonic set of British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms is the latest addition to the site.
10 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Some interesting and unusual new titles have been announced - see our News page for details.
8 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Back to Strelets today, and back to Napoleonics as we look at their Brunswick Light Guards Battalion.
2 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon A quick break from the recent raft of Strelets releases to review the First To Fight set of Polish Uhlans Command on Horses.
1 Feb 2020 ArticleIcon Our second review this week from the War of the Spanish Succession, and this time it is the Strelets British Infantry Firing Line 1701-1714.
30 Jan 2020 ArticleIcon When any manufacturer embarks on a brand new era they need to show that they will produce enough to make it a viable subject, and Strelets have wasted no time in doing so with their War of the Spanish Succession range. Today we review their second offering for this period, namely the British Infantry in Attack 1701-1714.
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