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074 World War I Austro-Hungarian Honved
129 Napoleon's General Staff 3
139 Auxiliaries on the March
143 Napoleonic Polish Artillery
144 Napoleonic Polish Infantry in Attack
145 Napoleonic British Infantry in Attack
146 Highlanders in Attack
147 Confederates on the March
148 Pickett's Charge 1
149 American Civil War US Infantry on the March
150 American Civil War US Infantry in Attack 1
151 American Civil War US Cavalry Skirmishing
153 US Infantry in Attack 2
Mini Series
M054 Foot Bashi-Bazouk
M077 Spartacus Army
M091 Caesar Army in Battle II
M106 US Rangers 1812
M110 Spartacus Army Before Battle
M115 Napoleonic French Sappers
M116 WWII Japanese Infantry in Winter Dress
M120 Imperial Japanese Army Paratroopers
M121 World War II Imperial Japanese Army Heavy Weapons
M122 Turkish Infantry in Tropical Uniform
M123 British Camel Corps Dismounted
M124 Roman Auxiliaries Ranks
M125 Auxiliaries on the March
M127 Arab Revolt Foot Rebels
M128 World War II Imperial Japanese Army in Attack
M129 WWII Indian Infantry Heavy Weapons
Arms Series
A005 MKB Medium Tank
A006 Saint Chamond Tank
A007 Schneider Tank

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