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129 Napoleon's General Staff 3
143 Napoleonic Polish Artillery
154 Japanese Type 98 AA 20mm Gun
155 French Line Infantry Standing at Ease
160 US Infantry in Defence
173 Napoleonic French Line Infantry on the March
180 Napoleonic French Line Infantry in Attack
181 Old Guard on the March
188 Pom-Pom Gun with Boer Crew
189 Pom-Pom Gun with British Crew
190 Mounted Rif Rebels
191 Rif Rebellion
192 French Foreign Legion on the March
193 Austrian Infantry in Overcoats on the March
194 Austrian Grenadiers in Overcoats Standing at Ease
195 Austrian Infantry in Overcoats Standing at Ease
196 French Infantry in Summer Dress on the March
197 French Infantry in Summer Dress Standing at Ease
198 French Infantry in Summer Dress at Attention
199 Napoleonic Highlanders Standing Shoulder Arms
202 Napoleonic British Infantry Standing Shoulder Arms
Mini Series
M091 Caesar Army in Battle II
M106 US Rangers 1812
M115 Napoleonic French Sappers
M116 WWII Japanese Infantry in Winter Dress
M134 WWI French Infantry in Summer Dress
M135 British Infantry at Gallipoli
M136 Turkish Infantry at Gallipoli
M137 WWI Turkish Assault Troops
Arms Series
A005 MKB Medium Tank
A006 Saint Chamond Tank
A007 Schneider Tank
A015 Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider with Crew
A016 Cannone da 105/28 (Schneider Ansaldo) with Crew
A017 220mm Schneider Mortar

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