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H013 Babylonian Army
H016 Chinese Han Dynasty Army
H029 Hsium-Nu (Hun) Cavalry
H034 World War I French Army
H039 World War II Belgian and Dutch Army
H043 Han Dynasty Troopers
H044 Wars of the Roses
H078 WWII German Infantry Tank Riders Winter Set 1
H079 WWII German Infantry Tank Riders Winter Set 2
H080 WWII German Half-Track Riders
H090 1453 Byzantine Army
H092 WWII German Cavalry Division
H093 WWII German Nebelwerfer 42 & Raketenwerfer 43 with Crew
H094 Modern US Soldiers in Action (Set 2)
H095 WWII German Command Staff with Kübelwagen
H096 Armies of the Muslims
Battlefield Series
HB12 Modern US Mortar Team
HB13 Modern US Support Weapon Team
HB14 Modern Special Forces - Navy SEALs
HB18 Police
HB19 Civilians
HB32 Russo-Japanese War Russian Army
HB33 Russo-Japanese War Japanese Army
HB34 Spanish-American War Spanish Army
HB35 Spanish-American War American Army

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