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Panzer vs Tanks
002 Galeotes Galley Rowers Set 1
004 US Navy Sailor Dungaree Set 1
006 US Navy Carrier Deck Set 3
007 US Navy Sailor Bofors Crew Set 4
008 US Navy PT Boat Crew Set 5
009 US Navy Sailor Okinawa Set 6
010 US Navy Sailor Okinawa Set 7
011 US Navy Pedestal Mount Set
014 German U-Boat Crew Set 3
015 German Artillery Crew Set 1
016 German Flakvierling Crew Set
017 US Artillery Crew Cold Weather
018 US Artillery Crew Hot Weather
019 US Navy Sailors Set 1
020 US Army Uniforms Set 2
021 US Army Uniforms Set 3
023 Israel IDF Advance Set 2 (Beret)
024 Israel IDF Patrol Set 2 (Bonnie Hats)
025 Israel IDF Patrol Set 2 (Beret)
026 Israel IDF Advance Set 3
028 Israel IDF Advance Set 5
029 NATO NBC Suit Set 1
030 Merchant Navy Set 1
031 Merchant Navy Set 2
032 Man in Suit Set
033 Merchant Navy Set 3
034 Merchant Navy Set 4
035 Merchant Navy Set 5
036 Merchant Navy Set 6
037 USN Officers Set 1
038 US Navy Sailor Set 8
039 US Navy Sailor Set 9
040 US Navy Sailor Set 10
041 US Navy Sailor Set 11
042 US Army Uniforms Set 4
043 US Army Uniforms Set 5
044 US Army Uniforms Set 6
046 US Army Uniforms Set 8
047 Israel IDF Patrol (Mitznefet)
048 US Army Uniforms Set 7
049 US Army Uniforms Set 9
050 US Navy Sailor Set 12
051 US Navy Officers Set 1-1
052 US Navy Officers Set 2
053 US Navy Officers Set 3
054 US Navy Officers Set 4
055 US Navy Officers Set 5

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