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Set 7

German Reconnaissance Destroyed

All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2002
Contents 3 figures
Poses 3 poses
Material Resin
Colours Grey, Tan
Average Height 21 mm (= 1.51 m)


We are used to seeing sets based on a particular nationality or unit, but the MIR approach is more original than that, sometimes concentrating on a theme (such as death) across several armies or, as here, on depicting one incident. The incident is the destruction of a German reconnaissance, which is a motorcycle and sidecar combination.

This set comes with a destroyed motorcycle and sidecar, one dead man, one wounded man and a third, apparently healthy man. Looking at each in turn, the motorcycle presents a very strange picture. It has been broken into several very neat pieces, all of which lie within a few metres of each other. The question has to be whatever destroyed this machine? Clearly it must have been some sort of explosion, either a round or perhaps a mine, but if so then you would have expected damage to all parts of the machine, and for these to be scattered over a wide area. In fact we have one that has been neatly disassembled, and is therefore totally unconvincing.

Sad to say the people fare little better. The dead man has suffered the loss of his left arm, his right hand and the lower part of his left leg. However as with the bike these parts are all neatly severed and lying just a few centimetres away from their rightful place on the man himself. Even the clothing round the breaks is untorn and very neat. The second figure is rather better. He is intact and clearly still alive, though the fact that he too lies on the ground implies he has been hurt. The third man, kneeling perhaps to assist the casualty, is rather a mess. As can be seen from the scan, he possesses no recognisable face, and whilst this could be another representation of an horrific injury we are inclined to believe that this is a manufacturing fault, though whether this fault is repeated in all copies of this set is uncertain. On both the second and third man the detail is very poor, and whilst the dead man has better detail this is still only adequate at best.

These resin figures seem to raise a lot of questions. How could the bike be destroyed in this way, and how can the dead man suffer the neat injuries he bears? Since the bike and wounded man are obviously on earth, how is it that the dead man lies on planking? And finally, what went wrong when these figures were taken out of the mould?

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