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Latest Updates
23 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Four new releases are to be found on our News page.
20 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon An unusual offering today from the 3-D printing manufacturer Panzer vs Tanks, a single-piece Roman Testudo.
12 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Two new reviews today, for Set 1 and Set 2 of the Ottoman Sipahi from RedBox.
11 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon Nine new sets hit the streets over on our News page.
9 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon We have now reviewed another in the 3-D printed range from Panzer vs Tanks, their World War II set of US Navy Sailors Combat Set 2.
1 Jul 2016 ArticleIcon A new set for World War II emerges over on our News page.
27 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon Two new sets are released - details on the News page.
22 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon One tiny snippet of news on the News page, though it may be no more than a set renumbering.
16 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon No less than four brand new figure sets have been announced - see the News page.
15 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon Although rarely military in nature, there are some figure sets made for model railways that could be useful, so from time to time we will be looking at some of these in our Features section. Today sees the first such article, examining the figures made by Bachmann, who were chosen for reasons that will become obvious.
12 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon A new set underway on our News page.
9 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon Change is the only constant in our modern world, and for some time all of us have known about the approach of 3-D printing. With the potential to radically alter this hobby, it was a case of waiting for the technology to be reliable enough, and cheap enough, to have an impact. At last that day has arrived, as we have added our first 3-D printer of 1/72 figures to the site, Panzer vs Tanks. They already have quite a catalogue, and offer a lot of flexibility such as figures in whatever scale you might want. The question is, what about the quality, and we are able to answer that now with our first review of their products, Israeli IDF Advance Set (Mitznefet) for the modern era. It should be noted that the product numbers we have assigned are our own (as there seem to be no official ones), and this is currently an expensive way to buy figures, but doubtless that will change in the future. Follow the Panzer vs Tanks link on our Links page for more information.
6 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon After years in the doldrums, the Ottoman Empire has recently seen a revival in the hobby with many new sets, and the latest of these, Turkish Eyalet Infantry from Mars, has been reviewed.
3 Jun 2016 ArticleIcon As we often see sets released in pairs (and sharing some elements), so we have with Mars as they released their Swedish dragoons along with a set of Imperial Dragoons, which we have now reviewed.
30 May 2016 ArticleIcon Swedish Dragoons for the Thirty Years War from Mars has now been fully reviewed.

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