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27 May 2015 ArticleIcon The recent surge of Landsknecht sets comes to at least a temporary halt with our review of the last new offering from RedBox, their Landsknechts Heavy Infantry.
25 May 2015 ArticleIcon Today we have one of those kits with a fair number of figures, so have a look at the details of Toxso's 10cm s.K.18 Gun.
20 May 2015 ArticleIcon We have a 16th century artillery double-header today as we cast our eye over the two RedBox sets Landsknechts Artillery and Swiss Artillery.
18 May 2015 ArticleIcon Some new releases from Eastern Europe over on our News page today.
11 May 2015 ArticleIcon They say everyone's a critic - well here they are, and by way of example see our latest article on the RedBox set of Landsknechts Heavy Pikemen.
9 May 2015 ArticleIcon For obvious reasons it has been a busy time for World War One sets lately, and the latest of these is the subject of our new review - 9.2-inch British Siege Howitzer from Strelets.
7 May 2015 ArticleIcon If you want to please us here at PSR Towers then when you make some figures you go on and make the (more or less) complete range, and that is what RedBox have done with their Wars of the Roses sets. Set 9 in that range has now been fully reviewed, which is their European Mercenaries Light Horse.
6 May 2015 ArticleIcon The next figures from First To Fight on our News page.
4 May 2015 ArticleIcon Today we examine the latest set from First To Fight, Polish Command.
3 May 2015 ArticleIcon Another journey into the everyday lives of the citizens of ancient Rome now as we ponder the Strelets set of Roman Transport 4.
1 May 2015 ArticleIcon Oh dear. Another Strelets kit, but there are some saving features, so judge for yourself as we look at their WWI 21-cm MRS 10 German Heavy Howitzer.
27 Apr 2015 ArticleIcon Strelets have produced some sets that are very challenging to review recently, and our latest one is no different as we look, or rather speculate, on the somewhat imprecisely titled Roman Transport 3.
19 Apr 2015 ArticleIcon We have added a review of another particularly challenging set - this time it's Turkish Artillery (17th Century) from RedBox, and there is a new release on the News page.
15 Apr 2015 ArticleIcon Another release for Poland 1939 from First To Fight, Pak 36 German Antitank Gun, has been added to the site.
10 Apr 2015 ArticleIcon Some exciting news of future releases from Orion and RedBox on the News page today.

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