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Latest Updates
5 May 2016 ArticleIcon Some expected new releases from Mars on the News page.
26 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon For our latest reviews we turn to the Far East, and to a little-known aspect of Samurai warfare, as we assess the RedBox sets of Samurai Artillery Set 1 and Set 2.
23 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Another in the recent spate of Ottoman figure sets has now been fully reviewed as we add the RedBox set of Osman Yeniceri Infantry to the site.
22 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon More great news for fans of the 17th century is to be found over on our News page.
19 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon A subject long overdue for a set of figures has finally been made, and we have completed our review it one of the major elements in any Ottoman army, the Osman Eyalet Infantry from RedBox.
14 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon As spring appears for those of us in the northern hemisphere, details have emerged which will make many look forward impatiently to next winter. Strelets have announced their 2016 plans, so take a look at the full list on our News page.
13 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon We have now completed our review of the RedBox set of European Mounted Men-at-Arms.
8 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Another piece of good news on our News page.
7 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Two new announcements in one day. A good day indeed. Another new set to savour on our News page.
7 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon An interesting new figure set has been announced. Details for all you fans of ancients are over on the News page.
5 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon The last of the reviews of RedBox Ottoman sailors is now posted, so take a look at their Turkish Sailors Artillery.
4 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Following on from our review of the Ottoman sailors yesterday, we have now completed our look at their comrades in arms, the RedBox Turkish Sailors in Battle.
3 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Today we turn our attention to the first of the RedBox Ottoman Navy sets with our review of their Turkish Sailors.
2 Apr 2016 ArticleIcon Another new release to report over on the News page.
30 Mar 2016 ArticleIcon Our observations on the RedBox sets of 16th century European Light Cavalry Set 1 and Set 2 are now on the site.

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