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27 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon One of the less well covered nations of World War II is Japan, although in the last year or two some interesting and more unusual sets have appeared. The latest of these, Japanese Imperial Airborne Troops from Strelets, has now been reviewed.
26 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon We have had a fantastic response to our survey, so a big thank you to the thousands who took part. The results will now help us plan the future of this site, and we will consider all the comments and suggestions.
22 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon For our latest review we take as our subject the Strelets set of Ural Cossacks for the Crimean War.
21 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon There are three new figure set releases and a couple of new futures on our News page today.
17 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon Accessory sets have been few over the years, but we have just reviewed the latest to reach the market, Battlefield Accessory Set for the 16th and 17th centuries, from RedBox.
15 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon Many thanks to all those who have so far completed our survey - nearly 2,000 to date. Today we add our review of the Strelets set Roman Senate 1.
12 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon We have started a major exercise to upgrade and improve our website, and as part of that process we want to know more about the people that visit us, and particularly what they are looking for on our site. So we have put together a short survey to give everyone a chance to express their preferences and to say what they would like to see on this site in the future. We won't promise to deliver everything that is asked, but hopefully we will better understand what we can do to make this site as good as it can be. Click on the banner at the top of this page to take our short survey (which is hosted by an external provider, and is anonymous), or click here to begin.
8 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon There have been precious few figure sets for the 16th century in this hobby, but RedBox are changing that, and we have completed our reviews of two of those sets, Stradioti Set 1 and Stradioti Set 2.
3 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon Occasionally there is a kit with figures included, and Airfix has been one of the most prolific at delivering such extras. A new set of articles has been added to the site detailing the more significant of these, and the front page, Airfix Kit Figures, can be found in the Kits With Figures section of our Features page.
1 Nov 2015 ArticleIcon One of the few gaps in coverage of World War II has been closed recently by the Strelets set of WWII Early American Soldiers, which has now been reviewed.
28 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon There have been very few figure sets devoted to Ireland, but today we review one that covers the late medieval period in that part of the world as we discuss Irish Mounted Troops for the Wars of the Roses from Redbox.
25 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon The dread of every Napoleonic infantryman - the lancer - forms the focus of our latest review as we consider the French Line Lancers from Waterloo 1815.
23 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon Another set of Romans - this time it's Republican Roman Legion (Ceremonial March) from Strelets that is reviewed.
22 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon Famine followed by feast. Six new imminent releases detailed on the News page today.
20 Oct 2015 ArticleIcon The first of the recent batch of new releases has now been reviewed - Strelets' Republican Roman Legion Ranks.

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