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14 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Some new announcements, with the potential to appear very soon, are on our News page.
13 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon As promised, here is our review of the Pegasus set of WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2.
10 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon This message shows that you are visiting us at our new host. We hope that this means an end to the gaps in availability and slow responses we have suffered recently. Review of Pegasus Russian Winter Infantry set 2 coming soon.
7 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Another day, another set of Soviet infantry in greatcoats. This time it is the WWII Russian Mortar Teams in Greatcoats from Pegasus.
6 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Our latest reviews are set in the period between the later Roman Empire and the rise of Islam, a period with little coverage so far, but that now benefits from the new sets of Sassanid Levy Infantry and Light Infantry from HaT.
3 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon More Soviets now as we look at another of the Pegasus WWII sets, WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats.
1 Apr 2014 ArticleIcon Our attention today turns to the recent Seven Years War Prussian infantry sets from Hat, so we have reviews of their Action, Marching and Command offerings.
30 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon The first of the recent Pegasus winter Russians has now been added to the site, namely their WWII Russian Support Weapon Teams in Greatcoats.
29 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon An exotic set now from Mars as we try to assess their Polish Paholki for the first half of the 17th century.
27 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon The latest of what is likely to be many Great War sets this year has now been reviewed, HaT's WWI Turkish Cavalry.
22 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon Another great set for those with an interest in World War II now as we review German Fallschirmjäger from Pegasus.
14 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon To end the week we tackle a mystery - the mystery of exactly what is the Mars set enigmatically named Spanish Infantry (Later).
13 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon Our attention turns to that rare beast, a set of figures depicting aviators. This time it is a particularly well-known group, namely Japanese Kamikaze, as realised by RedBox.
12 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon Today we have a review of the HaT set of Natal Native Contingent. Also the News page has a couple of new releases.
10 Mar 2014 ArticleIcon Another for the growing range of Thirty Years War sets now as we contemplate the Mars set of Eastern Mercenaries in Winter Dress.

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