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13 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon The Wars of the Roses were something of a last hurrah for the English knight, and we have now reviewed the RedBox set of Mounted Men At Arms for that conflict.
10 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon World War II wasn't just about tanks and horses - some men got on their bikes, as we shall see in the HaT set of WW2 Japanese Bicycle Infantry.
7 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon The last of the recent crop of Napoleonic Spanish sets is now complete as we review Napoleonic Spanish Command from HaT.
4 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon Another one for the fans of the wars of Napoleon now as we assess the Emhar Peninsular War set of British Infantry.
3 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon The news page has some new future releases for all those World War II buffs out there.
1 Sep 2014 ArticleIcon Some days we look at a set and think it is OK but nothing special, and struggle to find much to say about it. Today is not one of those days. Today is the day we review Cromwell's Cavalry from Waterloo 1815.
31 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon This time we do have another review of Napoleonic Spaniards, in particular Spanish Light Infantry from HaT.
28 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon Expecting another set of Napoleonic Spaniards, were you? Well that's next, but for now we have a review of the Linear-B set of Roman Port (2).
27 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon Some new 16th century releases on our news page.
25 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon One of the more dramatic uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars was that of the Spanish grenadiers, and we have now reviewed the figures for such men from HaT.
23 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon Another foray into Eastern European history now as we look at a little known subject covered by a Mars set - Polish Lisovchiki.
21 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon Hot on the heels of the Emhar set of Spanish infantry we now have our review of the HaT equivalent, their Napoleonic Spanish Line Infantry.
19 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon The first of the recent crop of Napoleonic Spanish sets has now been reviewed, Emhar's Spanish Infantry (Peninsular War).
17 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon For our next review we go back in time to the Branze Age to contemplate the Mars set of Late Mycenaean Light Infantry.
12 Aug 2014 ArticleIcon Another of the many World War I sets bound to be released over the next four years has now been reviewed, namely WWI German Jäger Bicyclists from HaT.

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