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17 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon Some new plans and new releases on the news page.
11 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon To end the week some tidying up. We have photographed and posted all the recent Mars sets and most of the Hat ones, and we have also photographed the Ultima Ratio Afghans. The news page has some new plans for future sets, and we have completed our review of the Waterloo 1815 set of Highland Infantry 1815 in Square.
9 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon We take a look at soldiers from our own time today as we review Caesar's Modern US Soldiers in Action.
6 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon A common outcome of ancient warfare was for the vanquished to be sold into slavery, and we now review the first set dedicated to this as we look at Roman Slave Market by Linear-B.
4 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon Once more we venture into Eastern Europe for the background to our latest review as we look at the Strelets set of Polish People's Army.
3 Jul 2014 ArticleIcon Some more firm news for fans of World War I over on the News page, as well as the promise of more to come.
29 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon We have just reviewed the rather disappointing US Infantry Heavy Weapons from Plastic Soldier.
28 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon One important development over the last few days - a new set and a new manufacturer, Details on the News page.
17 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon It has just been brought to our attention that the back of the latest Waterloo 1815 box shows two new sets slated for release in 2014. Set 026 is "SS German Cavalry Set 2" and set 040 is "WWII Italian Infantry (Campaign Dress)", so both have been added to our futures and listings pages. Also the company has let us know about some other sets being developed - details on the News page.
16 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon A number of new arrivals are to be found on the News page.
11 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon Our latest review is of the Strelets set of Finnish Army 1944.
7 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon Something of a surge of new releases to report on the News page.
4 Jun 2014 ArticleIcon One for fans of World War Two now as we contemplate the British 6-pdr Anti-Tank Gun and Loyd Carrier Tow from Plastic Soldier.
29 May 2014 ArticleIcon Our latest review moves away from the battlefield for a moment to look at history's ordinary people, as found in the Linear-B set of Roman Peasantry.
27 May 2014 ArticleIcon Although spring is slowly making an appearance here in the northern hemisphere, at PSR it is still winter as we look at another collection of thoroughly cold soldiers - German Army in Stalingrad from Caesar.

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