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18 Mar 2018 ArticleIcon New Germans
Linear-A have kindly let us know that their latest set is now shipping to retailers. The set is 'Germanic Warriors Set 1', but also subtitled 'Varus, give me back my legions', so very precisely targeted in terms of date. We will post the images soon, and we are told there will be a total of four sets in this series, two of Germans and two of Varus and his Romans. More details to follow next month, at the end of which two more sets are likely to be released by them.
15 Mar 2018 ArticleIcon A new dawn for Mars?
The latest figure sets from Mars have started to reach retailers. As reported earlier, the details are:
  • 72106 - German Elite Division (Normandy 1944-45)
  • 72107 - Imperial Japanese Infantry WWII
  • 72108 - German Panzergrenadiers
First indications are they are of much better quality than previous 1/72 releases, so we look forward to posting pictures of them when we get them.
6 Mar 2018 ArticleIcon New WWII Gun announced
Strelets have released details of another new set currently in development. This is set 176 and is of a World War II Japanese Type 38 75mm Field Gun. Early masters suggest each sprue holds a gun and six crew figures.
5 Mar 2018 ArticleIcon Six new releases
RedBox have started to deliver the six sets of figures recently announced. These are:
  • 72111 - 16th Century Moscow Infantry (Ratniki) Set 1
  • 72112 - 16th Century Moscow Infantry (Ratniki) Set 2
  • 72113 - 16th Century Moscow Infantry (Pishalniki)
  • 72114 - 16th Century Ukrainian Cossack (Infantry) Set 1
  • 72115 - 16th Century Ukrainian Cossack (Infantry) Set 2
  • 72116 - 16th Century Ukrainian Cossack (Infantry) Set 3
4 Mar 2018 ArticleIcon New WWII Germans
Another company has joined the list of companies providing Germans for WWII. This time it is Mars, and their recent announcements of new WWII sets has been joined by set 72108, which is German Panzergrenadiers. It looks like this set is not too far off from release.
25 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon Caesar rumoured new sets
Various forums are repeating a claim that Caesar have announced a number of new sets for their next batch of releases. Since Caesar have long ago abandoned their own website, we have no way of confirming this, but the titles being given are:
  • WW2 German Tank Riders
  • ISIS
  • Modern US Tank Crew and Soldiers
  • NATO Tank Crew
  • Russian and Chinese Tank Crews
No other details are currently available, although all bar the first set are assumed to be modern.
22 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon Napoleonics from RedBox
A forum has revealed plans by RedBox for a number of sets for the Napoleonic period. Apparently these will include boxes for Russian guards, grenadiers, musketeers and jaegers. The box for the guard infantry has been added to our site because we have the code, 72129, and others will follow as we get more details. However these sets are not expected until the end of the year at the earliest, and other exciting new RedBox sets are proposed for release between now and then.
21 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon New HaT sets see daylight
HaT have released their latest batch of new sets, amid much anticipation. The sets that have appeared are:
  • 8159 - WWI French Artillery Crew (Early)
  • 8162 - WWII French Artillery Crew
  • 8290 - WWI Belgian Infantry
  • 8291 - WWI Belgian Heavy Weapons
  • 8309 - Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Marching
  • 8310 - Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr Action
  • 8316 - Unmarried Zulu Warriors
We will post pictures over the next few days (Zulus already posted), and as we are up to date on the reviews the first of those will follow very shortly. Note the bonus figures for those that participated in the crowdfunding of some of these sets are metal, so are not included in our pages.
13 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon New Napoleonics march in
Strelets have formally announced a new set, which is from their main range (rather than a mini set). The title is 'Prussian Infantry on the March', and from the looks of it the figures are from the later part of the Napoleonic Wars, including Waterloo. The now-usual format of sprues of marching figures plus one of command figures seems to be the plan, but no idea of release date yet.
12 Feb 2018 ArticleIcon A bunch of new announcements
Over the weekend RedBox added three more sets to the three Russian sets announced a few days ago. The sets are all of Cossack Infantry for the Ukrainian Khanate of the 16th century, and between them there are 32 new poses. Also new is a brace of new sets from Mars. They have announced sets of German Elite Division (Normandy) (Set 72106) and WWII Imperial Japanese Infantry (Set 72107). First photos on the web suggest there may be an improvement in quality here, but as always we will have to wait and see.

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