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Set 5017

First Aid Post

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All figures are supplied unpainted    (Numbers of each pose in brackets)
Date Released 2004
Contents 8 figures and 4 tents
Poses 8 poses
Material Resin
Colours Dark Grey and Blue
Average Height 22 mm (= 1.58 m)


In all conflicts there are first aid posts, positioned close to the front line to provide at least a basic level of medical care at quickly as possible before possible removal to better facilities further back. A set containing such a facility for the Spanish Civil War should have possibilities for use in many other twentieth century conflicts, but that potential for a wider audience is squandered here.

The eight figures included in the set are a mixture of reissues from the short-lived MIR line. They originate from the sets on German Reconnaissance Destroyed, Russian Berlin 1945 and WWII Heroic GIs and German prisoners. As a result, the figures were not originally intended to represent Spanish forces from the civil war, although the diversity of clothing used in that conflict helps to hide this deficiency. As can be seen from this list of titles, not all were meant to be casualties (one man is tied to a log), but in any event the sculpting and detail is so poor that any notion of exact purpose or uniform is lost.

With the eight men there are four tents. Unlike the figures, which are resin, the tents are in a soft plastic. They stand about 22mm (1.58 metres) at their apex, but as can be seen in most of the tent there is only room to crawl. In a bizarre design feature, each tent has a doorway at one end (the other end is just solid plastic). This doorway is just 11mm (79cm) high, which is a nonsense for a tent of this size. It would appear that the tent was designed to work for a much smaller scale, but in 1/72 it is useless.

So, we have repeats of some exceptionally poor figures plus a few largely useless tents. All told a pointless set.

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